Jul 23, 2012

Today, was a gift.

Naturally, today was better.  Why?  We don't know.  But it appears, every time I think I've reached the end of my rope, the rope cuts me some slack, and things get better.  Today was that day.  Slack was released, there were happy times again with our family, and all without drugs or alcohol ;o)  I really don't know why the wind changes without notice, but it does, and it did, and for that, I am grateful.  Charlie and Shay were given options today.  First, Learning Express free event called Creative Story Time, or not.  They choose not.  They just wanted to play.  Great.  Done.  They played, I cleaned and did laundry, and all was good.

Went to his psychologist, and I think we stumped him, and he gave me no feed back, and didn't even set up another appointment.  I don't know that I get it, but felt led to not even ask for another appointment, as to date, he has not offered ONE suggestion.  Not true- I take that back.  He did.  One.  And if failed.  MISERABLY.  And he agreed.  So, off we went, with a request to give him a call and let him know how things are going once school is underway.  Okay.  Guess I need to hang on this, as I get this gut feeling that I need to wait for the next issue.  How do I know there will be another issue?  Because there always is with a developmentally delayed child.  It's part of the package.  At least I am never surprised when something comes up ;o)  I like the predictability of it.

Next option was YMCA pool with our friends there, or our neighborhood pool with Grandma?  Went to the neighborhood pool and Grandma M joined us.  My mom and I are as close as you can get without considering it incest.  I would for real try to get myself adopted by her if I were not her kid.  She is really that great a mom to have.  She even offered to help me with one of my home renovating projects I have lined up for myself after the migits begin school next week.  Wow.  That is so generous of her.  (When I say "offered," what I really mean is "I told her when I'll be doing it and what time she needs to be here and wearing appropriate attire for re-doing the downstairs flooring."  And by "appropriate attire," I don't have a freakin' clue what that means, since neither of us has ever laid floor, and I suppose what she wears will be appropriate, so long as I don't have to see cleavage.  That would be awkward, right?)  She loves my migits as much as I do, accepts my faults, and loves my husband as he were her own.  She is pretty darn close to a saint.  If you have ever met my father, you would know this to be true.  And if you had known me during my teen years, you would fast track her to the canonization process yourself.  She is that good.  She is as honest, and kind hearted as anyone I have ever met.  Her only fault?  I think it's that she is too sensitive and concerned with what others' say or think.  I guess that in itself is still sincere and sweet.  Never mind, she is practically perfect in every way ;o)  So, the afternoon was enjoyable.

Dinner was yummy, and all the while, Chaz and Shay were back to good ole' Chaz and Shay, and the love fest carried through to a sleep over in Shay's room with both in sleeping bags on her queen sized bed.  I love that most of my days are like this.  I guess the few rotten ones only help me to appreciate what we Ahrens's call, "The norm."  Our norm is NOT normal.  My children never physically hurt each other, they never call each other names, they enjoy each other, they share friends, they stick up for each other, they cheer for each other's accomplishments, they giggle after just a look at each other, they worry about the other if one starts to wonder away while we are out of the house, they delight in their role as sister or brother to the other.  While autism makes our norm different, the children themselves, make our norm better than most families' "norms."  It's a blessing and a curse some days.  Today, it's a blessing.  How was I to know that in the middle of the night last night, I woke to a nightmare and realized I was still in it, and today, my life is a peaceful dream I never realized was a reality I already had?

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