Jul 27, 2012

Lollipops answered my question.

Well, today was the first of two meet and greets with new teachers for this coming school year.  Charlie's teacher seemed a tad nervous herself, and for some reason, I didn't realize that until I got home, and took some time to process the event.  And when I say, "event," I mean, it is a full on, sensory overload, make you wanna stop at the liquor store type of event.  From PTA sign ups to different after school event tables, it was organized chaos when you consider all the families, some you recognize, other's you don't, and trying to find out who got which teacher and so on.  I didn't think I was too chatty, but we get in the car, and Shay says, "Why do you know so many people?"  Well, guess that meant I was too chatty.

One of the mom's there even recognized me from high school.  I did not recognize her, and quickly apologized for my lack of recognition due to the fact that I spent a few years doing drugs in high school, and unless she sold them, did them, or wanted to do them, I might have a hard time remembering her.  She and I laughed that both of us thought this area we all live in was the sticks and that now we love it up here.  I did remember her. When I got home, and was processing.  (When I say "processing," that is, was sitting quietly, drinking my adult beverage I stopped for... you thought I was kidding?  I was not.)

So, as I was leaving, or as Shay sees it, socializing my way through the doors with strangers, I thought to ask--- Is taking your children into a liquor store inappropriate?  Well, two of the moms said it was fine, and I didn't ask any others, as they might not have believed me that I rarely drink, or they would have nixed the thought, and that would have made me feel bad about my parenting since I was going, whether it was appropriate, or not.  I am running low on the Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, and I have a new drink I found about a month ago, and Geoff seems to appreciate it as well.  It is Friday Family Fun Night, and I thought we might need it.

We get to the store, and for some reason, liquor stores cause me a little anxiety.  I assume they get robbed a tad more than other stores?  Who knows.  Anyway, we walked in, found my vodka of choice, and a cotton candy version one of the  moms asked about, and off we went to the register.  I found a cheap chocolate wine, and grabbed that too.  And then, as I finish paying, the cashier hands me two lollipops for my migits.  Yes, that was my answer.  They obviously stock those freebies for migits, therefore, it must be acceptable to bring them into a liquor store.  And a bank.  But I will NOT be involved in that activity.  *See the post on the one time in recent memory that I actually DID go into a bank with the two migits.  You will see.  I think it comes down to this-- if you have to hand out lollipops, it must be to try to assure you that it is even safe enough for children.  But I'm on to you.

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