Sep 21, 2014

Adventures does the "Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour."

We did some crazy hair.  I am the last person to play dress up. I am also the first in line to bond with my daughter.  

Today, Shay and I picked up a mom and daughter duo that invited us to go to an event geared toward raising young girls.  Before I purchased our tickets, I first went online to learn more about it.  (Okay, that's a lie.  If you know me fairly well, you know that I went to see 1. cost and 2. LOCATION.  My anxiety disorder does not allow for me to venture far without an anxiety attack or headache.)  So, first, the cost was just under $20 a ticket for each of us.  That's doable.  And the location- well, it was about 40 minutes away, but that too, was doable.

I read up on the "Secret Keeper Crazy Hair Tour," and realized that the event was based on a book series that Shay was given to read, just this past year.  I learned that these events, which are part concert, part silly lessons and games in raising modest and honest girls that are true to their Heavenly Father, all infused with the teaching of the bible.  It was two and a half hours of LOUD.  And yes, I started with a headache, and ended hugging the porcelain throne the moment I walked in the house.  The good news?  It was the most fun I have ever had while in the throes of a migraine.  AAAND, I got home in time to toss my cookies, get into bed, and only had to sleep for about 2 hours to wake up refreshed.  That was a bonus!

My partner in crime, a dear friend that actually threw us our baby shower for my girl child, also had not been feeling well, and each time the "Enthus-a-Meter"was digitally displayed for the girls to scream, I gave her the stink eye.  She then repeatedly told me that at the last event it was not that loud, and that she sat in a balcony.  Well this event was louder than if I stuck my head inside a blender, and we sat in the FRONT ROW.  AAANNNDDDDD, we were asked, REPEATEDLY, to stand up and dance!  Oh yes, that was what I was wanting to do.  And then, stand and scream.  And stand and sit.  And sit and scream.  And then, repeat.  It was like Catholic calisthenics, but not as fulfilling, as I did not have the pleasure of having Jesus in body and blood in front of me.

But, I had my daughter in my lap at times.  Sitting beside me at other times.  Giggling as she and her little friends met another girl and they played with feathers they found on some silly hair style.  And then, there were times when we were asked to dig deep, and earnestly converse with our daughters about their insecurities.  About their relationship with G-d.  And why did I cry?  Because when asked what part of her body she would like to change, she said…  Nothing.  I cried thinking, "Holy bat balls.  I did it.  I helped surround her with so much love, that she knows she is wonderfully made."  I know I didn't do it alone.  I know that between my husband, the church, her G-d Parents, and friends we carefully chose to accept in our lives,  our daughter is surrounded by G-d fearing people who live their love in a way that our children know they are made in His image.

I also know, one day, she will not have the same answer.  If you know me, you know that I am not the least bit affected by clothing, hair, or make up.  I rarely even care about my PCOS induced acne and weight issues.  (I would like to be healthy, therefore I work out, and talk a lot about the importance for keeping our hearts healthy, and eating right.  Luckily, both children do not have my body type, and hopefully, they will maintain their healthy eating and exercising habits into adulthood.)  So, I know my influence has some impact on my daughter, but their are other potential influences that my daughter sees, even infrequently, that have an impact on shaping who she is, and is to be.

This event helped me to be more m mindful of these informative years, as she is so fragile in her development.  I know her love of our Heavenly Father is strong.  She knows Him.  She is steadfast in her hearts' desire to come closer to Jesus.  It is events like this that allow moms and daughters to share those intimate thoughts that might have had a hard time evolving in daily conversation.  On the way over to pick up our friends, we talked about modesty.  It was not our first conversation on this, and I know it won't be our last.  It was important that at almost eight years old, she understood the word, and how it affects her life, now.  And when she is older, the conversation will morph into more adult concerns, and one day, she will have to apply the lessons, in her life, in a way that allows her to feel confident and know that she is protecting the likeness of G-d.  Such a hard topic, yet, with the cost of admission of the Secret Keepers tour, I was given a helping hand.

If a Secret Keepers Girl Tour comes to your area, and you have a daughter between 8-12 years old, you need to look into this.  We even saw a dad there with his daughter.  Is was magical.  
Girls just being girls.  They took a bunch of dress up feathers from this girls costume and threw them in and the air, and delighted in the pick up afterwards, for longer than I thought was possible. The innocence of youth. 

This.  This is the "Enthus-A-Meter."  This was shown, at various times throughout  the event, to see which team, "Pink" or "Blue,"could scream the loudest.  For a migraine sufferer, it was akin to a torture device used in the olden days.  I am guessing that there were about 500 girls/mothers at this event.  My ear drums were bleeding by the six round of "Enthusing."  On top of everything, doesn't that look phallic?  My thirteen year-old self will never grow up.  

Sep 13, 2014

Adventures is alone. And LOVING it!

I have not been alone in well, I don't know how long.  I always have someone with me.  ALWAYS.  However, I arranged for the migits to go with the hubs to a Lowe's Build and Grow, free, binocular making event, as well as pick up some much needed supplies for home repairs on the new house, and then to drop off library books and do a return at another store.  Oh, and then the hubs mentions he wants Dunkin' Donuts, so add that to the list.  So, they grabbed their glasses, shoes, waters, and off they went.

And now I am here, nestled in at my desk to work, and I realized that I was alone.  Alone, in the house of my dreams, that I pray I never take for granted, and that I can hear the echoes of the not to distant thundering of feet as they prance through the halls and on stairways.  How grateful and appreciative for what I have.

What I have, right now, is "Q-U-I-E-T."  With the sounds of various birds singing their songs, and the faint sounds of squirrels racing through the treetops, dropping twigs, and disturbing the branches, just out side my windows, I won't ever be alone ;o)

Now that I have found a moment to sip my coffee and be alone, I suppose this moment of procrastination is over, and I must actually clock in and start work for the morning.  Even the idea of work seems pleasant to me at this very moment.  Ahh… make it a great day!