Aug 26, 2014

When a teenager restores your faith in humanity.

I am on Facebook.  And one of my favorite connections are to the local, on-line, garage sale pages on there.  Our community has three, and I monitor them all the time lately as we just moved into a new house a week and a half ago, and trying to fill the space with much needed furniture.  Well, right before the move, I was trying to figure out how to get some extra help to pack the moving trucks we were renting.  A man in his early twenties posted on one of these pages that he was looking for odd jobs to make some extra money.  Perfect!  I contacted him, told him we were also going to be hiring some of the local day laborers in the area, and he could work alongside them.  

After much back and forth, he told me that for the amount I was willing to pay him, there was no way he could possible ensure my furniture would be safe.  First of all, would not or could not?  Second of all, the furniture was fine with the pads I provided and my working alongside a neighbor, brother-in-law, AND mother-in-law who jumped in to help- WITHOUT pay, and the workers we hired worked tirelessly!  We paid them the same amount of money an hour I make, after paying taxes.  So, I was really ticked that this man, although in his early 20's, felt entitled to more.  

Yesterday, as I was looking over a huge mountain of tree limbs that were taking up half my driveway from the trimming our good friends came to help Geoff with on Saturday.  Then, a high school-aged young man posts on one of those Facebook pages that he is looking for odd jobs.  I messaged him, he responded immediately, and arranged to come over after school today.  He showed up early, was prepared, and when he looked a little nervous about the job in front of him, I asked if he wanted to think about it.  He said, "No, it's a job."  And that was it.  He went to work.  

Two hours later he was finished, and he had the $50 in hand that I offered him for the job.  I asked him about his need.  He said he had to pay back debt to his family since they helped him to buy the truck he was driving.  I loved it.  I was so tickled by this young man that I posted on all three of the local Facebook pages how I would highly recommend this young man for odd jobs.  And the response was overwhelming!  I have a feeling that he will be too busy for me to hire him in the future, but felt great to have had him serve us for the short two hours.  Maybe my recommendation will serve him ten-fold from the little job I offered him. 

Aug 9, 2014

Adventures is sooo deliriously content.

Woke up after a doozy of a week at my parent's house. We moved in last Sunday, as our home is completely packed up and ready for our move at this end of this coming week.  Staying, working, cooking, and homeschooling there was too challenging, as everything was packed.  Being 25 minutes from home and at Grandma and Grandpa's is fun for us.  Truly, we love being with them.  The migits had Grandma all week to keep them company after I home schooled and headed to lock myself in the bedroom to work.  Brody, our 65 lb. rescue Collie even got to sleep in Grandma and Grandpa's bed with them last night!  I don't know how they did it, as moving from a king to a queen must be such an adjustment for him ;o)  I love that furry baby of ours.  

Well, the migits have been without a trampoline for just over a week now, and no swimming or running around much, so they were really bouncing off walls the past few days.  Geoff and I woke up early, got ready, picked up the nieces, and headed to the Bounce House.  BEST.TIME.EVER!  You all know how much we love spending time with family.  This was even more fun as we don't get to see our nieces that often.  After an hour and a half of non-stop running, they were worn out, and ready for lunch.  As a special treat, we took them to a McDonald's with a Play Place.  (I made my kids use an essential oil synergy hand sanitizer- "Germ Fighter" from Plant Therapy to make sure they are germ-protected- don't worry.)   

While we are at McDonalds, Charlie asks go get up and refill his water.  The refill station was within my field of view, so I let him go.  I don't know how I missed it, but he returns to the table, and a few minutes later, an older woman walks over and asks the four kids were mine.  I said yes, not sure why she was asking.  She then says, "I want you to know that your little boy has the best manners of any child I have met in a long time.  I want to know if I can buy your children some cookies."  I was floored.  Not even sure what he said or did when at the drink station, but WOW!  Charlie asked if he could hug her, then he and my youngest niece walked up to the counter with her and she bought all SIX of us cookies!  I wanted to cry.  (Mostly because I am hormonal, and second, because I am so proud of my children.  At least the two I birthed ;o)  The other two were angels as well- don't get me wrong.  But Charlie, for all that I have lost sleep over with him, I know he is a blessing to those around him, and I might never know the depth of his gifts.  

So, on a high from that, and while sitting there, I get a text from my friend, and realtor extraordinaire, Stacy Benson.  (If you don't know, we used to volunteer with radKids with her and that is how we became friends a few years ago.)  Stacy has held our hands every step of the way the past 3 weeks, and has not only sold our home 24 hours after listing it, but 48 hours helped us get the home of our dreams we didn't even imagine for ourselves!  We close on both homes this coming Friday, LESS than a month after listing our home.  

So, Stacy texted- "Hey, the homeowner of the new home would like to gift your children a bird feeder and bird food since they feed many bird families in the back yard."  I was so overwhelmed to not only be given this opportunity to have this house, but also, for the homeowner to be so considerate of our children.  We are so animal conscientious, and loving, that it was like this woman knew us!  Early this morning, during our drive to pick up my nieces, Geoff wondered aloud, "I wonder if we will see any deer in our back yard area beyond the fence."  The kids and I agreed that would be magical, but that it might not be likely.  

Well, a few minutes later, Stacy texts again, "Oh, the homeowner also said that she will leave a bag of deer food- the family of deer comes to the back gate at 6:PM each night for dinner."  Speechless.  Tears.  We have tried to sell our home three times before this attempt in the past eleven years.  I always said, "When it is meant to be, it will happen- easily."  And well, G-d has shown Himself, and his plans for us.  

There is nothing I can say or do in thanks to this woman for her kindness, and appreciation of our love of nature and animals.  I just know that this house is more than a house- it is a home.  It is the home our family will heal in.  It is the home that we will open to our friends and family and share our love in.  It is a home we will feel safe in.  It is a home that has goodness running though it.  I don't feel worthy, but I hope I do it justice by sharing the beauty of it with all of you.  

Tomorrow would have been my cousin Scott's 29th birthday.  He passes on after a long battle with Cancer, a year ago, July.  He drops his "anchor" for us all the time.  Today, was no different.  As I was walking out of Kroger, a bagger, not even ours, turned, and said, "Have a nice day!"  And I saw it- her earrings.  There was no mistaking Scott's presence.  Today, Shay, without knowing the date, put on the NY shirt that Scott signed last year for her.  I realized it when I took a picture of her at the Bounce House.  

I went into Kroger to get a card to go with our little token gift of appreciation to the original homeowners of our new home.  They have done this "For Sale by Owner," and so we have had a small glimpse into them as our realtor has been dealing directly with them.  She says they are lovely to work with, and we have to agree.  That have been so cooperative with us the entire process.    And look how perfect this card was.  Never mind that is for a man's birthday… pffft.  We can fix that.  

While they seemed to have an appreciation for the animals, maybe they also appreciate gardening, or fresh herbs to cook with?  We added some "Deer Park" water, as the neighborhood we are moving to is called "Deer Run."  (That was the main reason for the deer card.)  Got a container, some potting soil, plant food, different herb seed packets, and threw it all in for the homeowners to set up in their new home.  The kids are jumping out of their skin to start seeing animals, as we didn't have much, other than the stray cats in our 'hood.  (Insert Jefferson theme music here.)  I have to admit, I think Geoff and I might be even more excited!  Shay is going to write a letter to the homeowners as well.  She is such a sensitive child who appreciates kind gestures more than anyone would know.  

Today, I wish I could put my arms around everyone who has offered to help, (Geoff's parents have signed themselves up with Geoff's twin to help with the moving process.)  To know they will be with us has taken EVERY bit of anxiety from that process from me, and that is priceless.  My parents have been integral in many ways, and we appreciate and value their presence and nod of encouragement as well.  For our friends, we thank you for your prayers and offers to help.  And to Stacy Benson, the most amazing friend and realtor- there are no words other than, "So…  When are you guys coming over for dinner and s'mores?????"  For the record, Stacy was JUST as excited as we were when we walked through the home the first time.  To share that experience with a professional is unique.  I will go through withdrawals from Stacy once this process is over.  

Closing this Friday, August 15th, and will be unloading boxes in the early evening.  Come on by if you want to join us.  It's a Friday night, so you know pizza will be readily available!