Mar 28, 2014

Adventures needs a reminder of why we work so hard some days.

It's for our family.  We work so that we can buy more dessert.  ;o)  

Sep 5, 2012

The blog in which I curse dessert.

I had a long day with a sickly little chicky.  Shay had a cough from the weekend away, and by the time she got home from school yesterday, she was in tears with a horrific sore throat and was not able to speak because the congestion was so thick in her throat.  She was pathetic.  I have been medicating each hour I am allowed to do so, and usually, her pain, fever, congestion or general miserable-ness is back way before I can dose again.  So, sweet thing spent part of the day sleeping, and part watching Netflix TV.  I have had my fill of My Little Pony, Garfield, and a horrible movie called Pet Pals.  No joke.  It was awful.

At dinner time, I tried to make glow in the dark bubbles after I remembered seeing it on  Negative.  I can get the solution to glow, but not the bubbles.  There's your heads up.  You're welcome.     Dinner ended, and if the Pin-strosity wasn't enough of a frustration, here comes dessert.

Shay- Mommy, I ate all my dinner.  May I have dessert?

Me- Of course! You can have whatever you want!  (She was not eating at all today, and I had to beg her to eat.  I'm sure the medicine didn't help.  She made a meal out of her medicines every few hours, and that Sudafed is an appetite suppresant.)

Shay- What do we have?

Me- Uh, well... Some chocolate Teddy Grahams?  Apple Sauce?  Trail Mix and you can dig out the M&M's and throw the peanuts and raisins back in the bag?  (I haven't been to the store in a while.)

Shay- (Looking in the pantry, spots the Pez dispenser bag with a few Pez rolls.)  May I have these?

Me- Sure.  Go for it.

I start cleaning up, and then she comes back with a sad attempt at opening the paper package on a Pez roll.  She asks for help, and of course, I'd be happy to help.  I put down my dishes and wipe my hands. At this point, I should have suited up to go to battle, but all I thought was necessary was to dry my hands.  Little did I know....

First, I didn't dry them well enough, and the one little Pez that was partly sticking out of the wrapper got wet.  Eww.. that won't taste so great.  Then, I couldn't get the wrapper open from the end she started, so I flipped it around.  So far, not a huge level of frustration, but I can see this will take some finesse- and I don't think I'm the chick for the job, but I continue on.  I have a fresh start at this side, and quickly realize that I need to slow down.  I slow down, and quickly realize that I need a freakin' machete if my child is to have dessert before my next menstrual cycle.  I finally get it open.  Not all the way.  Only enough to get about four Pez out.  Then, I drop one.  HOLY BAT BALLS!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  So, I pick it up.  At this point, I think, I will stop the package opening process, and I will stuff these little suckers into the belly of the dispenser before I drop any more.  I am nearly thirty-six years old, and have not been practicing this skill for the past thirty six years, however, I thought I was fully capable of doing this task without the need of a surgical assistant.  I thought wrong.  So, I attempt to get these four in about three times, and finally get them in, all laying down perfectly straight, and I think, "Can't this be sufficient?"  Well, I didn't bother to ask, as I know the disappointment on my daughters face would have caused me to throw myself into a bottle of alcohol, so I decided to just finish the job at hand.  I put the dispenser down, and go back to peeling paper off from around the rest of the package.  I think it came off into about 62.3 pieces.  That seems about right.  The whole package is no longer than your little finger.  At this point, I would have eaten my own little finger I thought it might speed the process up.  I begin thinking that this might become an awesome torture exercise for prisoners at war.  Then I thought, "Sad that my brain goes this way.  Maybe I should just start drinking now."  I didn't.  I knew that I had work to do, and my daughter was beginning to doubt my abilities and my enthusiasm for the request.  She is my empathetic child.

Shay- Mom?  Do you need help?

Me- Yes, but not the type you are thinking.  However, Charlie's therapist refuses to call me back, therefore, I think we are a lost cause.

Shay- Huh?  Okay.  Let me know when you are done.

That was her way of saying, "Take your time.  I see that you are struggling, and I love you anyway."  I love her.

Dessert.  I think I deserve a freakin' medal or something.
 So, I finally get all the paper off, and the wet one breaks.  Screw you wet one... we didn't want you anyway.  I nimbly attempt to line four more Pez up in my fingers, then attempt to open the belly fully, at which point, the four in my fingers fall, and the already placed Pez decide to jump ship, and go all caddywhampus on me.  I dump the whole thing out, and at this point, I decide to take a deep breath.  Not because the Pez are causing a panic attack.  Rather, because Charlie has just finished his dinner, and is headed for the Pez bag.  My life sucks and I need professional help because the stress of finishing the job at hand seems more overwhelming than sticking my hand up an elephant's backside.  I actually thought of about 4 other horrific/bile things that I would have rather done than load two Pez dispensers.  I am not right.  Don't judge.

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Mar 23, 2014

Adventures shares local spring plays

It's one of our most favorite times of year- spring theater production times!  The local theaters and high schools have a fantastic array of theater choices each spring, and this year does not disappoint.  I have  compiled a list of some of the local productions.  I hope you share this and add any that I might have missed to the comment section.  Thanks!

Tip- let your children bring their car seat boosters in to help see the stage better.

"Beauty and the Beast"
Cherokee High School
April 17-19 @ 7: PM
Tickets can be purchased online, right after spring break at
LARGEST theater in the county.  There is a balcony area too, and kids might enjoy that.  We like to sit front and center.  We want to see every nuance to a play.  This theater is generally more empty and you feel like they are performing just for you.  Sad, since they have a very talented director and group of actors.  I have sat in on rehearsals when I wrote for the Canton Patch, and loved watching them put together a show.  (I sat in on many different rehearsals with other schools, but last year was fun since the kidlets came along and laughed their tails off watching them work through some impressive choreography.  Shay refers to it often as she is comparing her play rehearsals.)

Creekview High School
May 1-3 @ 7: PM
Not sure of ticket cost or how to order.  In the past, we ordered tickets from them online and got great seats.  Their theater is really like a mini Fox Theater to me.  Feels cozy.  We have seen two plays at this theater and both times loves our seats.  (So sorry.  I only have so much time in the day, and that day, I only had the time to gather that info.)

"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
River Ridge High School
April 16-19 @ 7: PM
We have yet to go to a play here.

"Into the Woods"
Woodstock High School
May 1-3 @ 7:30 PM
Tickets $10 per person
Large theater seating area

You Can't with You
Sequoyah High School
March 20-22
VERY small theater and seating area.  OOPS - WRONG theatre.. that was Etowah that was tiny.  This was an average size stage and seating. .  Not enough to not go and appreciate the talent there though ;o)

Cherokee Arts Center
March 21-22 @ 7: PM
Tickets $10
*This might be different that the "Seusical the Musical" that Sequoyah H.S. did a few years ago.
Seating here is hit or miss.  Shay has done a couple of plays at this theater.  We prefer middle seating as the sides block many views.

"The Music Man"
The Academy Street Theatre Group @ River Ridge High School
June 5-7 don't know time or cost of tickets.
We saw this group do a production of "The Secret Garden" at Sequoyah High School.  It was a young group of actors, but the leads were fantastic.  If I understand this, this group is open to all Cherokee County enrolled students to audition.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
June 20-21 (I think this is correct- in a hurry- promise to let you know closer to the time.)
The Canton Theatre by STARS Drama

Shay is in this, so don't worry, I will be reminding you often about this one.  STARS has used this facility to perform, and are returning to it for this show coming in June.  We have been to this theatre- albeit, years ago.  It was intimate and cozy.  I am really looking forward to it.  I don't know cost of tickets yet, but generally I can get them for you. (You pay, I deliver)

Also, don't forget to check out Elm Street in Woodstock.  They always have a ton of plays, year-round.   There are a few we want to go to this season, and will hopefully have the resources to get down there.
Exposing your family to the arts is invaluable.  The local theaters love to host them, and supporting local supports you in return!  Happy spring!

Adventures is starting a new 'VENTURE!

I have not mixed/blended/labeled one essential oil in the past four days!  I have needed to, and have used them round the clock, but my research and study of them came to an abrupt halt when I received an email from a potential employer that I had been hounding for a few months now.  Each time I thought they were hiring, I psyched myself up and imagined the potential to financially change our lives, and then, nothing.  And then, just as I was sitting next to Chaz as we home schooled, and researching local plays coming this spring to blog about, BAM!  An email comes in and that started a very fast exchange of emails and phone calls and by Wed. morning I was rushing myself through new hire paperwork to deliver to the office. After that, we were off to Walmart to pick up some office supplies, and then, reading through the most information ever thrown at me to read in a very short period of time.  I did my phone training from 9: AM- 1:40 PM on Thursday morning, and then, started work on my own Friday morning.  And then, and then, and then- HERE WE ARE!  

Somehow, the children were able to do their work, and I did mine.  After we were done with school and work, we had lunch, and I then spent the rest of the afternoon grading, pre-planning their week in advance for school work, and studying more of my training manuals.  Geoff and I researched for hours on a printer purchase, and luckily, he took care of that purchase this morning, rather, yesterday morning since it is already tomorrow and I can't sleep.  I worked on the report pretty much ALL DAY.  I want it done.  I want to understand it.  I want to know it already, and am frustrated that I don't have it yet.  I have it about 90% done, and have two small areas to go over with a trainer.  I will have another phone training session this coming Wednesday, and hopefully, I will feel less overwhelmed.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to work from home.  To be able to stay home and raise, get to know, and educate my children is priceless.  The job itself was intimidating for me, however, after just a few days of wrapping my brain around it, I am already getting to really enjoy it.  I love that the job challenges me, and that my children are independent enough at seven and eight years old that I might have this opportunity.  At this point, I have found that while Shay has always worked independently of me, Chaz has reached that point as well, and seems to enjoy the accomplishments he has achieved as of lately.  (He has taken on cursive like a champ, and is doing very well.  Shay is seven and now knows how to write full paragraphs in cursive.  I doubt she would remember how to use the more obscure letters, i.e. "z," "q," etc.)

So, I have a huge list of local upcoming plays, and hopefully, I will be able to compile and post it soon. I was so excited to seen the options we have this season.  The local high school theater productions in our county are top notch.  We are most looking forward to seeing "Beauty and the Beast," but I think we will try to attend at least three of the local plays, and then we were gifted with tickets to see "The Lion King" at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in April.

Shay was just cast in her third production with STARS Drama.  They will be performing "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," June 20th-21st at the Canton Theatre.  This is a new stage for Shay, and Geoff and I are so excited since we have been to this theater, and it is a gorgeous little setting to move on to.  We trust that anywhere STARS goes, we will follow, as long as Shay continues interest in performing.

Thank you to all my closest friends and family for your offers of help with the children, concern and or excitement for me as I learn to balance everything.  Laundry is still being done everyday.  Dishes still get washed after each meal.  However, I didn't walk or brush Brody for three days!  I also didn't remind my son to go to the bathroom, and the created a clog in the toilet come today when I remembered I forgot.  Autism is fun some days.  Today was not that day. The sensory integration dysfunction of his bowels causes a sensory overload to the rest of us on days like today.  (gag)  The good new is-  the bathroom has been cleaned!
This was part of my new hire paperwork.  It was a medical history.  I had never heard of this disease.  I read it and had a panic attack. I should know this, right?  I did come from a medical background. 

Had to download Office for my laptop.  So far, we have spent a little over $200 for me in office supplies.  (Printer, paper, pens, pencils, headset(s), etc.  Once I make back those costs, I will breathe easier.  

My new office space.  It's in my closet.   The closet is tiny.  That is pretty much the extent of our master closet.  
Gel pens!  It was a splurge.  I wish I had purchased a bluetooth headset ages ago!  Who knew they were so convenient!  
This is what my work used to be.  Now, it is just part of my job responsibilities!  (Lesson planning is the hardest part of my whole job as Ahrens Academy teacher.)  I wonder if the is common for other homeschooling families.  I can get it down in about an hour for both kids.  To save money, I make a lot of worksheets myself, on notebook paper.  (All handwriting worksheets were made by me.  Occasionally, I have made math fact sheets as well.)  

Now, if only I could complete the work report.  The report is comprised of the information I collect over the phone.  I have collected my info., but feel like I have one more call to make to verify some info.   I think the fact that I have something to do is the reason I can't go to sleep.  Why do you think my house stays immaculate all the time?  I can't stand having something hanging over my head to be done.  Type-A personalities have their quirks.

Mar 17, 2014

Adventures with Ahrens Shares a Defender Deals Event

You guys know I have a soft spot for those that serve our community, country, and families.  Please take the time to read and share this with everyone- especially that want a way to thank and honor those that have served us, and placed themselves in harms' way for our safety.  Those that play golf might find this to be more relevant, but donations are welcome if golf is not your sport of choice.

Defender Deals is a place for police offers, firefighters, military and EMS personal to find deals on services and goods with participating companies.  Sign up is free, and you can find them online at or on Facebook.  

$70 would make a really nice gift to a loved one for a great cause, and guaranteed fun.  Please share this event with anyone you know.  (Church, family, neighbors, etc.)

First Annual Defender Deals Golf Tournament 



400 Laurel Canyon Parkway
Canton, GA 30114







Mar 16, 2014

Adventures with Ahrens loves us some Lamb Chop!

And just how did we use our essential oils today?  Let us start by Geoff waking up with a bad case of vertigo.  This is common for him.  We don't know if this has to do with his hearing loss or not, however, generally, this is a "sleep it off and wait until it passes" sort of event for him.  Today, I thought we might be proactive and see what research would afford us.  Turns out, there were a ton of options.  We started simple.  Frankincense behind his ears.  (As a Catholic, I figured this would be the logical route to go, seeing as we missed Mass today.)  Nothing.  Then, I applied lavender to the tops of his ears and massaged them for a few seconds each.  SUCCESS!  That might have been the quickest vertigo recovery in our house.

Good thing too, as we had plans to leave the house at 2:30 PM for a 3:00 PM "Mallory and Lamb Chop" show at the Falany Performaing Arts Center.   It was fantastic!  Mallory shares her mom, and her mom's legacy in such a touching way during the hour-long performance.  The vintage clips transcended time, and our seven and eight year old were mesmerized by a sock puppet for longer than they pay attention to their iPods in one sitting.  As a mom, I was in heaven to be able to share something from my past, and for all of us to enjoy it as much as we did.  Audience participation was a must, and I was shocked that my children, practically raised in a theater, chose to not go up on stage when Mallory invited ALL the children onstage for a sing-along.  It appears that Charlie will not go on stage unless Shayna goes, and Shayna won't go unless she has lines.  (I think she is ready for her own dressing room after the past two plays she was in.  Can you say "PRIMA DONNA?")

After the show, we were invited to make sock puppets, at no additional charge, while waiting to meet Mallory and Lamb Chop for a photo op.  The director of the Falany Performing Arts Center, Jessica Akers, goes above and beyond to make sure that families feel welcome, each and every time they come for a show.  We have been here enough to know that when we walk in, she remembers us, says "hi" to the migits, and is genuinely excited to see children come to experience the theater.  In general, the theater does not sell concessions, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that Mallory and Lamb Chop were selling Lamb Chop puppets as we entered the building.  That was a fun treat for the kidlets, and Mallory even signed Lamb Chop for us at our meet and greet!
I know you don't know my Aunt Rene, but I swear, she looked and almost talked just like her!   It might have been the New York Jew in her, but I swear, I was waiting for her to spew some random, yet highly useful information at some point.  Like, did you know that water is at its' hottest right before the point at which it boils?  When it boils, it releases heat.  Yes, an Aunt Rene-ism.  And Aunt Rene sends the most funny birthday cards of anyone I have ever gotten one from.  True story.  I don't even like cards, but if I see her return address on it, I know it is going to be good.

Isn't that the cutest?  Lamb Chop actually signs that ;o) 

It was like a smorgasbord of sock puppet making fun!  The Falany Performing Arts Center knows how to excite the art lover in all of us!  

I held the socks on my hands and they each chose to draw eyes, and then took wiggly eyes to glue on at home.  They had all the trimmings and tons of options to make different variations of puppets, but both were too excited and wanted to play with the one we purchased before the show.  I am sure they will be putting on little shows during our breaks from school in the morning.  I told Shay I might have her research and write a paper on ventriloquism.  That excited her.  Homeschool days can be as interesting as we allow them to be.  Tomorrow,  Lamb Chop will see how the Ahrens Academy does it.    

PS  I took great thought in naming Shayna.  Her full name is Shayna Rachel Ahrens.  Shayna, or "Shane" means beautiful, or pretty, in hebrew.  Rachel means "little lamb."  Since our "pretty little lamb" was a baby, she has always had a special fondness for anything lamb related.  Today was no exception.  

Mar 15, 2014

Adventures with more oils, and toiletry make-over

Not shown above is the doTERRA roll-on headache synergy called "Pasttense."  Geoff has had immediate success with it and I have had success with it, but not to completely eradicate a headache but relax it.  

Germ Fighter- Compare to Thieves
Calming the Child-  Liquid Ambien for my eight year old (he has autism)
 Headache Relief- Haven't used it yet… Will report back.  Slightly differently variation then the one by doTERRA.  

I have redone my bathroom toiletries as well.  I'm really low maintenance when it come to toiletries, but  won't do without some sort of a facial treatment for my PCOS induced acne and a good mouthwash.  After a couple of years of using apple cider vinegar on my face, I have found that it really isn't as effective as it once was.  Here's my new routine- wash face with regular liquid hand soap that has been diluted with water, then spray on this new essential oil synergy I made.  Found the "recipe on  Have seen various forms of this, and this one seemed the easiest and least expensive to try.  So far, I like it.  I am also using Frankincense (neat) on old facial scars as well as melaleuca (neat) on any new breakouts.  

Mouthwash- another Pinterest recipe find.  Peppermint costs $7.50 for 10 ml. (That is the actual cost including the fact that they don't charge for shipping or add tax through the Plant Therapy website.) I used filtered water, two drops of peppermint and 1/2 Tbs. of baking soda.  Trying to do the math on that, seeing as a 10 ml. bottle of oil generally gives you about 170 drops.  That means about 4 cents per drop of oil.  And how much do you think the baking soda cost?  The 12 oz of a natural and healthy mouthwash cost about 12 cents.  We can do this.  Besides the chemicals and the bottle, what do you have to lose?  Speaking of which…. I needed a glass bottle.  I purchased a four pack of Yoo-hoo for $2.99 and the kids got a special treat last night with dinner. (I was going to buy a soda bottle and dump it, but couldn't find one that was less money and as large as the Yoo-hoo.  I'm not as "crunchy" a mom as I would like to be one day.  It's a process.  Don't judge.)  
Essential oils will break down plastic (PET) containers over time.  Keep that in mind when considering storage.  We only store in glass.  (The facial toner is in a plastic bottle for the picture, but transferring to an amber, glass, spray bottle today since they came in the mail.)  

Report from the Mom- She broke her toe and is using "Deep Blue" from doTERRA.  Finding immediate and long lasting relief.  The swelling is also resolving with it.  I thought it was only for muscles, but seems to be helping with the bones too.  Nice incidental finding there.  Mom has suffered and dealt with night time choking for at least a year or two.  Juggling allergy medicines and concoctions were not only expensive, but frustrating due to side effects the following day.  Her snoring and choking was really causing problems for not only her, but my father as well.  I gave her "Breathe" by doTERRA and she has had (3 or 4?) nights without snoring, choking, or waking up because of it.  AMEN!  (Truly, it was a nightly thing.)  She places one drop of Breathe on a piece of gauze and then places it on her pillow.  (Mom, comment if I am wrong on the placement of that.)  I have read many suggestions about different ways to use the product.  We would probably roll it on the foot, big toe, or on sinuses, if not diffusing it on the nightstand.  She does not have a roller-ball applicator or a diffuser.   And somehow, she is doing great.  Her lungs have been clear throughout the past few years.  This is truly sinus related, and some sort of allergy that they have yet to figure out.  She is using the Breathe undiluted.

I spoke illness unto our family, literally.  After I started getting my oils, I suggested that we should start getting some common ailments so that we could test out the oils.  Bam.  The healthiest family around came down with illness.  Mostly, Shay and I were dealing with congestion and sore throats from allergies.  We began a synergy I made and roll on our throats and neck two to three times a day.  She is 100% better.  (All four of us are using a Thieves comparable synergy by doTERRA called "On Guard" morning and night. and we are diffusing it in two of the three rooms upstairs most of the time.)  The day that Geoff came home with a fever and body aches, I started him on the oils (mostly applying to the feet and then putting socks on), and he was better a full day later.  I felt achy one of the nights, but nothing that knocked me out.  I found that while I might have had a touch of something, it never developed and I feel so much better now.  Still have allergy drainage, but nothing like normal allergies where I would be blowing my nose, etc.  I have slight congestion in my throat, and blew my nose once yesterday.  (No coughing, watery eyes, etc.  Drainage is clear and watery.)  Charlie woke up congested yesterday and today, but I threw on some "On Guard," the Thieves-like synergy, and have begun applying the allergy blend to him, and off we go to a playground this afternoon.  I also diffused his room as he slept the past two night. 

At this point, we have had enough time and experience with both brands, I have mostly positives to say about both brands.  Other than price, and my daughter not liking the peppermint by doTERRA, I would say that both companies put out quality products.  I LOVE that Plant Essentials puts labels on the tops of their bottles.  When I dig through the box in the refrigerator, I can just look at the tops of the bottles and not have to pull them all out.  However, doTERRA sent me a label sheet for their oils so that when I diluted and placed into applicators or bottles, I could label those.  I could use them to label their bottles, but I find it more useful to save for the applicators.  I have made many of the same applicators because I like it for the purse, the house, and now, Geoff even has his own first aide baggie he takes to work.  He wanted a hand sanitizer, headache and stomach issue synergy for on the go.  He loved the DigestZen from doTERRA he used when he was home with what we assume with the flu.  He found immediate relief from diarrhea.  (TMI? Sorry.)  

Geoff was the hardest hit with the illness this past week for a mere day and half.  Body aches, stomach issues, fever, etc.  Crazy.  The rest of us take 4,000 iu's of vitamin D each day during the fall and winter season, in hopes that we will boost our bodies' immunity for flu protection.  There are studies done on this- look it up for yourself.  No one in our family has received a flu shot in years.  And no one has had the flu since before we started the vitamin D therapy.  Charlie got the flu three winter's ago.  We started the therapy the week after that.  

These are new arrivals for us.  The Ylang Ylang is in quite a few synergies I have found for some issues I have.  The Roman Chamomile was in endless "recipes" I found, so I ordered to have on hand.  I think my summer season will find a lot of use of this product.  I am awaiting helichrysum, bergamot, lemon and marjoram, and frankincense to arrive this coming week from Plant Therapy.  While there are a few "can't live without" essential oils that everyone should keep on hand, these are the oils that I found were going to be the most beneficial to our family.  Yes, it is a lot of oils.  There is a sale at Plant Therapy through St. Patrick's Day, and that helped a ton with this past order.  I am done shopping, and can now tackle all of our health issues.  I have neglected doctor visits for certain issues and will see if I can control, if not eradicate them, with oils, before I consider going back to the pharmaceuticals, co pays, specialists, medication trials/errors, waiting rooms, insurance not covering certain tests, etc.   

If you find a good, affordable, quality applicator company, please share that with me.  

Get ready!  Upcoming blogs will share what each oil can be used for, and how you can slowly replace your chemical laden medicines and replace them with essential oils.  

Mar 14, 2014

Adventures share Plant Therapy

Today is a big day for lil' sis-  audition day.  She was told that she already has a part in the production if she comes to audition this time around, but she is still a little nervous.  She asked me yesterday if I would let her use some of the "Calming the Child" essential oil.  Of course, since it is made specifically for calming children, hence the name.  However, it has been big bro's roll-on version of Ambien the past two nights.  We had success with easy sleep with lavender and even lavender and peppermint, but once I got the order in with the C.T.C., his socks fly off his feet in eager anticipation of me rubbing it on as he snuggles in to bed each night.

Plant Therapy has a fantastic educational site that answers so many essential oil questions, as well as shares fun ways to use oils that I might not have thought of.  (How about some in the Play-doh?)  Essential oils are incredibly potent, and some can be dangerous to children.  The website not only shares a fantastic formula page for mixing and diluting, but I LOVE the child friendly diagram.

I was fortunate to find Plant Therapy brand of essential oils, early on in my search.  They were actually who I made my first order with, through  I ordered three oils.  Oregano, peppermint and melaleuca, a.k.a. tea tree oil.  Each one was about $10, with shipping, for 10 ml.  We hadn't used the oregano until recently, however, we used peppermint every which way to Tuesday prior to getting another brand in.  My daughter could tell the difference in oils, and says the first peppermint helped her allergies more than the second one.  (The second one came in a huge kit with 10 oils, 5 ml. each, at the cost of $169, with shipping and tax.)  You do the math.

When I found the Plant Therapy website, I found that they always have free shipping, any order size, AND, no tax.  Then, I found that they were a few dollars less on their website than on Amazon.  (on average of about $3 less!)  Instead of about ten dollars for a bottle with shipping, it was about seven dollars.  Wow!  That only means that I can collect a larger variety of oils and spend so much less.

Finding a really affordable place for glass roll-on and glass spray bottles has proven to be more challenging, but once you have them, you just refill them.  I have gifted a few bottles already, and have heard back with great success.  That makes me so happy.

The initial start up to essential oils doesn't have to be painful on the wallet now that I have found Plant Therapy.  I called and spoke to a man named Austin at the company today.  I have also dealt with Retha, their marketing manager, through the blog and Facebook.  The education and knowledge between the two overwhelmed me.  Explaining essential oils in a way that is easy to understand is a gift, and they both have it.  I believe they are ethical, and genuinely want to help others.  I am so excited to be dealing with this company.  Their stewardship is a blessing.

I just received my first order directly from them.  Everything came in perfectly, except the small, amber, glass bottles I ordered.

Considering I ordered twelve, and only one is broken, and not shattered throughout the bag, I won't complain. I feel like the oils were protected very well with bubble wrap, and had those bottles broken, I would have been upset to open the package.  Unfortunately, once you add the reducer tops to drop out the oil, the black top does not fit on the glass very well. Fortunately, I won't be using these too much, and wanted to store a few items in my bathroom that I will use more daily and not too concerned about the oxidation.  *Nice to have a weeks' worth of peppermint to drop in the diffusers upstairs without running downstairs to the fridge during the day.  

  Excited to see what health promoting/healing I can do next!  

Plant Therapy is based out of Ohio, and originally owed by a professional aromatherapist.  Her son-in-law currently owns the company, and she still continues to use the oils in her practice.  If you end up purchasing from them, will you share your experience with me?  Thanks!  Happy Healing!  

Mar 12, 2014

Adventures is "keeping" well.

 It's like Christmas around our house lately.  We have ordered so many new essential oils and products related to them, that each day, opening our front door or mailbox is like Christmas.  Today brought in some really good stuff that I needed to proceed with diluting and making synergies.  I learned that oils need to be stored in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation.  While refrigerated, the oils can last nearly twice as long!  That is significant when you are dealing with the amount of money we have spent, and considering that not all the all get used as regularly.

At this point, we are keeping all the oils I have mixed out of the refrigerator.  We are also keeping one of two bottles of peppermint out since we use that so much in diffusers each day, that I believe that we will go through a bottle in short order, and not have compromised the oil with oxidation due to the fact that our home is fairly cool anyway.  If storing in the refrigerator, it was noted that your food can take on the flavor of the oils, so it is recommended that you store your oils in bags and/or a storage box of some sort.  I didn't have a small plastic box, but used the cardboard box the newest diffuser came in.  At this point, unless I open a pharmacy, all my current oils fit well in their baggies in the box, in the produce drawer of our refrigerator.

Top left in drawer is the 32 oz. of the organic fractionated coconut oil.  You might read that as "OFCO" or just "FCO" in future blogs, or in your reading of other people's uses of essential oils (eo's). Just trying to educate as I go.  

Not too full, but once the rest come in, I won't have room for any more.  I might need one or two more for the summer recipes I plan, but for the most part, we have what I need and want for now.  I will be making insect repellent, flea and tick preventative for our long haired Collie, and sunburn cooling spray.  Just so happens that the sunburn spray looks similar to the anti-itch recipe I found.  That will help with bug bites, heat rash, etc, then double as a burn relief.  Lavender is really amazing to our skin.  

I mixed up some synergies (blends of oils) today.  I have been so excited about this process, but had to wait until all my bottles, rollers, etc. came in.  I am still awaiting some pipettes and smaller bottles, but here's what I was up to today.  
The labels on top are hard to read in the picture.  However, I did write on the side of one, and then found labels and labeled the side as that one will just be mine for allergies.  I can apply it to Shay as well, since she is not in that younger range of children that have to be diluted so much more.  

Here's an allergy synergy I made that has about 7.5 ml of FCO, and 5 drops each of lavender, lemon and peppermint.  

Big bottles, little bottles, pretty bottles…  Blue to block light as oils are light sensitive, and when mixing as often as I assume we will, the non colored/amber bottles bottles will keep fine for shorter periods of time.  I already stuck two roll-ons in my purse as well as a hand sanitizer I made in a spray bottle as well.

The hand sanitizer is the doTERRA version of "Thieves" that Young Living puts out.  I found a homemade "Thieves-like" recipe online, and when I run out of the doTERRA "On Guard," I will make it myself, if not purchase the same knock off from my new favorite essential oil company.  (Favorite only because it is literally a fraction of the cost and has the same quality as the others.  In fact, I have tried a couple now, and still like the less expensive peppermint that I got before I became involved with the more well known EO company.  I will share more about that other company soon enough. 

Acne Fighter
4oz Witch Hazel
20 ggts. Lavender Essential Oil
20 ggts. Melaleuca Essential Oil

Spray on twice a day.
The bottle is plastic, and not recommended when dealing with essential oils as the oils begin to compromise the plastic, however, I assume this one might be safe.  Plus…. I haven't gotten my glass spray bottles in yet.  

*I have yet to try the spray, however, have been using both eo's on my face for a week now.  (I thought the Tea Tree oil- a.k.a. Melaleuca, wasn't working, but I was wrong.)  Started using that a few weeks ago when it came in, and finally, see how the two work well together.  I even eradicated a cystic acne spot after about 4-5 days of using both neat.  (*Neat=undiluted)  The Lavender helps to calm my skin after I tweeze my beard.  So ridiculous that I should be given breast and facial hair.  Like, who wasn't paying attention the day I was given my feminine gene?  The joys of PCOS.  And so, the Acne Fighter was created after seeing a similar version online.  The Witch Hazel carrier choice made sense as an astringent.  Here's hoping!

This is the information I found to help with figuring out how much oil to use per dilution or synergy mix.

I wanted a formula of sorts, and this makes it pretty simple when you know the size bottle you have and then if you just keep a journal with your recipes, refilling will be easy.  (I have begun a journal for myself in my word processing program on my computer.)
This little plastic bottle fits well in my bag for "on the go" moments.   As I contemplated the use of plastic, I realized that it would be the safest for my bag, and we refill sanitizers all the time since we use them so often.  Will be nice to be using a sanitizer that not only kills the germs, but also helps to improve my families' health at the same time.  As I understand it, eo's take about 20 seconds to reach the blood, and then after 20 minutes, the properties of the essential oil has reached every single organ of our body.  If that is true, then I am positively affected my body all day long!  (I literally have some cause to use an oil for myself, my children, and even my husband nearly twice a day.)  I apply and rub/massage in the oils to everyone around lately.  Besides diffusing it, we do use the allergy type synergy all the time.  That started out as our lavender bedtime spray, and eventually, because of the night time congestion, became a peppermint/lavender/water glass spray bottle

I also use peppermint in water as my mouthwash now.  I plan on switching both kids to that as their mouthwash as well.  So much better than the chemical laden ACT that they use currently.  The recipe for that simple one is 1/2 cup distilled water and 3 drops of peppermint oil.  That seems too easy.  I might even just make that into a mouth spray for them to spray and swallow if I can find out if that would prove safe enough for such a low ratio.  Essential oils really should not be ingested without proper counsel from a trained aromatherapist or doctor.  We do have some locally, however, insurance is generally not accepted, and the fees are steep.  me feel better.

Tonight, three of the four of us was not feeling well.  Almost feels flu-like.  We have been the healthiest group of people you have ever met, however, I think I might has asked to be hit with lots of symptoms to test out the oils.  And guess what….  I am feeling better, not worse.  Been two days of wondering if I was sick, and Geoff came home early and Shay was puny.  All of us using On-Guard by doTERRA, and Shay got a roller ball of ginger for nausea.  She is doing fine now.  Asleep, and hopefully we all wake up feeling like new in the morning.

That was today's oil escapades.  Hope you are enjoying this journey with/through me!

Mar 9, 2014

Adventures has allergies- and now, RELIEF!

It is so amazing here in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains this weekend.  We have been to a park, church, and out on two bike rides.  And with this change of season comes allergies.  For about two weeks, my seven year old daughter and myself have both have an increase in congestion, headaches and even a sore throat come night time.  My sore throat has been after sleeping and snoring the night away with the increase of congestion.  After realizing that there is an essential oil for practically every know condition, I looked up some seasonal allergy recipes and found that I had all the eo's (eo= essential oils) suggested to resolve the allergy symptoms.  

Enter three of the most commonly used eo's that can be used for at least 101 different uses from cleaning to healing.  
These three came in my large kit I ordered directly from doTERRA, however, doTERRA sells a kit that only has these three oils since these are such useful oils to use and work well together to address so many issues.  

These oils, as all essential oils of value, come directly from the source.  Meaning- if you are allergic to a lemon, or to peppermint, etc., you will be just as allergic to these oils.  

I just let Shay go lay down in her room after the bike ride since she was feeling tired with a slight headache.  I put some of doTERRA's "Breathe" eo into the diffuser which she seems to have hijacked, and then applied a dab of each of the three oils above to the back of her neck, as well as mine, and tapped the area right below the bump of the neck.  Turns out, there are some benefits to tapping.  While I don't understand the scientific side of it, I did it, assuming that the worst that can happen is that nothing will happen.  (At this point, I'd be willing to don a clown wig while hopping on one foot if I can resolve these allergy symptoms.)  I don't know about the historical evidence of the wig doing any good,  but I have read enough to know that the essential oils stand on their own.  

While the oils can be diffused, taken orally in a capsule with some carrier oil, or applied topically, the topical application seems most convenient for me.  The terms "diffused" and "aromatically" are similar but not the same.  Generally, you can receive benefits from just smelling the scent on a cotton ball, piece of cloth, tissue, placing a drop of oil at a vent, etc.  Diffusing is actually using a cool mist diffuser that spreads the oils through out the room by sending a cool mist of water with the oil in it.  I generally drop a few drops of oil in the diffuser each time I refill it.  A little goes a long way.  Think "less is more."  

Understanding that we will have to apply the allergy relief concoction twice a day, I am okay with it since we are not putting a synthetic, store bought, medicine that has more possible side effects listed than the actual symptoms it is supposed to resolve.  

Little tidbit of info. to keep in mind when dealing with any of the citrus fruit oils… they have a higher incidence of causing photo sensitivity.  Meaning, you might need to cover your skin or wear sunblock if planning on being outdoors.  Don't worry, there's an essential oil recipe for sunblock.  Of course there is ;o)  

I am sharing this with you in hopes that you will do some research on your own and decide if essential oils might make a good alternative for you and your family.  (And maybe that you will share your own experiences with me, as well.)  

I have been applying the oils to my finger or a cotton swab to this point, except for the oregano oil in a carrier oil, which is in a roller ball dispenser that my daughter uses on her thumb wart.  We ordered a nice bundle of different dispensers to mix up our numerous concoctions in, and I have a few in mind already.  I want a lavender one for bedtime, restless leg, and calming.  We also have a glass spray bottle with lavender and water in it right now.  Then, I will have a tea tree oil and lavender one for my acne.  Then, of course, a peppermint one for congestion and headaches.  The blends, or the "synergy blends," of more than one essential oil are really where some more experience comes from.  That is my next area to begin playing with.  I am researching nonstop at this point, and feel like my studying in this area could go on for years.  
a.k.a. Tea Tree Oil

PS  I had a cystic acne spot come up a week ago, and the first few days I applied a dab of tea tree oil, once a day.  Not seeing fast enough results, I started applying morning and night.  And today, there is NO soreness.  WHOA!  The skin is dried out, and will take a few days to calm down, but I have NEVER resolved an under the skin acned break out that quickly.  
This is the brand that I started with, after much research on quality oils.  I have had success with the melaleuca, a.k.a "tea tree" oil, and the peppermint ones.  I have yet to see the oregano in action, as I didn't make the oregano with fractionated coconut oil in the roller ball for the wart on my daughter's thumb until I got the doTERRA in, and wanted to use that one.  I have read it that with multiple applications a day, it may take a few weeks, if not more, to see results.  We will report back.  It's only been a few days so far.