Mar 14, 2014

Adventures share Plant Therapy

Today is a big day for lil' sis-  audition day.  She was told that she already has a part in the production if she comes to audition this time around, but she is still a little nervous.  She asked me yesterday if I would let her use some of the "Calming the Child" essential oil.  Of course, since it is made specifically for calming children, hence the name.  However, it has been big bro's roll-on version of Ambien the past two nights.  We had success with easy sleep with lavender and even lavender and peppermint, but once I got the order in with the C.T.C., his socks fly off his feet in eager anticipation of me rubbing it on as he snuggles in to bed each night.

Plant Therapy has a fantastic educational site that answers so many essential oil questions, as well as shares fun ways to use oils that I might not have thought of.  (How about some in the Play-doh?)  Essential oils are incredibly potent, and some can be dangerous to children.  The website not only shares a fantastic formula page for mixing and diluting, but I LOVE the child friendly diagram.

I was fortunate to find Plant Therapy brand of essential oils, early on in my search.  They were actually who I made my first order with, through  I ordered three oils.  Oregano, peppermint and melaleuca, a.k.a. tea tree oil.  Each one was about $10, with shipping, for 10 ml.  We hadn't used the oregano until recently, however, we used peppermint every which way to Tuesday prior to getting another brand in.  My daughter could tell the difference in oils, and says the first peppermint helped her allergies more than the second one.  (The second one came in a huge kit with 10 oils, 5 ml. each, at the cost of $169, with shipping and tax.)  You do the math.

When I found the Plant Therapy website, I found that they always have free shipping, any order size, AND, no tax.  Then, I found that they were a few dollars less on their website than on Amazon.  (on average of about $3 less!)  Instead of about ten dollars for a bottle with shipping, it was about seven dollars.  Wow!  That only means that I can collect a larger variety of oils and spend so much less.

Finding a really affordable place for glass roll-on and glass spray bottles has proven to be more challenging, but once you have them, you just refill them.  I have gifted a few bottles already, and have heard back with great success.  That makes me so happy.

The initial start up to essential oils doesn't have to be painful on the wallet now that I have found Plant Therapy.  I called and spoke to a man named Austin at the company today.  I have also dealt with Retha, their marketing manager, through the blog and Facebook.  The education and knowledge between the two overwhelmed me.  Explaining essential oils in a way that is easy to understand is a gift, and they both have it.  I believe they are ethical, and genuinely want to help others.  I am so excited to be dealing with this company.  Their stewardship is a blessing.

I just received my first order directly from them.  Everything came in perfectly, except the small, amber, glass bottles I ordered.

Considering I ordered twelve, and only one is broken, and not shattered throughout the bag, I won't complain. I feel like the oils were protected very well with bubble wrap, and had those bottles broken, I would have been upset to open the package.  Unfortunately, once you add the reducer tops to drop out the oil, the black top does not fit on the glass very well. Fortunately, I won't be using these too much, and wanted to store a few items in my bathroom that I will use more daily and not too concerned about the oxidation.  *Nice to have a weeks' worth of peppermint to drop in the diffusers upstairs without running downstairs to the fridge during the day.  

  Excited to see what health promoting/healing I can do next!  

Plant Therapy is based out of Ohio, and originally owed by a professional aromatherapist.  Her son-in-law currently owns the company, and she still continues to use the oils in her practice.  If you end up purchasing from them, will you share your experience with me?  Thanks!  Happy Healing!  

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