Mar 6, 2014

Adventures says "There's an oil for that!"

Remember, not too long ago, when the favorite catch-phrase was "There's an app for that?"  Well, even though this therapeutic practice is nothing new, the re-invent of essential oils is beginning to re-saturate the landscape of those wanting to take control of the health of themselves and their loved ones in a time-proven, safe, and natural way that divinely intended for us.  

It helped that the past two days I tried reading the bible, and I didn't have to get too far in before I saw my newest obsession and how God intended for us to use and have the seeds, plants and the earth as part of His plan for our life.  I realized that Genesis account shared great detail of lives lasting hundreds of years.  One would have to wonder if that was coincidental.  There are many times that essential oils are mentioned throughout the bible.  The obvious mentions are myrrh, and frankincense, but even more obscure E.O.'s like cedar wood, cassia, etc. are mentioned throughout the old and new testament.

We have been dabbling with essential oils for a few weeks, and my daughter is now self administering her congestion/headache therapy in the way of taking my diffuser from the kitchen up to her room and filling the water to the line and dropping in a few peppermint drops.  She actually has recovered very quickly after these sessions, and I also use this treatment option with great success.  I no longer put acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Sudafed, or any other pharmaceutical into my body to alleviate my headaches or congestion symptoms.  (Anyone else suffering with the high pollen counts this early in the year? I think I heard that pine pollen is popping now.)
When in doubt, check the little girl's room.  She loves the diffuser.  This diffuser was bought on Amazon, and is the Now brand.  I have no complaints, but I went to a couple essential oil classes this week and saw another similar diffuser and was jealous.  While they both had the pretty lights, the hostesses' diffuser had a cup inside for the water and oil and mine has a well, which makes it slightly more challenging to be taken all over the house.  We might end up purchasing a second one a little down the road.  

  E.O.'s are administered one of three ways.
1. Topically- applied to the skin diluted or *neat (meaning, not diluted with a carrier oil)
This is a roller bottle with some carrier oil in it, awaiting me to concoct my recipe for it.  (I intend to make up a lavender sleepy-time aide for my son with this one.)  The people I spoke with this past week that have children who struggle to get to sleep gave me hope for him.  He just sits in bed for hours.  He is super quiet, and calm, but even offering a book seems to stimulate him even more!  

This spray bottle is perfect for making a homemade hand sanitizer to keep in the purse and cars.  

2. Aromatically- (smelled either in a diffuser, out of the bottle, on a cloth/tissue, etc.)
3. Ingested (I have empty capsules that I can fill and swallow, or just placed on the tongue)
I purchased these, but was given some sample veggie capsules.  I have heard both terms used for this as a form of ingestion and delivering the E.O.'s.  Some oils just don't taste well, and would be best off in a capsule, perhaps with some carrier oil to help aide in the absorption in the stomach.  

Many oils compliment each other to treat a variety of common ailments, and then there are essential oils that work perfectly fine on their own.  The brand I have switched to actually sells a really great starter kit that included only three oils, however, there are at least 101 ways to use those three oils!  (I can get you a discount on those oils if you are interested. ($20 for the three oils, introductory CD and booklet on the oils is included.)  I ended up purchasing a kit called the Family Physician Kit that comes with ten different oils (some are blends for specific needs) and ways to use them in order to resolve any number of ailments or conditions.

While you begin to learn about the oils, you will see the process that each plant goes through to be made into this super concentrate.  The more I learn, the more amazed I am that while this process is done with incredible precision, this is nothing new to generations of farmers and distillers of the E.O.'s. Like I said earlier, the use of essential oils dates back to ancient egypt and biblical times.

Please note that "fragrance" oils are different from "essential" oils and how they can be used.  I am not educated enough to share the process thoroughly, but I do know that fragrant oils may smell similar to an essential oil, or share a name, i.e. rose, lavender, but they are made with chemicals that would not be safe to use as you would an essential oil for therapeutic benefits.

Tonight, I grabbed the peppermint E.O. and made mouthwash with it.  I added a few drops to some water, shook the bottle up, poured a little into my cup, and there you have an antibacterial, pleasant tasting wash wash after an oil pull.  I diffuse the peppermint as I am working with my second grader on homeschool work in the kitchen.  It helps both of us focus, and energizes us first thing in the morning.  I am not sure where I read it, but I saw that when diffusing, 15 minutes at a time is really all the that is needed to obtain the maximum benefit.  Anything more than that is not harmful, but maybe depending on the need, not any more helpful?  I wish I remembered where I read that to cross reference.  At this time, essential oils are truly being used by a new generation, and the findings are endless in this field.

The oregano oil was handy for a little girls' wart on a finger.  (Mix that with a carrier oil since oregano oil is caustic to the skin, and children need a little more attention to skin sensitivities.)  The recipes that I use currently are either in a book,  passed down from others online, or for right now as I am still leery, from a very experienced and educated mentor.  From what I have read, at some point, using the oils becomes intuitive and my hope is that essential oils become more commonplace, and my house will be rid of chemical/synthetic medicines, and that we rely solely on essential oils to keep us healthy, or to recover us when needed.

Everyone has heard my vitamin D oil soap box.  The children and I take one drop of vitamin D (4,000 iu's) each day from fall through winter time.   Since doing so, we have never gotten the flu, and never gotten a stomach virus of any sort.  I think this was our third year of this regiment.  I was not the least bit surprised when I learned that the vitamin D is actually delivered in my carrier oil of choice- fractionated, organic, cold pressed, coconut oil.  Since I oil pull with coconut oil, use it in my home made body scrub, it was no surprise that I would begin using it to concoct the multitude of healing oil blends with it as my carrier oil.  (The term carrier oil essentially means it dilutes to further spread the oils as quality E.O.'s are incredibly potent.  "Less is more" is the theme with using them.)

After doing some very basic searches, I have found ways to help endocrine disorder (PCOS), as well as all the side effects of it, along with bacterial/viral/fungal infections, IBS, muscle pains, allergy issues, fibromyalgia, ulcers, skin infections including poison oak, toothache, nausea, ADD, ADHD, memory, low blood pressure, inflammation, M.S., bronchitis, COPD, diabetes, heart diseases, insect bites, cough, burns, cuts/wound care, yeast overgrowth, removal of skin tags/moles, and yes, even CANCERS!  There is even flea and tick repellent recipes for humans and dogs!  You must know that some oils repel mice from homes.   If I tell you that it would be hard to throw a symptom or illness my direction and not have my research it with the healing of an oil, I mean it.)  While I was gifted a book this past week to use as my reference to begin healing, I have found that there is a ton of invaluable resources that are available through the company I have ordered from.  I would love to share that with you and your family.  Mostly, I would love to learn with you.

Here's my overall thought on the oils-  I love the idea of them, and if they work because I want so badly to believe they will work, I will accept the placebo effect, and be thankful that I have not spent hours in a doctors' office, and then more time and money at a pharmacy.  I believe that there is truly a time and a place for proper medical care for myself and my family.  That time is after I have exhausted my resources and not endangered my children in doing so.  Do you run to the doctor if you have a child with a sore throat to run a strep test?  I don't run.  I wait about a day and see if the symptoms worsen, resolve, or if congestion shows itself and then I make a decision based on what happens.  The same will happen here, except this time around, I will be armed with oils that can actually begin fighting infections instead of masking them with over the counter medicines before I decide if I need to take a child or myself in.  Geoff seems incredibly open to trying the oils, and I am eager to report on specific issues he has once we can use the oils on him.

I am not selling you on my products, but if you are interested, I can help get you a discount.  You can order through me if you are not looking to get too involved, and still get my discount, or you can set yourself up to make some money, or earn incentives like I can.  At this time, I have no hopes for a business venture.  My desire is to help my family and friends.  I promise to share our successes and adventure with oils as we get further into the usage.

By the way- my oil pulling experiment is going better than expected.  I pull twice a day, and love my time doing it.  Just under one full tablespoon, twenty minutes, and being honest- not sure if it is doing anything but allowing me quiet time in front of a heater in my bathroom when no one bothers me since I can't answer them anyway.  It's really a win/win for a mom whole loves an excuse to be left alone a few times a day.

Addendum 3/7/14  On-going research today taught me that each 10 ml. bottle of eo's has approximately 200 drops.  This is relevant when it comes to deciding costs involved with recipes that call for large amounts of drops and also if you should divide a recipe to aide in cost per batch.

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