Mar 23, 2014

Adventures shares local spring plays

It's one of our most favorite times of year- spring theater production times!  The local theaters and high schools have a fantastic array of theater choices each spring, and this year does not disappoint.  I have  compiled a list of some of the local productions.  I hope you share this and add any that I might have missed to the comment section.  Thanks!

Tip- let your children bring their car seat boosters in to help see the stage better.

"Beauty and the Beast"
Cherokee High School
April 17-19 @ 7: PM
Tickets can be purchased online, right after spring break at
LARGEST theater in the county.  There is a balcony area too, and kids might enjoy that.  We like to sit front and center.  We want to see every nuance to a play.  This theater is generally more empty and you feel like they are performing just for you.  Sad, since they have a very talented director and group of actors.  I have sat in on rehearsals when I wrote for the Canton Patch, and loved watching them put together a show.  (I sat in on many different rehearsals with other schools, but last year was fun since the kidlets came along and laughed their tails off watching them work through some impressive choreography.  Shay refers to it often as she is comparing her play rehearsals.)

Creekview High School
May 1-3 @ 7: PM
Not sure of ticket cost or how to order.  In the past, we ordered tickets from them online and got great seats.  Their theater is really like a mini Fox Theater to me.  Feels cozy.  We have seen two plays at this theater and both times loves our seats.  (So sorry.  I only have so much time in the day, and that day, I only had the time to gather that info.)

"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
River Ridge High School
April 16-19 @ 7: PM
We have yet to go to a play here.

"Into the Woods"
Woodstock High School
May 1-3 @ 7:30 PM
Tickets $10 per person
Large theater seating area

You Can't with You
Sequoyah High School
March 20-22
VERY small theater and seating area.  OOPS - WRONG theatre.. that was Etowah that was tiny.  This was an average size stage and seating. .  Not enough to not go and appreciate the talent there though ;o)

Cherokee Arts Center
March 21-22 @ 7: PM
Tickets $10
*This might be different that the "Seusical the Musical" that Sequoyah H.S. did a few years ago.
Seating here is hit or miss.  Shay has done a couple of plays at this theater.  We prefer middle seating as the sides block many views.

"The Music Man"
The Academy Street Theatre Group @ River Ridge High School
June 5-7 don't know time or cost of tickets.
We saw this group do a production of "The Secret Garden" at Sequoyah High School.  It was a young group of actors, but the leads were fantastic.  If I understand this, this group is open to all Cherokee County enrolled students to audition.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
June 20-21 (I think this is correct- in a hurry- promise to let you know closer to the time.)
The Canton Theatre by STARS Drama

Shay is in this, so don't worry, I will be reminding you often about this one.  STARS has used this facility to perform, and are returning to it for this show coming in June.  We have been to this theatre- albeit, years ago.  It was intimate and cozy.  I am really looking forward to it.  I don't know cost of tickets yet, but generally I can get them for you. (You pay, I deliver)

Also, don't forget to check out Elm Street in Woodstock.  They always have a ton of plays, year-round.   There are a few we want to go to this season, and will hopefully have the resources to get down there.
Exposing your family to the arts is invaluable.  The local theaters love to host them, and supporting local supports you in return!  Happy spring!

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