Mar 12, 2014

Adventures is "keeping" well.

 It's like Christmas around our house lately.  We have ordered so many new essential oils and products related to them, that each day, opening our front door or mailbox is like Christmas.  Today brought in some really good stuff that I needed to proceed with diluting and making synergies.  I learned that oils need to be stored in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation.  While refrigerated, the oils can last nearly twice as long!  That is significant when you are dealing with the amount of money we have spent, and considering that not all the all get used as regularly.

At this point, we are keeping all the oils I have mixed out of the refrigerator.  We are also keeping one of two bottles of peppermint out since we use that so much in diffusers each day, that I believe that we will go through a bottle in short order, and not have compromised the oil with oxidation due to the fact that our home is fairly cool anyway.  If storing in the refrigerator, it was noted that your food can take on the flavor of the oils, so it is recommended that you store your oils in bags and/or a storage box of some sort.  I didn't have a small plastic box, but used the cardboard box the newest diffuser came in.  At this point, unless I open a pharmacy, all my current oils fit well in their baggies in the box, in the produce drawer of our refrigerator.

Top left in drawer is the 32 oz. of the organic fractionated coconut oil.  You might read that as "OFCO" or just "FCO" in future blogs, or in your reading of other people's uses of essential oils (eo's). Just trying to educate as I go.  

Not too full, but once the rest come in, I won't have room for any more.  I might need one or two more for the summer recipes I plan, but for the most part, we have what I need and want for now.  I will be making insect repellent, flea and tick preventative for our long haired Collie, and sunburn cooling spray.  Just so happens that the sunburn spray looks similar to the anti-itch recipe I found.  That will help with bug bites, heat rash, etc, then double as a burn relief.  Lavender is really amazing to our skin.  

I mixed up some synergies (blends of oils) today.  I have been so excited about this process, but had to wait until all my bottles, rollers, etc. came in.  I am still awaiting some pipettes and smaller bottles, but here's what I was up to today.  
The labels on top are hard to read in the picture.  However, I did write on the side of one, and then found labels and labeled the side as that one will just be mine for allergies.  I can apply it to Shay as well, since she is not in that younger range of children that have to be diluted so much more.  

Here's an allergy synergy I made that has about 7.5 ml of FCO, and 5 drops each of lavender, lemon and peppermint.  

Big bottles, little bottles, pretty bottles…  Blue to block light as oils are light sensitive, and when mixing as often as I assume we will, the non colored/amber bottles bottles will keep fine for shorter periods of time.  I already stuck two roll-ons in my purse as well as a hand sanitizer I made in a spray bottle as well.

The hand sanitizer is the doTERRA version of "Thieves" that Young Living puts out.  I found a homemade "Thieves-like" recipe online, and when I run out of the doTERRA "On Guard," I will make it myself, if not purchase the same knock off from my new favorite essential oil company.  (Favorite only because it is literally a fraction of the cost and has the same quality as the others.  In fact, I have tried a couple now, and still like the less expensive peppermint that I got before I became involved with the more well known EO company.  I will share more about that other company soon enough. 

Acne Fighter
4oz Witch Hazel
20 ggts. Lavender Essential Oil
20 ggts. Melaleuca Essential Oil

Spray on twice a day.
The bottle is plastic, and not recommended when dealing with essential oils as the oils begin to compromise the plastic, however, I assume this one might be safe.  Plus…. I haven't gotten my glass spray bottles in yet.  

*I have yet to try the spray, however, have been using both eo's on my face for a week now.  (I thought the Tea Tree oil- a.k.a. Melaleuca, wasn't working, but I was wrong.)  Started using that a few weeks ago when it came in, and finally, see how the two work well together.  I even eradicated a cystic acne spot after about 4-5 days of using both neat.  (*Neat=undiluted)  The Lavender helps to calm my skin after I tweeze my beard.  So ridiculous that I should be given breast and facial hair.  Like, who wasn't paying attention the day I was given my feminine gene?  The joys of PCOS.  And so, the Acne Fighter was created after seeing a similar version online.  The Witch Hazel carrier choice made sense as an astringent.  Here's hoping!

This is the information I found to help with figuring out how much oil to use per dilution or synergy mix.

I wanted a formula of sorts, and this makes it pretty simple when you know the size bottle you have and then if you just keep a journal with your recipes, refilling will be easy.  (I have begun a journal for myself in my word processing program on my computer.)
This little plastic bottle fits well in my bag for "on the go" moments.   As I contemplated the use of plastic, I realized that it would be the safest for my bag, and we refill sanitizers all the time since we use them so often.  Will be nice to be using a sanitizer that not only kills the germs, but also helps to improve my families' health at the same time.  As I understand it, eo's take about 20 seconds to reach the blood, and then after 20 minutes, the properties of the essential oil has reached every single organ of our body.  If that is true, then I am positively affected my body all day long!  (I literally have some cause to use an oil for myself, my children, and even my husband nearly twice a day.)  I apply and rub/massage in the oils to everyone around lately.  Besides diffusing it, we do use the allergy type synergy all the time.  That started out as our lavender bedtime spray, and eventually, because of the night time congestion, became a peppermint/lavender/water glass spray bottle

I also use peppermint in water as my mouthwash now.  I plan on switching both kids to that as their mouthwash as well.  So much better than the chemical laden ACT that they use currently.  The recipe for that simple one is 1/2 cup distilled water and 3 drops of peppermint oil.  That seems too easy.  I might even just make that into a mouth spray for them to spray and swallow if I can find out if that would prove safe enough for such a low ratio.  Essential oils really should not be ingested without proper counsel from a trained aromatherapist or doctor.  We do have some locally, however, insurance is generally not accepted, and the fees are steep.  me feel better.

Tonight, three of the four of us was not feeling well.  Almost feels flu-like.  We have been the healthiest group of people you have ever met, however, I think I might has asked to be hit with lots of symptoms to test out the oils.  And guess what….  I am feeling better, not worse.  Been two days of wondering if I was sick, and Geoff came home early and Shay was puny.  All of us using On-Guard by doTERRA, and Shay got a roller ball of ginger for nausea.  She is doing fine now.  Asleep, and hopefully we all wake up feeling like new in the morning.

That was today's oil escapades.  Hope you are enjoying this journey with/through me!

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