Mar 8, 2014

Adventures is all oiled up and ready to sleep.

It is just after 11: P.M. and I have attempted to go to sleep no less than FOUR times already tonight.   By 8: P.M. I was nodding off while waiting on Charlie to get ready to read tonight, and since Geoff was further gone than I was, I agreed to turn the light off and go pray with them and send them to read until 8:30 P.M.  I was nodding off after I prayed with them, and at 8:30, rolled out of bed to turn off Chaz's light and to tell him "good night."  Shay fell asleep after prayers.  
He was still wide awake, as usual.  So I grabbed the doTERRA lavender essential oil, applied some to his big toes, up his spine to his neck, and then sprayed the lavender water I made onto the pillow and turned the lights out.  In general, we put him to bed anywhere from 8-11: P.M., depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend, or if we have plans.  It is a Saturday, which means he is on weekend schedule with a late bedtime last night, and late sleeping in this morning, and in general, he lies awake in bed two hours after we turn the lights out.  Not hyper, but can't fall asleep.  His brain clicks away.  He comes to tell us every 20 minutes that he is still awake.  We have been doing this cycle for a while now.  EVERY.SINLGE.NIGHT.  He came in at 8:52 P.M. to tell me that the lavender didn't work.  I mumbled something to the effect of- "Go back to bed!"  

I nodded off again, and then, my phone rang.  I jumped.  Neighbor without a car asked if I could drive her to the hospital.  Her daughter took herself to the emergency room.  Two days ago she was released after a three week stay for pancreatitis.  After visiting her mom today, my neighbor, she ended up going back to the hospital.  My neighbor felt horrible for calling at 9:10 P.M., and I felt badly for her, as a mom.  I jumped to get dressed, and thought to check on Chaz before I got ready to take her to the hospital.  He was asleep.  I almost wanted to wake him to tell him that it did work, but that would have taken too much time.  I grabbed my essential oil book and ran downstairs and looked up pancreatitis.  Sure enough, two EO's and how they should be used were listed in it.  I looked up the oils on Amazon, and for the doTerra brand, one of the better known brands, the oils were about $30 with shipping and handling.  (no tax for orders)  I talked her ear off (mostly to try to calm her mommy fears down as we drove) and offered that while the doctors continue doing what they do to try to find the cause to this illness, it doesn't hurt to try the EO's.  

I get home, get into bed, and can't sleep.  I go back to my nonstop EO research, and then, feel sleepy.  I decide to spray my pillow with lavender oil, and turn the light off.  Before I even nod off, Geoff starts his restless leg syndrome and snoring.  I video him, and then he wakes up from the light and tells me that he wasn't even sleeping.  Uh, okay. Sure.  Here's the video dude.  He watched it, and I look up essential oil use for restless leg. And wouldn'tcha know?  Lavender on the feet and behind each knee.  Done. 

Shay is using the oregano on her wart a few times a day, peppermint in the diffuser for congestion and headaches from sinus pressure, and the rest of us are rolling around with some other basics.  At this point, if you tell me that you have something wrong, I will immediately, if not sooner, find a cure in essential oils, and suggest that you have nothing to lose by trying.  Even this morning I had what I assumed was gas, but not sure, and was rolled in a ball with stomach pain.  Then, I remembered the Digestzen that came in my doTERRA Physician kit, and rubbed a small dab onto my stomach and then forgot about it as I returned to reading, and poof, it was gone as quickly as it came.  

And yes, we do smell like 88 year old hippies.   But nothing can bother us now. ;o)  

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