Mar 9, 2014

Adventures has allergies- and now, RELIEF!

It is so amazing here in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains this weekend.  We have been to a park, church, and out on two bike rides.  And with this change of season comes allergies.  For about two weeks, my seven year old daughter and myself have both have an increase in congestion, headaches and even a sore throat come night time.  My sore throat has been after sleeping and snoring the night away with the increase of congestion.  After realizing that there is an essential oil for practically every know condition, I looked up some seasonal allergy recipes and found that I had all the eo's (eo= essential oils) suggested to resolve the allergy symptoms.  

Enter three of the most commonly used eo's that can be used for at least 101 different uses from cleaning to healing.  
These three came in my large kit I ordered directly from doTERRA, however, doTERRA sells a kit that only has these three oils since these are such useful oils to use and work well together to address so many issues.  

These oils, as all essential oils of value, come directly from the source.  Meaning- if you are allergic to a lemon, or to peppermint, etc., you will be just as allergic to these oils.  

I just let Shay go lay down in her room after the bike ride since she was feeling tired with a slight headache.  I put some of doTERRA's "Breathe" eo into the diffuser which she seems to have hijacked, and then applied a dab of each of the three oils above to the back of her neck, as well as mine, and tapped the area right below the bump of the neck.  Turns out, there are some benefits to tapping.  While I don't understand the scientific side of it, I did it, assuming that the worst that can happen is that nothing will happen.  (At this point, I'd be willing to don a clown wig while hopping on one foot if I can resolve these allergy symptoms.)  I don't know about the historical evidence of the wig doing any good,  but I have read enough to know that the essential oils stand on their own.  

While the oils can be diffused, taken orally in a capsule with some carrier oil, or applied topically, the topical application seems most convenient for me.  The terms "diffused" and "aromatically" are similar but not the same.  Generally, you can receive benefits from just smelling the scent on a cotton ball, piece of cloth, tissue, placing a drop of oil at a vent, etc.  Diffusing is actually using a cool mist diffuser that spreads the oils through out the room by sending a cool mist of water with the oil in it.  I generally drop a few drops of oil in the diffuser each time I refill it.  A little goes a long way.  Think "less is more."  

Understanding that we will have to apply the allergy relief concoction twice a day, I am okay with it since we are not putting a synthetic, store bought, medicine that has more possible side effects listed than the actual symptoms it is supposed to resolve.  

Little tidbit of info. to keep in mind when dealing with any of the citrus fruit oils… they have a higher incidence of causing photo sensitivity.  Meaning, you might need to cover your skin or wear sunblock if planning on being outdoors.  Don't worry, there's an essential oil recipe for sunblock.  Of course there is ;o)  

I am sharing this with you in hopes that you will do some research on your own and decide if essential oils might make a good alternative for you and your family.  (And maybe that you will share your own experiences with me, as well.)  

I have been applying the oils to my finger or a cotton swab to this point, except for the oregano oil in a carrier oil, which is in a roller ball dispenser that my daughter uses on her thumb wart.  We ordered a nice bundle of different dispensers to mix up our numerous concoctions in, and I have a few in mind already.  I want a lavender one for bedtime, restless leg, and calming.  We also have a glass spray bottle with lavender and water in it right now.  Then, I will have a tea tree oil and lavender one for my acne.  Then, of course, a peppermint one for congestion and headaches.  The blends, or the "synergy blends," of more than one essential oil are really where some more experience comes from.  That is my next area to begin playing with.  I am researching nonstop at this point, and feel like my studying in this area could go on for years.  
a.k.a. Tea Tree Oil

PS  I had a cystic acne spot come up a week ago, and the first few days I applied a dab of tea tree oil, once a day.  Not seeing fast enough results, I started applying morning and night.  And today, there is NO soreness.  WHOA!  The skin is dried out, and will take a few days to calm down, but I have NEVER resolved an under the skin acned break out that quickly.  
This is the brand that I started with, after much research on quality oils.  I have had success with the melaleuca, a.k.a "tea tree" oil, and the peppermint ones.  I have yet to see the oregano in action, as I didn't make the oregano with fractionated coconut oil in the roller ball for the wart on my daughter's thumb until I got the doTERRA in, and wanted to use that one.  I have read it that with multiple applications a day, it may take a few weeks, if not more, to see results.  We will report back.  It's only been a few days so far.  

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