Mar 15, 2014

Adventures with more oils, and toiletry make-over

Not shown above is the doTERRA roll-on headache synergy called "Pasttense."  Geoff has had immediate success with it and I have had success with it, but not to completely eradicate a headache but relax it.  

Germ Fighter- Compare to Thieves
Calming the Child-  Liquid Ambien for my eight year old (he has autism)
 Headache Relief- Haven't used it yet… Will report back.  Slightly differently variation then the one by doTERRA.  

I have redone my bathroom toiletries as well.  I'm really low maintenance when it come to toiletries, but  won't do without some sort of a facial treatment for my PCOS induced acne and a good mouthwash.  After a couple of years of using apple cider vinegar on my face, I have found that it really isn't as effective as it once was.  Here's my new routine- wash face with regular liquid hand soap that has been diluted with water, then spray on this new essential oil synergy I made.  Found the "recipe on  Have seen various forms of this, and this one seemed the easiest and least expensive to try.  So far, I like it.  I am also using Frankincense (neat) on old facial scars as well as melaleuca (neat) on any new breakouts.  

Mouthwash- another Pinterest recipe find.  Peppermint costs $7.50 for 10 ml. (That is the actual cost including the fact that they don't charge for shipping or add tax through the Plant Therapy website.) I used filtered water, two drops of peppermint and 1/2 Tbs. of baking soda.  Trying to do the math on that, seeing as a 10 ml. bottle of oil generally gives you about 170 drops.  That means about 4 cents per drop of oil.  And how much do you think the baking soda cost?  The 12 oz of a natural and healthy mouthwash cost about 12 cents.  We can do this.  Besides the chemicals and the bottle, what do you have to lose?  Speaking of which…. I needed a glass bottle.  I purchased a four pack of Yoo-hoo for $2.99 and the kids got a special treat last night with dinner. (I was going to buy a soda bottle and dump it, but couldn't find one that was less money and as large as the Yoo-hoo.  I'm not as "crunchy" a mom as I would like to be one day.  It's a process.  Don't judge.)  
Essential oils will break down plastic (PET) containers over time.  Keep that in mind when considering storage.  We only store in glass.  (The facial toner is in a plastic bottle for the picture, but transferring to an amber, glass, spray bottle today since they came in the mail.)  

Report from the Mom- She broke her toe and is using "Deep Blue" from doTERRA.  Finding immediate and long lasting relief.  The swelling is also resolving with it.  I thought it was only for muscles, but seems to be helping with the bones too.  Nice incidental finding there.  Mom has suffered and dealt with night time choking for at least a year or two.  Juggling allergy medicines and concoctions were not only expensive, but frustrating due to side effects the following day.  Her snoring and choking was really causing problems for not only her, but my father as well.  I gave her "Breathe" by doTERRA and she has had (3 or 4?) nights without snoring, choking, or waking up because of it.  AMEN!  (Truly, it was a nightly thing.)  She places one drop of Breathe on a piece of gauze and then places it on her pillow.  (Mom, comment if I am wrong on the placement of that.)  I have read many suggestions about different ways to use the product.  We would probably roll it on the foot, big toe, or on sinuses, if not diffusing it on the nightstand.  She does not have a roller-ball applicator or a diffuser.   And somehow, she is doing great.  Her lungs have been clear throughout the past few years.  This is truly sinus related, and some sort of allergy that they have yet to figure out.  She is using the Breathe undiluted.

I spoke illness unto our family, literally.  After I started getting my oils, I suggested that we should start getting some common ailments so that we could test out the oils.  Bam.  The healthiest family around came down with illness.  Mostly, Shay and I were dealing with congestion and sore throats from allergies.  We began a synergy I made and roll on our throats and neck two to three times a day.  She is 100% better.  (All four of us are using a Thieves comparable synergy by doTERRA called "On Guard" morning and night. and we are diffusing it in two of the three rooms upstairs most of the time.)  The day that Geoff came home with a fever and body aches, I started him on the oils (mostly applying to the feet and then putting socks on), and he was better a full day later.  I felt achy one of the nights, but nothing that knocked me out.  I found that while I might have had a touch of something, it never developed and I feel so much better now.  Still have allergy drainage, but nothing like normal allergies where I would be blowing my nose, etc.  I have slight congestion in my throat, and blew my nose once yesterday.  (No coughing, watery eyes, etc.  Drainage is clear and watery.)  Charlie woke up congested yesterday and today, but I threw on some "On Guard," the Thieves-like synergy, and have begun applying the allergy blend to him, and off we go to a playground this afternoon.  I also diffused his room as he slept the past two night. 

At this point, we have had enough time and experience with both brands, I have mostly positives to say about both brands.  Other than price, and my daughter not liking the peppermint by doTERRA, I would say that both companies put out quality products.  I LOVE that Plant Essentials puts labels on the tops of their bottles.  When I dig through the box in the refrigerator, I can just look at the tops of the bottles and not have to pull them all out.  However, doTERRA sent me a label sheet for their oils so that when I diluted and placed into applicators or bottles, I could label those.  I could use them to label their bottles, but I find it more useful to save for the applicators.  I have made many of the same applicators because I like it for the purse, the house, and now, Geoff even has his own first aide baggie he takes to work.  He wanted a hand sanitizer, headache and stomach issue synergy for on the go.  He loved the DigestZen from doTERRA he used when he was home with what we assume with the flu.  He found immediate relief from diarrhea.  (TMI? Sorry.)  

Geoff was the hardest hit with the illness this past week for a mere day and half.  Body aches, stomach issues, fever, etc.  Crazy.  The rest of us take 4,000 iu's of vitamin D each day during the fall and winter season, in hopes that we will boost our bodies' immunity for flu protection.  There are studies done on this- look it up for yourself.  No one in our family has received a flu shot in years.  And no one has had the flu since before we started the vitamin D therapy.  Charlie got the flu three winter's ago.  We started the therapy the week after that.  

These are new arrivals for us.  The Ylang Ylang is in quite a few synergies I have found for some issues I have.  The Roman Chamomile was in endless "recipes" I found, so I ordered to have on hand.  I think my summer season will find a lot of use of this product.  I am awaiting helichrysum, bergamot, lemon and marjoram, and frankincense to arrive this coming week from Plant Therapy.  While there are a few "can't live without" essential oils that everyone should keep on hand, these are the oils that I found were going to be the most beneficial to our family.  Yes, it is a lot of oils.  There is a sale at Plant Therapy through St. Patrick's Day, and that helped a ton with this past order.  I am done shopping, and can now tackle all of our health issues.  I have neglected doctor visits for certain issues and will see if I can control, if not eradicate them, with oils, before I consider going back to the pharmaceuticals, co pays, specialists, medication trials/errors, waiting rooms, insurance not covering certain tests, etc.   

If you find a good, affordable, quality applicator company, please share that with me.  

Get ready!  Upcoming blogs will share what each oil can be used for, and how you can slowly replace your chemical laden medicines and replace them with essential oils.  

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