Oct 14, 2014

Adventures goes to the dogs.

Did you know that Woodstock, GA has a dog park?  It does!  Not only is it conveniently located, but it is well maintained, and has a really loyal group of dogs and interesting pet-parents who seem to be there whenever we show up.  (We showed up three of the last four days, so technically speaking, that makes us part of that "interesting" group I referred to.)  What makes "Woof-Stock dog park a great outing?

First, it's free!  Show up, bring a dog, a toy or two if you want, and find one of the two VERY large fenced areas that are large or small with dog designated.  There are obstacle courses,  a big block to sit on as you discipline your dogs as if you were watching children on a playground, and there are even doggie water fountains!  There was this one "interesting" dog mom that brought a special water container to share water with any dog that passed her as she held out a liter water bottle with a hole drilled out of the top and she squirted water into whatever muzzle wanted some.  When her Great Dane got a little rough with some of the other dogs, she even used it to squirt him.  She did warn him that she "had the water" and "wasn't afraid to use it."  I won't call DFACS.  She was very on top of her child, I mean, dog, and made sure all the dogs were safe.

There was another lady that showed up with 4 dogs.  It was like watching a circus clown car when she pulled up.  She has been there EVERY time we have been there.  And when she shows up, everyone seems to get excited.  She is the one that steps into all the group brawls.  On occasion, 15-20 dogs together can get into little spats, and she gets into it and says, "Break it up, move on!"  And the dogs do as she asks.  It's like she's the female form of St. Francis.   She's the bouncer of the dog park.   Or something like that.

Then there was one child, I mean, dog, who literally grabbed a ball, and wouldn't share.  In fact, that little sucker would take the ball, circle all the humans, and shove it in our face and growl.  I thought, "He probably gets hugged too much at home."  His need to tell us that he had a ball and wasn't going to share it was overwhelmingly obvious.  Luckily, I don't care to play that game, otherwise, that lady with four dogs might have had to get between us at some point.

Then, there was the man with the Standard Poodle.  He was insistent on using a ball toss thingie to have his dog run for a ball, and yet, she just wanted to run with wild abandon, and had as much interest in that ball as I did for the mean dogs ball.  No offense, but she just pranced around all pretty and wanted to be a dog playing with other dogs- not with her pet-parent.

The man that came in with his Afghan that looked JUST.LIKE.HIS.DOG.  That one could have won a contest for the "dog"ledanger effect they rocked.

Then, there was a young, twenty-something with her dog, and the inevitable single guy macking on her.  (No wonder a family member is begging to borrow our furry child for an outing.  I got your number.)

Then, we show up.  And yes, it is hilarious to watch my dog not listen to me as I call his name and he refuses to leave.  Or how everyone asks my dog to quiet down since he runs around policing every single dog rough play and tries to break it up since he thinks it's too rough.  (Clearly, he spends entirely too much time with me.)  

So, whether you want to people watch, dog watch, or both, Woofstock is a really great place to spend an hour or more while your dog gets some much needed socialization, so close to home.

150 Dupree Road
Woodstock, GA

There are public restrooms, water fountains for both dogs and humans, free doggie bags to pick up your dogs waste, a small seating area, a limited obstacle course, and walking trails nearby.  (We have yet to try those.)  There are signs with rules posted, and children under six are not allowed into the large dog area, not sure about the small dog area.  Over six allowed with an adult.  We did not allow our children to run with the packs of dogs for their own safety.

If you go, expect we will be there, and expect me to make fun of you in my head.  It's all part of the experience.  (Just try not to call your dogs name non stop and try to show them off.  Let your dog be a dog, and enjoy being with other dogs.)