May 30, 2013

The blog in which we had a fun Memorial Day. (craft included)

Our family LOVES (this is an understatement) to have a good time.  While we did recognize that memorializing those that have sacrificed their lives for us is not a cause to have a party, we decided to celebrate the freedoms we are given through those sacrifices.  Memorial Day gave us a three day weekend with the hubs off work, and friends who could join us in our freedom celebrating.  In case you don't know how to do that, I will tell you some of the ways we celebrated.

We spent some time making luminaries out of used fruit cans the day before.  Luckily, I made some ambrosia salad, and had a few on hand the day before.  So, we cleaned them out, filled them with water, and then froze them over night.  I took a Sharpie and sketched out some simple designs that would be theme appropriate.  And then, Shay decided a "peace, love and happiness" can would suit her ideas of what this day meant.  After I hammered through the can and ice, I spray painted the whole can, let it dry, and then, we took some acrylics and painted the designs.  They were super easy, cheap and fun to make.  
I am definatly making some for other holidays.  Luckily, these will work for the Fourth of July party as well.  

My apologies for them being way out of order, but I am too lazy to fix it. Enjoy the chaos- because really, that's all that it really was, with lots of laughter ;o)  Had a really magical time.  Thanks Resindez family!
Hammered, unpainted.  Took about five minutes to hammer out.

My favorite one!

Even just with some metalic spray paint, looks cute, right?

Finished product

Water balloons and squirters!  That was a wet mess for all of us.  

S'mores time!  Mr. David had to help one particular boy migit who kept dropping his in the fire.  ;o/

Bubble Guns are $5 at Walmart and the ones with the lights are super economical on the bubbles.  The other brand, sans lights, runs through bubbles fairly quickly.  


The moms and the migits enjoying the pyrotechnic show in the middle of the street.  ($10 fireworks package at Kroger.  You get what you pay for, but luckily, these were not loud fireworks.  So cool!  I was so happy for the local dogs and babies in the 'hood.) 

I think he wanted to be a rock star without dad's help ;o)  It was late, and all the kids were amazing, all evening!  

After freezing, but before the nailing.  

If you just dip the brush into the paint container, there is no wasted paint.   
Finished product.  SO ADORBS!

Simple, fast, yet COLD job if you don't have a towel handy.  



The blog in which I get an "inappropriate" question.

 He was eating breakfast.  If you have ever spoken to Chazman, you know that his severe apraxia can be frustrating for him as well as you, on the receiving end of the convo.  Luckily, Shay was next to him to interpret.  Even she had to work at this one.  If the topic were a little less random, we might not have struggled as much.

Chaz- I know this is 'propriate.

Me- HUH?

Chaz- (repeats himself, and then, pauses, to see that I understood what he is saying.)

Me- (Looks at him as if he is speaking another language, grew horns, or otherwise, confused me more the second time around since I was hoping to not have to play this game before my coffee was ready.)

Shay jumped in, and within a minute, she was able to not only figure out that sentence, but that he wanted to ask a question that he knew would be inappropriate.  Shay told him to not ask it.  I told him that he could ask me anything, since I want to set a standard for my migits that they will always feel comfortable talking to me.  (Remember the hermaphrodite question from my genius daughter last summer?)  I was totally ready, so I told him that he could ask me anything, at any time, and if it was not appropriate, I would try to explain why I could not answer the question.  So, he asked.

Chaz- How do squids pee-pee?

Me- Uhhhh, well... I really don't know.  We will have to look that up.  And Chaz-  that's not inappropriate.  That is a really great question!

Turns out, squids don't have penises.  Good to know.  Only mammals have those.  Then, even better- they don't urinate!  They save that waste product in their body since urine is made of ammonia, and ammonia helps them live due to the pressure difference in the deep waters of the ocean!  It turned into an awesome science/environmental discussion, and we all learned more than we knew before that "inappropriate" question was asked.  Just a normal meal time around our part of the 'hood.

Have your children ever asked a question that made you squirm?  

May 27, 2013

The blog in which I overhear something that I do not approve of.


Girl migit- ..and on the third time, you die.

Me-UH?  (in a disapproving tone) NO!

Girl migit- (attempt #2) on the third time, you get killed.

Me- No again.

Girl migit- (attempt #3)on the third time, you stop breathing?  Like, forever.  And then, I win?

Me- Sweetheart, you know I don't like when you use the word "like" like that.  Carry on.

My children are notoriously non-violent play type of children.  I am not sure where this came from, but I am grateful that this was an isolated incident, and an opportunity to instill the proper use of the word "like."  Whatever.  Kids- 0, Mom-3,693.3

May 25, 2013

The blog in which it's been a year!

Happy almost anniversary to me!  I began blogging a year ago this month.  I was working alongside another lady for another blog, and ended up leaving and starting my own blog.  I have really enjoyed the last year in blog form, and thought to post one of my first blogs since it happens to tell a funny little Memorial Day story about how Charlie thanked a 90+ year old man for his service in the military.  Priceless.  Thank you for sharing my blog(s), and coming back to see what silliness we are up to.  Enjoy!

May 28, 2012

Thanks for Following Me PEEPS!

After getting my feet wet, I am ready to spread my wings, and tire my fingers to my hearts' delight!  I am so excited that you guys meandered this direction.  I promise to blog as I did before, and share upcoming family friendly events in and around Cherokee County, GA that are free or low cost- or just a really good deal ;o)  When I say that I am just a mom that loves to spend time with my family, I really mean it.  We enjoy each other as if we choose to be together, not because we have to because we are family.  I pray that each of you finds that some days are harder than others, but that you learn to find bonding through the good and the bad ones.  

We know both sides of that coin all too well.  We are a family of four that has been on every part of the spectrum.  Literally.   We started out in our marriage very wealthy.  We had season tickets at the Fox Theater for every event.  We bought whatever we wanted or needed.   What we couldn't buy, was a pregnancy that didn't end in miscarriage.   I miscarried many times until I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.  At that time, my miscarriages were an easy fix, and I was treated medically to have our first child, our son.  It's all I ever wanted, to have a family of my own.  It was awesome, and then, our awesomeness doubled!  Our daughter was born fourteen months later, and at that point, I felt complete. 

I worked 12 hour shifts at the time, and breastfed, made all my own baby food, and even cloth diapered for some of that time.  I worked hard at the baby stages, but knew that one day it would be a memory, and I would be able to enjoy my family and not have to "work" as much at the "job" that is motherhood. I was half way correct.  I had envisioned that since my *migits came out with ten fingers and ten toes, that they would be "normal" kids.  They might be normal.  If the normal means autism for my son.  He was diagnosed when he was two years, 3 months old.  It has been work, and sometimes, it makes me frustrated, impatient, or other times, it makes me laugh, or smile to see how compassion reaches through that diagnosis.  

I had to leave my job in order to assist in my sons' recovery process, and I took on the wife and mother title like I had just received a promotion and I have tried to keep the title of best mom and wife ever since.  Each day I take pride in the fact that on any given day, you can come by unannounced and I will be proud to welcome you in to a clean and happy home.  Music is always on.  Children are always dancing, singing, laughing, or playing a make believe game throughout our humble home.  We cancelled our television services about two years ago, and haven't missed it one day since.  My husband makes very little money, but somehow, with creativity and His gifts, we have managed to stay happy, healthy, and debt free.  We engage our family in faith, love, fun, and education through everyday experiences.  

I work hard at finding some experiences that are close to home and budget friendly.  It is out of this that the blog comes to fruition.  I love to share our experiences, and hope that each of you might find an idea or two to share with your family.  

As this past weekend was in memorial to those who have sacrificed for our country and its' freedom, we explained it to our children the best we knew how to a five and six year old.  When we saw our ninety year old veteran neighbor walking down the street, I told the kids to thank him for what he did for us.  I suggested to thank him for fighting in the war, for giving his time to protect us, etc.  My daughter says, "Mom, he is across the street.  Should we yell it?"  I said, "Yes."  So, my six year old runs to the end of the driveway and yells, "Thank you for the war!"  I love how just about anything can be made into a humorously embarrassing situation when it comes to autism.  I laughed until I peed after I got up from behind the car when I did a duck and cover after that spewed from his innocent little lips.  I then approached them, and explained that he is not a six year old hippy with sarcasm.  He laughed, and luckily, seemed appreciative for us even explaining the day to our young children.  May we all learn to let the small stuff slide, as this wise old veteran showed us.  EA

May 22, 2013

The blog in which it's the last day of school!

Ms. Jenn- ready to wet some migits!  

And here's how our last day of kindergarten and first grade went today...
First, you prep the ammo.  On this day, that would include a cooler with about 100 water balloons, water, and two long distance water squirters.  Then, you wait.

While you wait, you gather partners in crime.  For me, that was Jenn.  And then, without her knowledge, we recruited Stacy.  Her daughter gets off at our bus stop as well.  As soon as she pulled up, we motioned for her to sneak some water balloons, as well.  As the migits exited the bus for the final time, we were to ambush them.
Jenn.  She's so gangsta'.

And here it comes....
This is after we ambushed them, and somehow, they ended up spraying the snot out of Ms. Jenn, and everyone was thoroughly dripping within ten minutes.  They loved the surprise.

After all that, they changed into bathing suits, each had a red, white and blue popsicle's, and we bathed our dog.  Then, we played in the hose for almost three hours!  (My water bill will be significantly higher, but I'm sure that the memories we made will last longer than the sting of the bill will.)  They blew bubbles, played with hula hoops, and then, got their end-of-the-school year presents from us and played some more.  (End of school presents this year were a new pair of Speedo goggles and a bug catcher. Total spent per child-$10.)

We finished the party by watching the teacher made videos of pictures set to music from the year in school.  Between the two of them, it was probably close to an hour!  We had a great time seeing all our new friends we made this year.  
Almost ten, and with no bed time, this is what happens.  I blog, she reads and then falls asleep, and Chaz and I are the last ones standing ;o)  He just drew a picture of me.  I look like a hippy.  I'll take it.  And then, I'll go put my new first grader to bed ;o)  Happy summer y'all!  

PS  Are we ready for summer fun?  Helz yeah!  I am working the glow in the dark theme this summer.  Glow sticks galore!  Thinking of painting rocks for the outside with glow in the dark paint.  Thinking glow scavenger hunts.... Thinking this is going to be a great summer!  Ready for watermelon, fireflies, and late nights at the pool.  

May 20, 2013

The blog in which it's a Tooth Fairy door! (Craft for parents who miss naps and crafts.)

The back.  
Side view

Tiny Note

About to hang it.  
It's kinda' like farts and laughs with me today.  I went for an outing with my dog this morning.  We will call it an outing since I am outing him.  He is freakin' lazier than me, and a slow jog turned into a slow walk by the end of mile one, and the next mile or so was just a drag.  Literally, me, dragging him!  I felt a little like Snow White though.  First, there was a salamander that stood completely still and even let me pet it while standing in front of Publix.  It was crazy.  Then, when we walked back to the neighborhood, as I was passing the pool, I see one duck swimming and one duck over seeing the swimming one.  Then, they took turns and they swapped places.  It was hilarious.  As we entered into the second mile, I see a bunny rabbit in a yard while an owl hooted in the background.  It was an enchanted outing, if you think petting potentially dead lizards and bunnies about to be eaten by owls is great.  Although, I will have to think twice about swimming in my pool this summer.

Well, here's what I had my panties in a wad over last night.  I saw this on Pinterest, and decided to put my own spin on it.  Our Tooth Fairy, "Tiny Tooth Fairy," has come a couple of times so far.  With a six and seven year old, I knew that this came at just the right time.  She even leaves tiny notes, so my little ones will really enjoy the newest edition to this project.  So, story goes, our tooth fairy decided she needed an easier way to get in and out of our home.  She installed a magical door, left a note, and instructed the family to not touch her door, so that it would not break.  She even needs the key she hung and Super Glued with floss to the door. I happen to know that with the 40% off coupon that the tooth fairy found online, that the whole thing, even with the extra door knob and key, cost only $8.88, with tax!  And, there is an extra door knob and key set if any nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors or stray dogs might want to make their very own "Fairy" door.
Hanging up with an extra 3M removable velcro set I had from the hairdryer project.  

Our family will leave lost teeth right at the door, and then, will receive the little token gift, there, as well.  The stress of the tooth fairy having to dig under the pillow is a tad more than she wants in her life right now.  You don't know where she's been lately.  True story.  

PS  A big thank you to my friend, Starr, for talking me through my excitement over this find a mere 24 hours ago!  I think it spawned an hour long chat session after I found this.  Her hubby is a New York policeman!  GO BLUE!  Thank you for your sacrifices to serve us!

The blog in which I have a serious talk with my kids- in a pool.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in North Georgia.  It was really too hot to play outside, and I was ready for some tough love with myself.  I had to get over it.  It was time.  Bathing suit season.  Well, the new suit I bought last month does not fit me now due to some poor choices in late night beverage consumption, and maybe a magic cake or two.  Then, the two old suits were too big.  So, found one that was less big, and forced my plump tail to go to the indoor pool with the migits this afternoon.

I got into the pool, swam some laps, and realizing that it was just a year ago that I was doing 100 laps in an hour, and within ten minutes, I was tired, bored and now, depressed.  So, I hopped over to the migits lane to play around. After pulling my goggles off my face and onto the top of my head, I had to remind Charlie that I had my contacts in, and that he had to be careful.  I explained that if I lost a contact in the water, that he would have to drive us home because he was the next oldest.  He thought for a short moment, and then said, "No.  I drive, we make accident, and we die, and Bro no get fed."  Brody is our dog, and Chaz feeds him at night, and Shay does so in the morning.  I am so glad that Chaz thought all that through.

So, I asked the next question on my tongue.  "Are you afraid to die?"  I asked this, as we have been in the process of losing my cousin to terminal cancer.  He will be 28 in August, and honestly, he has been to hell and back with this disease.   The children are very well aware of the prognosis, and as hard as they pray, they know that we all have a time.  I wanted to see how they felt about death, and Shay was not happy about it, and Charlie was more interested in his snot than having a deep and meaningful conversation.

I'm afraid to die.  But some part of me, is afraid to leave my family in need.  The other part of me, would be ready, if I knew that everyone around me was going to be okay without me around.  Special needs child or not, once you have children, you probably always feel that need to be there.  I must think pretty highly of myself to think that I am so needed.  Well, just tonight, I learned that my husband can not 1. open a can of croissant rolls or 2. know how to unfold and then roll them to bake them.  I suppose teaching him how to make grilled cheese a year ago was as far as I could take his kitchen skills.  I might need to hang out a little while longer.  The marriage counselor is not teaching home economics.

When I do go, I pray that it's not by a tornado, or I'll be pissed.  I have been begging for a hole in the ground for years.  Just sayin'.

May 18, 2013

The blog in which I torture myself for the sake of my heart health.

Gordon writes, "Running is a special kind of torture."  
No.  He is wrong.  It takes a special sort of stupid to insist on running, even when the pain is so intense from the first two days of attempting it, that the only motivation is two Tylenol, four Advil, and a shot of Pinnacle Whipped.  I had heard that one should not drink alcohol while on narcotics, because it may intensify the effects.  In my head, I tried to justify that if it can intensify a lovely narcotic feeling, perhaps it would intensify the anti-inflammatory properties as well.  If not, at least I would not feel the pain as bad from either liver damage of that combo, or from a little buzz.  I was wrong.  I took that concoction a half an hour before I went out on my walk/jog, and found that all that didn't even help because I yelped when I went to do a squat.  As in, just to sit down on the "throne," that squatting movement caused the yelp.  
Behind me... as always.  Come on, BRO'!  He also insists on my dragging him while he is prancing on grass.  At some point, I actually turned to him and called him, "Nancy."  I doubt he got that.  

So, I suit up my walking/jogging partner, Brody, my dog, and off we went.  That damn dog is soooo freakin' out of shape!  Every few steps, I would have to pull him to catch up with me.  Fortunately for him, he is sweet and I love him, so I keep taking him with me.  If he can't pick up the pace, I will surpass him athletically, and will have to drop him like a bad habit from my outings.  (I swear my time was handicapped by him, and the fact that I can't squat or move without feeling parts of my lower extremities due to abuse from attempting to do things WAY outside of my physical abilities.)  I wonder if I am thriving on the pain or the desire to do these activities without pain, one day.  Hmmm.  

May 17, 2013

The blog in which a mom used the "F" word in front of my daughter.

As a mom, I am conscientious about what I say, and how I say it, when my migits are around.  I am not perfect, and some things I stress over, might be totally acceptable to other moms.  I understand that emphasis on bodily functions as a source of humor for some families is the norm, however, we don't laugh at it, unless it is my tiny girl migit who occasionally has a more manly belch than her father.  I also don't curse anywhere near them, therefore, they honestly don't know that certain words are "bad words."

Today, I put make up on.  I was feeling insecure, and honestly, if I am putting that on, I am aware why.  It is insecurity.  Shay loves when I do girlie things, and when she wondered in during the application process, she was giddy with who knows what, over me putting it on.  I told her that I was only putting it on because I was feeling uncomfortable about my acne and facial hair, and was trying to cover it up.  She was amazing.  She said, "Nobody sees that.  You just be sweet, and that is what people will see.  It doesn't matter.  I love you."  She taught me about pure love.

I went to get them in the car, and the neighbor girl I put on the bus each morning was being dropped off.  I happened to walk over to her mom's car to say "hello."  I hadn't seen the mom in months.  HOLY SMOKES!  She looked great!  I asked her what she had been doing, and she responded with, "Just diet and exercise."  I was impressed, and she said, "I was just tired of being F@T!"

Cringe.  I can not stand that word.  It really grates against me.  I have made it my mission to teach my children, and all those within earshot...  DO NOT OBSESS OVER WEIGHT.  OBSESS OVER HEALTH!  My sadness comes because most of the moms I know are dieters.  They are working out for the wrong reasons.  I have a friend who recently began working out, and honestly, she is not as successful as she desires, because her goals and motivation are not healthy.  They are not based on health.  They are completely vanity related.  Cortisol will screw with us if we are stressed.  Sadly, all she is doing is stressing, even on the bulk she is creating by doing weights.

Can I fit into that name brand that doesn't make a size over ten?  Nope.  One day I might.  And that day, I will remember what it felt like to be the uncool kid wearing something that is a size eleven or higher.   Then, I might decide to take my money and buy my daughter and me an ice cream cone, after we walk to the store to get it.  (Lord knows, after that attempt at jogging, I can do little more than walk today, or any day ending in "y" for the next week.  Whew... the only way to prevent this sort of pain and pill popping is going to be abstinence.  Pause for the cause my friends.)

May 15, 2013

The blog in which I am so proud of what he CAN do.

This was an interesting week in the mom-spere of my life.  Chaz will forever be a little head-scratcher of a kid to me, but this week, I think I have worn a bare spot from all the scratching.  If you don't have kids, there are a few things that I wish I had a heads up on ahead of time on.  First, whatever you expect to happen, NEVER does.  Second, the most insane time of year is the last three weeks of school.  Christmas seems like a cake walk after doing this past few weeks.  The amount of things to send into school is endless.  And if you happen to have more than one child in school, you seem to multiply that craziness by four for every additional child.  Plus, if you happen to clean houses during that time, you will find that there is a lucrative season for last minute call-ins, and THIS.IS.IT.  I have been abundantly blessed and grateful this past few months, for all the families that allow me into their homes, and give me an opportunity to provide for mine.

This week, was awards day for Chaz.  He came home with a first grade participation award, top three Accelerated Reader in the class, as well as an "All O's and S's" award.  I didn't know what that meant until a day later, when I asked for clarification.  His big award from his teacher was the "Best Manners" award.  I couldn't have been more proud.  Last year, he got an award for how sweet and kind he was.  This year, his manners.  While he isn't the best at spelling, math or science, best handwriting, best question-asker, or even the best at art, what he does have is the best manners.  And honestly, I will take that, and know that if nothing else, he will be respectful to those around him, and that just might help him get far in life.  If not, we might need to teach him to spell, since this seems sort of out of place on the end of first grade wall of fame his teacher had prepared for us parents to view as we waited in the hall before awards day began.

After posting (on Facebook) how sad I was to see this, many friends messaged, and even called, to try to lift my spirits regarding Charlie's academic challenges.  Tonight, at gymnastics, I was not only proud that he got his back handspring with out a spotter, but I was thrilled to see him believe in himself enough, that he would do it on his own.  I have been working that back handspring since December.  I knew he could do it, but he needed his coach to tell him he could do it, and then, he soared!  Literally.  That kid loves to fly in the air.  What a gift he has!  
Top three Accelerated Readers in his class!  GO Charlie, GO!

Best Manners- If you don't have anything else to your credit, this isn't the worst thing that could be said of you ;o)  

Mrs. Nalls.  I love this lady.  She has a great sense of humor , but I can tell it's lost on a six or seven year old.  She tolerated me this past year, and that says a lot.  I think there is a special place in heaven for her.  If she gets Shay in her class next year, she will be fast-tracked to sainthood.  Two years with me is like seven in dog years.  I am an in-your- face mom of a child with special needs and another that I believe is so bright, she needs to be pushed.  I have opposite ends of the spectrum- literally.

Autism, apraxia, sensory integration dysfunction, OH MY!  And then, our ray of motivation, gymnastics.  It came along, with his very first cartwheel, out of nowhere, last August.  I found that while cart wheels, back walkovers and back handspring practice give just enough joint compression that he can work on spelling words while I spot.  His spinning is at a minimum nowadays, and his confidence is growing each day.  After making him a bar and beam, buying the trampoline last September for his birthday, and a really expensive mat, we don't have a gym, but what we do have is a budding gymnast that has learned to use natural abilities to assist his disabilities.  Watch and realize, this was the first day of solo back handsprings, and it's only because a local gym, and one really amazing young man,  believe in Charlie enough to push him to believe in himself.  Thank you Head of Heels and Coach Zach!

May 2, 2013

The blog in which I take on the hardest suggested writing prompt.

I asked for it, and here is one of the reader suggested writing prompts- freedom.  After seeing the prompts, I thought, "This prompt will be way too challenging for me."  And surprisingly, this one is singing to me this morning!  While the other prompt is absolutely perfect for this blog, this one actually will end up being a lesson for all of us, especially those with children.

About a year ago, a neighbor, who we actually treated like family, messed up- big time.  Without getting involved with details, end of story- alcohol and a gun.  While we were just bystanders to the self destruction, our internal sense of safety was compromised, and at the core, that was the dividing wedge.    One of our children was completely aware of the situation, and it has had serious, negative effects for that child.  Sadly, it was a disease, alcoholism, that created that situation.  The person is not the disease. The person, after much reflection- like, a year, came and asked for forgiveness.

I found forgiveness a few months ago, during the Lenten season, when I was thinking about all the mistakes I have made in my life.  Thinking about asking for forgiveness, and actually coming with a contrite heart, are incredibly different.  Having been in a confession, and working tremendously hard to come up with things to ask for forgiveness, I realize, that having to "work" for it, means that I am grabbing at straws, and probably not ready to confess that sin.  That wrong doing.  That thing that keeps me further from my Heavenly Father, and further from loving myself.  From being able to love others. I felt that it was important for me to decide in my heart that I would forgive this person from hurting our family.  This person has an illness, and while I am not perfect, I can not throw the first stone.  So, forgiveness came in the form of a prayer for healing for that person.

The person came to me this morning to apologize.  After a year of the cold shoulder from me, this person, humbled by reflection, comes, and asks for forgiveness.  I swear, I saw a broken person come to me, and then, I saw the freedom that comes from reconciliation.   Freedom from shame, sorrow, hurt, anger, addiction.  With true acceptance of wrong doing, and a pure heart asking for forgiveness, I had nothing left but to grant forgiveness.

I hope that G-d puts a gate keeper at my lips while I try to share this story with my children.  Mostly, I need to share something that can not be explained.  That is hard.  I need my children to see how to properly apologize.  They will need this skill, for life.  I don't know how to do that.  I witnessed it, today.  I need to practice it.  Granting forgiveness is the easy part.  To be able to give someone freedom to accept their faults, is the most amazing gift of grace.  

PS  The easier of the two prompts that readers suggested, was on planning for summer with children.  I sooooo got that.  I might do that each week of summer!

May 1, 2013

The blog in which a sheep is glowing.

Genetically modified glow in the dark sheep.  Is this really necessary?  I am not sure why this is being done, but I have my suspicions that the next genetically modified thing will not benefit anyone and might be dangerous.  Oh wait, already done!  From foods to medicines/vaccines, to fertilizers and now, even sheep, our world is becoming a genetically modified cluster f*ck of chaos.

What do we do about this?  Well, besides try to figure out what vegetables are genetically modified by doing a search on to pull up informational sheets to study, and diagrams and memorize, maybe we should use our power to stop the world from killing itself.  Our power?  Essentially, our money.  So, we need to buy local, private, and become more aware of how the end product ends up on our table, in our homes, or even, on the farm.

While I am FAR from figuring this stuff out, I think there are resources out there, and if we educate ourselves, we might make a difference in the health of our future.  Or, at least, not have a glow in the dark "kid."