May 1, 2013

The blog in which a sheep is glowing.

Genetically modified glow in the dark sheep.  Is this really necessary?  I am not sure why this is being done, but I have my suspicions that the next genetically modified thing will not benefit anyone and might be dangerous.  Oh wait, already done!  From foods to medicines/vaccines, to fertilizers and now, even sheep, our world is becoming a genetically modified cluster f*ck of chaos.

What do we do about this?  Well, besides try to figure out what vegetables are genetically modified by doing a search on to pull up informational sheets to study, and diagrams and memorize, maybe we should use our power to stop the world from killing itself.  Our power?  Essentially, our money.  So, we need to buy local, private, and become more aware of how the end product ends up on our table, in our homes, or even, on the farm.

While I am FAR from figuring this stuff out, I think there are resources out there, and if we educate ourselves, we might make a difference in the health of our future.  Or, at least, not have a glow in the dark "kid."

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