May 30, 2013

The blog in which I get an "inappropriate" question.

 He was eating breakfast.  If you have ever spoken to Chazman, you know that his severe apraxia can be frustrating for him as well as you, on the receiving end of the convo.  Luckily, Shay was next to him to interpret.  Even she had to work at this one.  If the topic were a little less random, we might not have struggled as much.

Chaz- I know this is 'propriate.

Me- HUH?

Chaz- (repeats himself, and then, pauses, to see that I understood what he is saying.)

Me- (Looks at him as if he is speaking another language, grew horns, or otherwise, confused me more the second time around since I was hoping to not have to play this game before my coffee was ready.)

Shay jumped in, and within a minute, she was able to not only figure out that sentence, but that he wanted to ask a question that he knew would be inappropriate.  Shay told him to not ask it.  I told him that he could ask me anything, since I want to set a standard for my migits that they will always feel comfortable talking to me.  (Remember the hermaphrodite question from my genius daughter last summer?)  I was totally ready, so I told him that he could ask me anything, at any time, and if it was not appropriate, I would try to explain why I could not answer the question.  So, he asked.

Chaz- How do squids pee-pee?

Me- Uhhhh, well... I really don't know.  We will have to look that up.  And Chaz-  that's not inappropriate.  That is a really great question!

Turns out, squids don't have penises.  Good to know.  Only mammals have those.  Then, even better- they don't urinate!  They save that waste product in their body since urine is made of ammonia, and ammonia helps them live due to the pressure difference in the deep waters of the ocean!  It turned into an awesome science/environmental discussion, and we all learned more than we knew before that "inappropriate" question was asked.  Just a normal meal time around our part of the 'hood.

Have your children ever asked a question that made you squirm?  

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