May 30, 2013

The blog in which we had a fun Memorial Day. (craft included)

Our family LOVES (this is an understatement) to have a good time.  While we did recognize that memorializing those that have sacrificed their lives for us is not a cause to have a party, we decided to celebrate the freedoms we are given through those sacrifices.  Memorial Day gave us a three day weekend with the hubs off work, and friends who could join us in our freedom celebrating.  In case you don't know how to do that, I will tell you some of the ways we celebrated.

We spent some time making luminaries out of used fruit cans the day before.  Luckily, I made some ambrosia salad, and had a few on hand the day before.  So, we cleaned them out, filled them with water, and then froze them over night.  I took a Sharpie and sketched out some simple designs that would be theme appropriate.  And then, Shay decided a "peace, love and happiness" can would suit her ideas of what this day meant.  After I hammered through the can and ice, I spray painted the whole can, let it dry, and then, we took some acrylics and painted the designs.  They were super easy, cheap and fun to make.  
I am definatly making some for other holidays.  Luckily, these will work for the Fourth of July party as well.  

My apologies for them being way out of order, but I am too lazy to fix it. Enjoy the chaos- because really, that's all that it really was, with lots of laughter ;o)  Had a really magical time.  Thanks Resindez family!
Hammered, unpainted.  Took about five minutes to hammer out.

My favorite one!

Even just with some metalic spray paint, looks cute, right?

Finished product

Water balloons and squirters!  That was a wet mess for all of us.  

S'mores time!  Mr. David had to help one particular boy migit who kept dropping his in the fire.  ;o/

Bubble Guns are $5 at Walmart and the ones with the lights are super economical on the bubbles.  The other brand, sans lights, runs through bubbles fairly quickly.  


The moms and the migits enjoying the pyrotechnic show in the middle of the street.  ($10 fireworks package at Kroger.  You get what you pay for, but luckily, these were not loud fireworks.  So cool!  I was so happy for the local dogs and babies in the 'hood.) 

I think he wanted to be a rock star without dad's help ;o)  It was late, and all the kids were amazing, all evening!  

After freezing, but before the nailing.  

If you just dip the brush into the paint container, there is no wasted paint.   
Finished product.  SO ADORBS!

Simple, fast, yet COLD job if you don't have a towel handy.  



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