May 25, 2013

The blog in which it's been a year!

Happy almost anniversary to me!  I began blogging a year ago this month.  I was working alongside another lady for another blog, and ended up leaving and starting my own blog.  I have really enjoyed the last year in blog form, and thought to post one of my first blogs since it happens to tell a funny little Memorial Day story about how Charlie thanked a 90+ year old man for his service in the military.  Priceless.  Thank you for sharing my blog(s), and coming back to see what silliness we are up to.  Enjoy!

May 28, 2012

Thanks for Following Me PEEPS!

After getting my feet wet, I am ready to spread my wings, and tire my fingers to my hearts' delight!  I am so excited that you guys meandered this direction.  I promise to blog as I did before, and share upcoming family friendly events in and around Cherokee County, GA that are free or low cost- or just a really good deal ;o)  When I say that I am just a mom that loves to spend time with my family, I really mean it.  We enjoy each other as if we choose to be together, not because we have to because we are family.  I pray that each of you finds that some days are harder than others, but that you learn to find bonding through the good and the bad ones.  

We know both sides of that coin all too well.  We are a family of four that has been on every part of the spectrum.  Literally.   We started out in our marriage very wealthy.  We had season tickets at the Fox Theater for every event.  We bought whatever we wanted or needed.   What we couldn't buy, was a pregnancy that didn't end in miscarriage.   I miscarried many times until I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.  At that time, my miscarriages were an easy fix, and I was treated medically to have our first child, our son.  It's all I ever wanted, to have a family of my own.  It was awesome, and then, our awesomeness doubled!  Our daughter was born fourteen months later, and at that point, I felt complete. 

I worked 12 hour shifts at the time, and breastfed, made all my own baby food, and even cloth diapered for some of that time.  I worked hard at the baby stages, but knew that one day it would be a memory, and I would be able to enjoy my family and not have to "work" as much at the "job" that is motherhood. I was half way correct.  I had envisioned that since my *migits came out with ten fingers and ten toes, that they would be "normal" kids.  They might be normal.  If the normal means autism for my son.  He was diagnosed when he was two years, 3 months old.  It has been work, and sometimes, it makes me frustrated, impatient, or other times, it makes me laugh, or smile to see how compassion reaches through that diagnosis.  

I had to leave my job in order to assist in my sons' recovery process, and I took on the wife and mother title like I had just received a promotion and I have tried to keep the title of best mom and wife ever since.  Each day I take pride in the fact that on any given day, you can come by unannounced and I will be proud to welcome you in to a clean and happy home.  Music is always on.  Children are always dancing, singing, laughing, or playing a make believe game throughout our humble home.  We cancelled our television services about two years ago, and haven't missed it one day since.  My husband makes very little money, but somehow, with creativity and His gifts, we have managed to stay happy, healthy, and debt free.  We engage our family in faith, love, fun, and education through everyday experiences.  

I work hard at finding some experiences that are close to home and budget friendly.  It is out of this that the blog comes to fruition.  I love to share our experiences, and hope that each of you might find an idea or two to share with your family.  

As this past weekend was in memorial to those who have sacrificed for our country and its' freedom, we explained it to our children the best we knew how to a five and six year old.  When we saw our ninety year old veteran neighbor walking down the street, I told the kids to thank him for what he did for us.  I suggested to thank him for fighting in the war, for giving his time to protect us, etc.  My daughter says, "Mom, he is across the street.  Should we yell it?"  I said, "Yes."  So, my six year old runs to the end of the driveway and yells, "Thank you for the war!"  I love how just about anything can be made into a humorously embarrassing situation when it comes to autism.  I laughed until I peed after I got up from behind the car when I did a duck and cover after that spewed from his innocent little lips.  I then approached them, and explained that he is not a six year old hippy with sarcasm.  He laughed, and luckily, seemed appreciative for us even explaining the day to our young children.  May we all learn to let the small stuff slide, as this wise old veteran showed us.  EA

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