May 15, 2013

The blog in which I am so proud of what he CAN do.

This was an interesting week in the mom-spere of my life.  Chaz will forever be a little head-scratcher of a kid to me, but this week, I think I have worn a bare spot from all the scratching.  If you don't have kids, there are a few things that I wish I had a heads up on ahead of time on.  First, whatever you expect to happen, NEVER does.  Second, the most insane time of year is the last three weeks of school.  Christmas seems like a cake walk after doing this past few weeks.  The amount of things to send into school is endless.  And if you happen to have more than one child in school, you seem to multiply that craziness by four for every additional child.  Plus, if you happen to clean houses during that time, you will find that there is a lucrative season for last minute call-ins, and THIS.IS.IT.  I have been abundantly blessed and grateful this past few months, for all the families that allow me into their homes, and give me an opportunity to provide for mine.

This week, was awards day for Chaz.  He came home with a first grade participation award, top three Accelerated Reader in the class, as well as an "All O's and S's" award.  I didn't know what that meant until a day later, when I asked for clarification.  His big award from his teacher was the "Best Manners" award.  I couldn't have been more proud.  Last year, he got an award for how sweet and kind he was.  This year, his manners.  While he isn't the best at spelling, math or science, best handwriting, best question-asker, or even the best at art, what he does have is the best manners.  And honestly, I will take that, and know that if nothing else, he will be respectful to those around him, and that just might help him get far in life.  If not, we might need to teach him to spell, since this seems sort of out of place on the end of first grade wall of fame his teacher had prepared for us parents to view as we waited in the hall before awards day began.

After posting (on Facebook) how sad I was to see this, many friends messaged, and even called, to try to lift my spirits regarding Charlie's academic challenges.  Tonight, at gymnastics, I was not only proud that he got his back handspring with out a spotter, but I was thrilled to see him believe in himself enough, that he would do it on his own.  I have been working that back handspring since December.  I knew he could do it, but he needed his coach to tell him he could do it, and then, he soared!  Literally.  That kid loves to fly in the air.  What a gift he has!  
Top three Accelerated Readers in his class!  GO Charlie, GO!

Best Manners- If you don't have anything else to your credit, this isn't the worst thing that could be said of you ;o)  

Mrs. Nalls.  I love this lady.  She has a great sense of humor , but I can tell it's lost on a six or seven year old.  She tolerated me this past year, and that says a lot.  I think there is a special place in heaven for her.  If she gets Shay in her class next year, she will be fast-tracked to sainthood.  Two years with me is like seven in dog years.  I am an in-your- face mom of a child with special needs and another that I believe is so bright, she needs to be pushed.  I have opposite ends of the spectrum- literally.

Autism, apraxia, sensory integration dysfunction, OH MY!  And then, our ray of motivation, gymnastics.  It came along, with his very first cartwheel, out of nowhere, last August.  I found that while cart wheels, back walkovers and back handspring practice give just enough joint compression that he can work on spelling words while I spot.  His spinning is at a minimum nowadays, and his confidence is growing each day.  After making him a bar and beam, buying the trampoline last September for his birthday, and a really expensive mat, we don't have a gym, but what we do have is a budding gymnast that has learned to use natural abilities to assist his disabilities.  Watch and realize, this was the first day of solo back handsprings, and it's only because a local gym, and one really amazing young man,  believe in Charlie enough to push him to believe in himself.  Thank you Head of Heels and Coach Zach!


  1. Tammy- I will let him see your comment. He was so excited that I made this blog. (He saw it up on my screen when he woke up today. He is on a much needed, ego-boosting, high. It will make him feel so good to know that you got to see the video ;o) Thanks! Take care of you and B! EA