May 20, 2013

The blog in which it's a Tooth Fairy door! (Craft for parents who miss naps and crafts.)

The back.  
Side view

Tiny Note

About to hang it.  
It's kinda' like farts and laughs with me today.  I went for an outing with my dog this morning.  We will call it an outing since I am outing him.  He is freakin' lazier than me, and a slow jog turned into a slow walk by the end of mile one, and the next mile or so was just a drag.  Literally, me, dragging him!  I felt a little like Snow White though.  First, there was a salamander that stood completely still and even let me pet it while standing in front of Publix.  It was crazy.  Then, when we walked back to the neighborhood, as I was passing the pool, I see one duck swimming and one duck over seeing the swimming one.  Then, they took turns and they swapped places.  It was hilarious.  As we entered into the second mile, I see a bunny rabbit in a yard while an owl hooted in the background.  It was an enchanted outing, if you think petting potentially dead lizards and bunnies about to be eaten by owls is great.  Although, I will have to think twice about swimming in my pool this summer.

Well, here's what I had my panties in a wad over last night.  I saw this on Pinterest, and decided to put my own spin on it.  Our Tooth Fairy, "Tiny Tooth Fairy," has come a couple of times so far.  With a six and seven year old, I knew that this came at just the right time.  She even leaves tiny notes, so my little ones will really enjoy the newest edition to this project.  So, story goes, our tooth fairy decided she needed an easier way to get in and out of our home.  She installed a magical door, left a note, and instructed the family to not touch her door, so that it would not break.  She even needs the key she hung and Super Glued with floss to the door. I happen to know that with the 40% off coupon that the tooth fairy found online, that the whole thing, even with the extra door knob and key, cost only $8.88, with tax!  And, there is an extra door knob and key set if any nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors or stray dogs might want to make their very own "Fairy" door.
Hanging up with an extra 3M removable velcro set I had from the hairdryer project.  

Our family will leave lost teeth right at the door, and then, will receive the little token gift, there, as well.  The stress of the tooth fairy having to dig under the pillow is a tad more than she wants in her life right now.  You don't know where she's been lately.  True story.  

PS  A big thank you to my friend, Starr, for talking me through my excitement over this find a mere 24 hours ago!  I think it spawned an hour long chat session after I found this.  Her hubby is a New York policeman!  GO BLUE!  Thank you for your sacrifices to serve us!

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  1. Your a nut no shout out needed we should definitely chat some more! Super cute might need to make one or two! Glad you thought of a way to keep your fingers :)