May 26, 2014

Adventures realizes he is growing up.

He's only eight.  Won't be nine for another four months.  However, it was literally over night that he just grew up.

Yesterday, he played with a ten year-old boy at the pool for hours.  He came home and said he wanted to go to some website and play this game that his ten year old friend shared with him.  While both children have their own laptop, they don't know about the internet yet.  We want to keep it that way.  We have loaded certain websites on their computers, and they have used them for homeschool, but that's all.  I went to the site, signed him up, and then, told him that I don't want him on it yet.  The rules of the site included no dating.  Yeah, well… that was all I had to see and realize, he is just too young for this.  After reading how they should never give out their passwords, etc., I realized, this is beyond a Minecraft type of game.  This is a social thing, and no, I don't want that for my seven and eight year old children.  So, he accepted that I was getting rid of it, and he will just have to continue to enjoy his Minecraft app on his iPod.

Today, he came home from church, worked hard to clean up his room that I thought was clean, and then, played with an even older boy at the pool today.  Before bed, he refused to play Candy Land with his little sister and Dad, saying, "That's a baby game."  I agree, but I would have played, had I not taken an "after dinner nap" to sleep off the sun exposure.)

I just went to check on the kidlets before I settled in for the night, and that clean up he did after Mass- was actually a "get rid of anything that a child might associate with" clean up.  There is nothing on his dresser.  No pictures from our Disney trip a few yeas ago, nor his Lego plane he and Daddy worked for hours on a week ago, or even his walkie-talkies.  All cleared away. Nothing that would tell you that a little boy wakes to play in that room.  Not even his night light.

My heart just sank.  I love that he is growing up.  But I want him to enjoy his childhood.  Don't rush growing up my favorite boy-migit!  He has been developmentally behind his entire life.  On his way out of the pool today, he wrapped his towel over his head as a handkerchief and pretended he was wearing a dress or a skirt.  I tried to tell him I loved his cape, but he insisted it wasn't a cape.

He is still a silly mystery to me, and I will continue to embrace his confusion and his love for being snuggled and rocked, and then, when he choses to clean out any indication that he is a child, I will have to accept that as well.  Until he tells me he doesn't believe in tiny fairies that bring money to him for lost body parts, we should be okay.

May 9, 2014

Adventures takes on Mother's Day

This year, I have had some emotional moments when I think of this holiday.  I vary from incredibly grateful for the day, to down right disturbed that it is so in your face and for some, a day of pain.  Pain for the loss of a mom, a chance to become a mom, or just a reminder of a torn relationship with a mom.
Recently, a close family friend passed, and that has me thinning of her children and grandchild.  I can not imagine the personal loss and to be thrust into this season of retail slaps in the face.  I am more than in love with my mom each day, and can tell you, that this day is a joyous one for me and my family.

This year is especially unique for me.  I have my mom, the only person in my whole world who knows every inch of my being, and loves me in spite of her knowledge.  I recently mended a very broken relationship with my mother-in-love, and never in a million years did I think I could not only come to forgive past hurts, but love and respect this woman who gave me her son.  I am so grateful to be able to share a Mother's Day meal with her this year, and all the meals that we have shared since learning to appreciate each other.

And then my own children, that I wanted more than anything from as long as I can remember….  I never want presents, and even worse than not wanting a present, I really don't care for money being wasted on a card. Turns out, my migits have been trying to sneakily make me a card on their own, and I love that thoughtfulness.   The real gift came when Shay and I were talking the other day.  She was talking about a parent she knows, and the lack of ability she feels this parent has.  It was weighing heavily on her wise beyond her seven-year-old mind.  I asked her what sort of parent she thought she might be one day.

Shay- "I hope to be a strict and silly Mommy- like you."

As long as both of my children know that I love them, and EVERY SINGLE decision is made with love and consideration to their needs, I can know that I have done my job, as a mom, to the best of my ability.

Aside-  My mom and I were driving in the car the other day.  She was lamenting on her own parenting skills and how she must have done something wrong.  (I had a kind of crazy teenage experience that seemed more traumatic to my mom than me.  Run away, drugs, expelled from school, etc.  Sorry Ma.  I really am.)  I asked her, in all seriousness, "Did you do your best?  Did you think you gave parenting your best?"  She said she thought she had.  I laughed.  It wasn't until she answered that did I think it was funny.  I mean, isn't hindsight 20/20?  I think she did the best she knew how to do.  Was she perfect?  No.  But, who is?  Well, of course, there is Mary, but come on, she was even conceived without blemish!  I am not perfect.  And I want my children to see my imperfections and to accept my limitations.  However, I believe I am doing the best I can, and hope that one day when my children grow up, they are a legacy I can be proud of.

May 2, 2014

Adventures takes time to share the mundane.

I thought it was time to sit you all down for circle time so that I might share with you the meaning of life.  Because I do not currently know the meaning of life, I will have to share with you some random information you may or may not find useful today.  If you find this information useless today, it might become useful at a later date, so please read through so that you might apply the information at a later date.  If you do not feel that you will be able to adequately utilize this data at a later date, please retain the 411 for a friend.  You know you have one of "those," and they will need this, sooner than later.

I am about to demystify a very common misconception.  I have spent a long time, about two days, thinking about this.  That might not seem like a long time, but you will clearly see, that I have, in fact, wasted about a forty-eight hour span of time on this subject.  While there are scientist working tirelessly to find the cure to numerous illnesses and world wide problems, I am here to take over on the "not so subtle" issues that our people have to consider.  I was elected, by myself, and take this position quite honestly and not without a little levity, very seriously.  If someone else had stepped up and chosen to take on these issues, I would have been just as grateful that I didn't have to waste a full forty-eight hours on these such concerns.  And without further ado…

Fork Split English Muffins.  I know it's been on your mind for as long as you can remember.  Or, at least the past 1.4 seconds since you read it.  See, I am a freakin' mind reader, and I am here for you.  What is a fork split english muffin?  Well, I will answer this question, and many more, some day.  For today, you will have to accept that I can only educate you on the muffin and why it is called "fork split."  No one really knows, and many an English man does not even know what an english muffin is.  Therefore, we can conclude, they are not English.  As for the "fork split" terminology…  First, this is not an effective method for separating your bread.  Second, if you believe that cutting the loaf of bread with a fork will create a difference in the bread, you are inaccurate as well.  The bread has more (insert marketing term here) "nooks and crannies" due to the greater amount of air in this bread.  From my vantage point, they are desperately grasping at intelligent sounding adjectives in order to sell you a piece of bread that is not pre-cut well and filled with air.

And there you have it my dear readers.  You.Are.Welcome.  Go forth with such information, and use it wisely.

And in other news… This was a painfully slow work week, and that creates a lot of noise in my head.  Occupational hazards of not having much of an occupation.  One would think homeschooling, gymnastics and acting classes would be enough.  Nay, Nay.