May 17, 2013

The blog in which a mom used the "F" word in front of my daughter.

As a mom, I am conscientious about what I say, and how I say it, when my migits are around.  I am not perfect, and some things I stress over, might be totally acceptable to other moms.  I understand that emphasis on bodily functions as a source of humor for some families is the norm, however, we don't laugh at it, unless it is my tiny girl migit who occasionally has a more manly belch than her father.  I also don't curse anywhere near them, therefore, they honestly don't know that certain words are "bad words."

Today, I put make up on.  I was feeling insecure, and honestly, if I am putting that on, I am aware why.  It is insecurity.  Shay loves when I do girlie things, and when she wondered in during the application process, she was giddy with who knows what, over me putting it on.  I told her that I was only putting it on because I was feeling uncomfortable about my acne and facial hair, and was trying to cover it up.  She was amazing.  She said, "Nobody sees that.  You just be sweet, and that is what people will see.  It doesn't matter.  I love you."  She taught me about pure love.

I went to get them in the car, and the neighbor girl I put on the bus each morning was being dropped off.  I happened to walk over to her mom's car to say "hello."  I hadn't seen the mom in months.  HOLY SMOKES!  She looked great!  I asked her what she had been doing, and she responded with, "Just diet and exercise."  I was impressed, and she said, "I was just tired of being F@T!"

Cringe.  I can not stand that word.  It really grates against me.  I have made it my mission to teach my children, and all those within earshot...  DO NOT OBSESS OVER WEIGHT.  OBSESS OVER HEALTH!  My sadness comes because most of the moms I know are dieters.  They are working out for the wrong reasons.  I have a friend who recently began working out, and honestly, she is not as successful as she desires, because her goals and motivation are not healthy.  They are not based on health.  They are completely vanity related.  Cortisol will screw with us if we are stressed.  Sadly, all she is doing is stressing, even on the bulk she is creating by doing weights.

Can I fit into that name brand that doesn't make a size over ten?  Nope.  One day I might.  And that day, I will remember what it felt like to be the uncool kid wearing something that is a size eleven or higher.   Then, I might decide to take my money and buy my daughter and me an ice cream cone, after we walk to the store to get it.  (Lord knows, after that attempt at jogging, I can do little more than walk today, or any day ending in "y" for the next week.  Whew... the only way to prevent this sort of pain and pill popping is going to be abstinence.  Pause for the cause my friends.)

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