Apr 30, 2013

The blog in which I am made to look like a liar.

One day last week I left the house and looked decent enough to have a friend take my picture to put on another blog I have that needs a head shot.  The last editor for that one insisted on a head shot, so I hastily took a picture, many months ago, and never liked it.  The thought was, one day I will be picture worthy.  That day never came.  I am the first to take a silly picture of myself, but looking good?  That doesn't appear to be in the cards for me.  So, as we left the house, I quickly ran by her house and made an unplanned visit to her home.

The kidlets and I run out of the van, and knock on the door.  She opens the door, and she immediately comments to the kids, "I bet your house never looks like this!"  Both my migits, in unison, "NO."  Wow.  Rude.  I keep an organized home, and while we are playing, it can get messy.  (However, only in the bedrooms, since toys are not to be brought out of bedrooms.)  Our house is slightly larger than Octomom's uterus.  And, I have a touch of OCD, therefore, the house is maintained on a daily hourly  minute to minute basis.  Surprise visits to our home never frighten me.  My confidence comes from knowing that while we are here, we live in it.  Therefore, while the migits are still young, having a homework sheet or book on the counter will appear normal, and not messy.

Having said that, I am forever baffled that my daughter insists on making a fool of me in front of people.  The day after that impromptu visit with the migits stereo-honesty, the six year old had a play date at a classmate's home.  The mother, VERY much like me, invited me into her home to share where Shay was playing.  I had already felt confident with Shay playing there since we spoke, and I just knew that she held the same standards and morals for her family as I do.  However, while up stairs in the friends' room, I commented on how beautifully organized and decorated her room was.  The mother says, "I bet your house is organized, as well."  I agreed that it really was, but not decorated well.  Shay jumps in with, "No, it's not organized.  It's a mess."  Thanks for that.

My husband and two children are constantly trying to make a liar out of me. We are out and about, I am in conversation with another adult, and they all say something to contradict me- ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME!  I am not so sure that I am doing this right.  (Family- I think we are so supposed to stick together on this stuff.  Join me when you get your stuff together.)  Am I the only mom out there that has this happen to her?  What sort of things happen to you with your family that make you look ridiculous?

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  1. Not even TWELVE hours after posting this blog, I am getting them ready for the school bus, and my daughter, decides to contradict me, in front of her friend. I lost my mind, and decided it was time for a "come to Jesus" meeting about this habit of hers to be so contrary. It upset her, and she was working hard to not cry. I heard the bus, so said it was time for us to get out to the bus stop. Walked outside, and the bus had already passed us, and was turning out of the neighborhood! I had to drive them to school, and in two years of bus riding, this was the first time to miss the bus. That sent me over the edge, and my daughter into a rare show of water works. The ride to school was an unpleasant seven minutes of hell for all three of the migits in the car as I continued with my lecture. I headed to the YMCA and think I worked out the issue. I'm all good now ;o)