Apr 17, 2013

The blog in which I share why we use China dishes on a daily basis.

Just over ten years ago this month, the hubs and I made a deeply personal decision to elope.  While neither of us had ever dreamed of a wedding ceremony, it worked for us.  Neither of us wanted gifts either.  We had all the things we already needed, and honestly, since we didn't invite people to share in the day, we didn't think registering was appropriate.  I had no desire for fancy China, or large kitchen appliances.  Years later, I love my Crock Pot that I bought just last year, and the same Walmart dishes we bought ourselves before we got married.  Other than that, I don't have a food processor, blender, bread maker, or anything else that most wives covet.  I just don't have a need for them, and space in this home is at a premium, designated for necessities.  However, I did inherit China from my grandmother, before she passed, and now, I use it, almost daily.

We had been living in our home a couple of years when my grandmother was moved to an assisted living community. When she moved, most of her belongings were divided amongst the family.  I inherited a heinous statue/lamp thing that we have recently learned to appreciate for it's newest location in the living room, and need for well placed light for reading.  I also received a nice silverware set and China dishes.  I had no desire to display the China, so I kept them in the boxes I received them in, and put them in the garage on a shelving unit.  Within a few months, I managed to hit that unit, knocking paint cans and that box to spill and shatter on the garage floor.  Luckily, I only managed to break some of the dishes.  

That was the day I decided to take some out, and use them, most days.  Grabbing a bagel this morning, I reached for a small plate.  I grabbed a China plate.  Tonight, I will be serving pulled pork, salad, and a piece of Texas toast.  Everyone usually gets a China plate for the toast.  I have a six and seven year old.  Why not use them?  What if they do drop it on the way to the sink?  It will break. It won't be the end of the world.  (For the record, they don't drop their plastic or ceramic plates we use, so why would they all of a sudden start dropping plates, anyway?)  

Moral of the story...  use the nice things you have.  You can't take them with you, unless you are Egyptian, and even then, I doubt you can enjoy them then.  

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