Apr 21, 2013

The blog in which I have a new respect for birthday parties.

Shay was invited to a birthday party at a local kid place with all those moonwalk things.  I had a headache, and both migits, to take.  Luckily, it was literally around the corner, and it was scheduled for just under two hours.  We got there and I found out that I was allowed to pay for Chaz to play, too.  Phew.  (He would have been so disappointed if not.)  Then, I set myself up with their free wifi, and I was off to lose myself online while the kids bounced their brains out.  There were other moms chatting around me, but I never seem to engage with the other moms, therefore, I was set to sit with my nose to the laptop for the duration of the time.

This time was different.  First, a mom came and sat next to me and started chatting to me.  I felt like one of the cool kids!  She started out by saying, "Shayna.  She is a smart one, huh?"  Well, honestly, I looked a little more dumb than anything since I didn't know how to answer her.  Either I come off sounding like a pompous ass for agreeing, or I play it off and then I am not sure why she would start the convo like that.  Well, as it turns out, I played it safe, and said, "Well, she's my kid, so of course I think she is smart!"  She looked at me and said, "No, you know what I mean."  To which, I nodded my head in agreement, but didn't have a freakin' clue what she was getting at.  Turns out, her daughter and Shay are really close in many of the same academic achievements, and her daughter is a really competitive child and at times, has felt that Shay was a bit of a threat.  Now,  the child feels a closeness to her.  The mom asked if I might allow Shay to have a play date with her daughter.  I quickly agreed, seeing as I have sent out three invites to different children this year at school, and not one parent has responded.  After speaking for about an hour with the mom, I found that she and I share many of the same ideals for our children, and she was genuinely sweet and fond of my girl migit. 

When it was time to move to the party room for pizza and cake, I remained outside the room with Charlie and this mom.  The mother of the birthday girl asked if Charlie would like to join them inside.  I thought that was such a kind gesture.  I really don't know the mother, however, Shay loves her since she volunteers in the classroom enough that Shay talks about her and how much she likes her.  (I believe Shay is a particularly good judge of character, and after the party, I learned that I too really LOVE this mother.) 

I happened to peak in the party room and saw that the birthday child was opening her gifts.  This is like one of my biggest disappointments at so many parties we have attended. I was overly excited to see that this family allowed the child time to open the gifts, and have the opportunity to thank the child, in person.  For the life of me, I can not comprehend why children would not open gifts and thank their guest for the gift they have brought.  My children love to give gifts, and I think opening a gift in front of someone is also special for the gift giver. 

Then, this is really what blew me away, and I want more than anything to thank this mother for her taking a stand and not having a ridiculous goodie bag loaded with junk, candy, and things that will break in minutes.  Inside the bag was one Blow Pop, one fun temporary tattoo with sparkles, and then a  stamped envelope with a five dollar bill, and a note of how we are to mail this to either one of the local places they listed or one of our choosing.  (Examples given with addresses were our nurse at school for clinic supplies, or the local service league, or programs that serve meals to those in need, etc.)  We are truly a service minded family, and this could not have been more touching for our children to have the opportunity to give back.  Charlie was so excited that the mom even found us in the parking lot and gave him a bag!  

While I still have a headache, and not enough drugs to knock it out, I am moved by this family and their ability to give back to those in need, and do it with such class.  I haven't had motivation to write lately, but I want to say, this week, I am motivated to share how there is good in the world.  It starts with the celebration of life of a six year old and the desire to plant seeds of good works with those around us. My faith in humanity is fuller for having attended a birthday party.  Hmmm.  Who would have known?
Both our kidlets want their school nurse to get the money.  Nurse Charlene rocks!

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