Apr 29, 2013

The blog in which I don't want to be interviewed.

A little over a year ago, we got involved with this amazing group called r.a.d.Kids.  We were in the very first class that was held in our county, and have been helping out, when able to, ever since.  Early on, there were tons of media present at a training, and I was interviewed for a CNN piece.  I had never been on television, or interviewed for anything like this, but let me be the first to tell you, I have a new appreciation for the people that appear stupid after a tornado has just ripped their home to pieces, and the reporter asks them, "So how do you feel now that your house was ripped apart by that tornado?"  EVERY TIME, the homeowner looks like an idiot because at that moment, the only thing they can say is, "Bad."  So, the reporter asks me if she could interview me about my involvement with the organization, and I agree.  Minutes later, she has her crew surrounding us, and she starts firing question after question at me, and I literally could give no more than a two or three word answer to each question.

Reporter- So, how did you find out about r.a.d.Kids?
Me- Saw it online.

Reporter- Why did you sign your children up for it?
Me- To teach them to be safe.

Reporter- Have they learned a lot?
Me- Yes.

Reporter- (frustratingly rolling her eyes at the camera man) Can I just interview your son?
Me- He doesn't talk well.  And he is autistic.  And he will not really talk much about the class since you are a hot reporter and I am fairly certain he will flirt with you the entire time since he will not be able to come up with answers any better than I just did.

Reporter- (silently wondering if I was in-bred and if slipping a birth control into my vagina without me knowing is out of the question.)

Me-  Sure, go ahead.  Interview him.

She did interview him, and I was totally right on all counts.  He told her he loved her, hugged her, and tilted his head to the side to get the full effect.  While I wonder about his sexuality some days, it's when a hot blond enters his radar and he turns on the charm- I know he is going to be fine.  (I just hope that when he gets older, he can find a hot blond that doesn't mind his tendency to appreciate cross dressing.)  He WAS on CNN, and I still have the clip to prove it.  However, they edited the entire piece, and all they show of him is his demonstration of one of the moves the children are taught in order to protect themselves.  *Smart editing.

So, all that, and here's the part I was getting to-  Each Monday, I spend the day volunteering in the migit's school.  Today, the librarian I work for was on a field trip, and I was alone to work the media center.  I was a little nervous to be alone, but after two years of doing this, I should have had a bit more confidence in myself.  The first child to come to the media center walks in, returns a book, and then looks at me and says, "May I ask you some questions?"  I froze.  I thought I was going to be interviewed, and the past experience with the CNN chick came flashing through my head.  I took a moment, and nodded my head.
My r.a.d.Kids- proud to be safe... and American.  

Student- How many books do I have that are over due?  Can I check out one book if I return this one?  When are all the books due back before school gets out for summer?

At which time, I sighed and thought, "I make a better media center helper than a t.v. personality, ANY DAY!"

It doesn't take away my inner-
most desire to have a radio talk show though ;o)  Like they say... A face for radio....

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