Mar 23, 2014

Adventures is starting a new 'VENTURE!

I have not mixed/blended/labeled one essential oil in the past four days!  I have needed to, and have used them round the clock, but my research and study of them came to an abrupt halt when I received an email from a potential employer that I had been hounding for a few months now.  Each time I thought they were hiring, I psyched myself up and imagined the potential to financially change our lives, and then, nothing.  And then, just as I was sitting next to Chaz as we home schooled, and researching local plays coming this spring to blog about, BAM!  An email comes in and that started a very fast exchange of emails and phone calls and by Wed. morning I was rushing myself through new hire paperwork to deliver to the office. After that, we were off to Walmart to pick up some office supplies, and then, reading through the most information ever thrown at me to read in a very short period of time.  I did my phone training from 9: AM- 1:40 PM on Thursday morning, and then, started work on my own Friday morning.  And then, and then, and then- HERE WE ARE!  

Somehow, the children were able to do their work, and I did mine.  After we were done with school and work, we had lunch, and I then spent the rest of the afternoon grading, pre-planning their week in advance for school work, and studying more of my training manuals.  Geoff and I researched for hours on a printer purchase, and luckily, he took care of that purchase this morning, rather, yesterday morning since it is already tomorrow and I can't sleep.  I worked on the report pretty much ALL DAY.  I want it done.  I want to understand it.  I want to know it already, and am frustrated that I don't have it yet.  I have it about 90% done, and have two small areas to go over with a trainer.  I will have another phone training session this coming Wednesday, and hopefully, I will feel less overwhelmed.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to work from home.  To be able to stay home and raise, get to know, and educate my children is priceless.  The job itself was intimidating for me, however, after just a few days of wrapping my brain around it, I am already getting to really enjoy it.  I love that the job challenges me, and that my children are independent enough at seven and eight years old that I might have this opportunity.  At this point, I have found that while Shay has always worked independently of me, Chaz has reached that point as well, and seems to enjoy the accomplishments he has achieved as of lately.  (He has taken on cursive like a champ, and is doing very well.  Shay is seven and now knows how to write full paragraphs in cursive.  I doubt she would remember how to use the more obscure letters, i.e. "z," "q," etc.)

So, I have a huge list of local upcoming plays, and hopefully, I will be able to compile and post it soon. I was so excited to seen the options we have this season.  The local high school theater productions in our county are top notch.  We are most looking forward to seeing "Beauty and the Beast," but I think we will try to attend at least three of the local plays, and then we were gifted with tickets to see "The Lion King" at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in April.

Shay was just cast in her third production with STARS Drama.  They will be performing "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," June 20th-21st at the Canton Theatre.  This is a new stage for Shay, and Geoff and I are so excited since we have been to this theater, and it is a gorgeous little setting to move on to.  We trust that anywhere STARS goes, we will follow, as long as Shay continues interest in performing.

Thank you to all my closest friends and family for your offers of help with the children, concern and or excitement for me as I learn to balance everything.  Laundry is still being done everyday.  Dishes still get washed after each meal.  However, I didn't walk or brush Brody for three days!  I also didn't remind my son to go to the bathroom, and the created a clog in the toilet come today when I remembered I forgot.  Autism is fun some days.  Today was not that day. The sensory integration dysfunction of his bowels causes a sensory overload to the rest of us on days like today.  (gag)  The good new is-  the bathroom has been cleaned!
This was part of my new hire paperwork.  It was a medical history.  I had never heard of this disease.  I read it and had a panic attack. I should know this, right?  I did come from a medical background. 

Had to download Office for my laptop.  So far, we have spent a little over $200 for me in office supplies.  (Printer, paper, pens, pencils, headset(s), etc.  Once I make back those costs, I will breathe easier.  

My new office space.  It's in my closet.   The closet is tiny.  That is pretty much the extent of our master closet.  
Gel pens!  It was a splurge.  I wish I had purchased a bluetooth headset ages ago!  Who knew they were so convenient!  
This is what my work used to be.  Now, it is just part of my job responsibilities!  (Lesson planning is the hardest part of my whole job as Ahrens Academy teacher.)  I wonder if the is common for other homeschooling families.  I can get it down in about an hour for both kids.  To save money, I make a lot of worksheets myself, on notebook paper.  (All handwriting worksheets were made by me.  Occasionally, I have made math fact sheets as well.)  

Now, if only I could complete the work report.  The report is comprised of the information I collect over the phone.  I have collected my info., but feel like I have one more call to make to verify some info.   I think the fact that I have something to do is the reason I can't go to sleep.  Why do you think my house stays immaculate all the time?  I can't stand having something hanging over my head to be done.  Type-A personalities have their quirks.

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