Feb 28, 2014

Adventures shares Falany Arts Center's "B.O.G.O." Deal

You have seen our recent adventures to the Falany Performing Arts Center, right?  Well, I am excited to share an upcoming event with you with a huge discount!   How does buy one adult ticket, get one FREE sound to the upcoming, Sunday, March 16, 2014, 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. performance of "Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop" sound?  If you call the box office at 770-720-9167, they can help you order those free tickets.  Cost: *Adults- $25, Seniors (55+) & Students- $20, Children (12 & younger)- $10

* Notice the price for adults?  If you order two, that works out to be only $12.50 per ticket. $45 for a family of four to stay local, support local, and not have to purchase souvenirs, candy, soda, and have to drive hours is a steal for a family-friendly wholesome experience.  This theater actually WANTS to see your children.  In some theaters, I feel as if my children are being watched to make sure they don't ruin the environment.  This is not the case at the Falany Performing Arts Center.  

*Admission price include a free sock puppet craft after the performance.  Imaginative play is so important and vital to our children.  It allows them to grow and develop so much of their brain that it would take pages upon pages to discuss the benefits.   Trust me- your kid needs a sock puppet.  

We have been to the Falany Performing Arts Center for a number of events this past few months and each time we leave, we wonder aloud, "How come we have been living in Cherokee County for twelve years and have missed out on this little gem?"  We take our family to performing arts productions year-round.  From writing about local high school productions, to our seven year-old actively building her acting resume with STARS Drama, our involvement in the theater runs deep.  Geoff and I have always said that the Fabulous Fox Theater will always be our favorite venue.  That was, until we found the Falany Performance Arts Center.  

What is the difference?  First, exposing your children to the arts is important, yet very costly if you do it as often as we like to.  The Falany Performance Arts Center is a fraction of the cost of the larger theaters, and provides the same quality you would find elsewhere.  The theater is immaculate.  I recently learned that the center is in its' thirteenth season, and I had assumed it was built a year or two ago.  The facility relies heavily on volunteers and literally a handful of paid employees.  Paid or not, those that serve there have an intense love of the arts, and sharing it with our families brings them great joy.  There is one volunteer who goes out of her way to see us after the shows to see how we enjoyed it.  She was not there after our last show and my children missed her.  (We missed you Venette!)  Traveling downtown and dealing with traffic, paying for parking, paying all those extra surcharges for teach ticket, and getting home super late takes away from the experience for our family.  The Falany Arts Center is located in Waleska, GA  on the Reinhard College campus.  (Takes us about fifteen minutes to get there from Canton, GA.)    We have sat in different areas of the theater and honestly, there isn't a bad seat! We are a short family and the kids have always brought in there car seats as boosters, and have never struggled to enjoy the shows.  (Cant' say the same for all the theaters we have been to.)  The center does not sell refreshments at this time, however, they have water fountains near the restrooms, and do not discourage eating or drinking in their lobby.  Water bottles in the auditorium have not been an issue either.  Being respectful and responsible is all that is assumed.

This performing arts center offers a wide array of genres for theater goers from children's programing to jazz concerts and everything in between.  The children's series is of particular interest for our "littles," however, their appreciation for everything they have seen has grown.  From a harpist to the story of "T'was the Night Before Christmas," we have enjoyed every visit.  

The Falany Arts Center would like to share the arts with you and your family.  Don't forget to mention the free ticket deal.  The "Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop" show is sure to bring a smile to the young, and the young-at-heart.  It is a multi-generational love that continues to grow.  

Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop
Lamb Chop
Mallory Lewis, daughter of the late Shari Lewis, and Lamb Chop’s performance resonates with audiences from toddlers to seniors, who grew up watching Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop on TV. Mallory’s high energy is extremely well received; and, the nostalgic performance is filled with contemporary music, topical comedy and hilarious audience participation as well as vintage footage of Shari and Lamb Chop.  Mallory and Lamb Chop have received many awards, including the Award for Excellence by UNAMA, the International Puppeteers Association, and Kid’s First Falmer Vision Award.
Mallory and Lamb Chop’s performance is sure to bring back cherished memories.  Most of the adults can fondly and vividly recall their exact age when they watched Shari and Lamb Chop entertain them on TV; and, Mallory and Lamb Chop offer guests the opportunity to share those happy memories with their children and grand children.

For more information contact:
Falany Performing Arts Center
Box Office
Phone: 770-720-9167
Email: boxoffice@reinhardt.edu

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