Feb 3, 2014

Adventures plans a camping trip in the distant future.

I ran into a neighborhood/former school acquaintances, and was talking about my choice to pull BOTH of the migits out of the public school last September to homeschool them.  And when I said it out loud, we both shrieked back.  "Well, they really are codependent on each other, and if he was not going to school with her, she would be lost and vice/versa here for him at home."  Did I really admit that? Yes I did.  And she quickly shot back with, "Well, at some point you will have to stop that.  He will have to learn to be on his own."  Well, I agree.  And then, today, I realized, he will never be alone.

We were on our way to the YMCA, and we see a "fifth wheel" being pulled by a truck.  (The term for a camper that attaches to a truck and you can sleep/dine/stay in while camping.) We ooh'ed and ahh'ed, and then Chaz asked how much it cost.  I told him that it costs about as much as Daddy makes in two years time at work.  (It was a guess.  I don't have a clue.)  He said, "Okay.  I will save up, and then I will take my kids and Shay and her kids camping in it.  We will have fun."  And Shay was so excited that she started planning the sleeping arrangements for the weekend away.

When Charlie had to leave for his make up gymnastics class on Saturday, he came down after saying good bye to Shay, and on his way out he told me that Shay was sad.  I went upstairs, and yes, she was sitting in my bedroom looking out and waving to Geoff and Charlie as they pulled out of the drive way.  I asked what was the matter, and she told me that she was going to miss Charlie.  I reminded her that her acting class was starting soon, and we would be leaving within fifteen minutes.  She was still lost without him.

My heart.  It grows bigger the more they share a love of each other.  And as a mom, even if my son is not reading, speaking, or even behaving the way I would like at his age, I know he has the love I would have hoped to have instilled in him by this point.  These two siblings make my heart soar when I see her fix his hair, or him ask for a treat and grab an extra for her for her to enjoy alongside him.  

As a parent, it is our responsibility to teach and share our love.  This has nothing to do with religion.  It is our job to show boundaries, respect, and living within our means to find happiness.  Gluttony will never reap long term happiness, and I hope that one day, those around me that are so unhappy will find happiness in the love they give and allow themselves to receive.

*P.S.  I will not be riding along for the future camping trip my migits have planned with my unborn grandchildren.  I do not "go camping."  Camping for me involves a hotel, and even that is a stretch.  (In the past ten years, I have slept in a hotel room less then 10 times!)

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