Jan 23, 2014

Adventures goes to a jazz concert.

The Falany Performing Arts Center is located about ten minutes away from Canton, in Waleska, GA, at Reinhardt College.  

I saw Aimee, our local Macaroni Kid blogger, post a give-a-way for four tickets to tonights' show, and I entered.  I entered as many times as possible, and then, told Geoff about it.  We looked up the musicians on Youtube, and just knew this was going to be a show that we did not want to miss.  We were right!  It was amazing!  We got the email that we had won the tickets, and then spent the next two days jumping out of our skin until the show.  (We lead very dull lives.  Charlie has a crazy mouth infection from biting his cheek after having it numbed for a dental procedure.  That's as exciting as our life has been lately.)  

This was really an amazing band.  Shay turned to me at the end, after bopping and singing along all night, and said, "Mom!  They were fantastic!"  Kid has got herself a sense of musical appreciation unlike any other.  While we expose our children to practically EVERYTHING when it comes to the arts, they have a great appreciation for music because Geoff and I are music lovers that truly do love everything from rock to the Dead, classical to oldies, and everything in between.  I became a serious Frank fan some time in my early twenties.  Luckily, we share the same musical taste, and we are passing it down to our migits.  

The only moment of hesitation was right after the Band Director, Jeremy Davis, entered the stage and started introducing himself.  Charlie looked at me and said, "Where's the magician?"  "Uh.  Well.  I am not sure what you are thinking, but we are here to see a jazz concert."  To which he said, "I thought you said we would see a magician." OOPS.  I guess musician and magician do sound similar.  Luckily, he quickly got into the groove with us and we all enjoyed the snot out of the whole show.  (They describe themselves as part Rat Pack in the way they carry out their show.  True.  Lots of banter and story telling.  The time just flew!  

Jeremy Davis- Band leader.  He was a talented musician and had a very mellow way about him.  
Clay Johnson- Lead Vocal- and adorbs.  I told Geoff that I wanted to stick him in my pocket and take him home.  Geoff said we could.  He's cool like that.  He had a very classic voice and I actually preferred the arrangements with his voice better than the original versions.  

Both men took tons of time chatting it up with the kids, and they left on cloud nine.  We bought the CD and had Clay sign it, and we listened and sang along the whole way home.  We got home and pulled up this video I found a few months ago of Michael Buble getting stopped during his concert by a mother who wanted her son to get to sing on stage with him.  The kids loved it.  (Look it up- hilarious!)  I guess we are headed into some long Jazz-inspired home school days next week ;o) Thank G-d, seeing as I am really not into Bluegrass or Fiddler on the Roof- unlike my migits, who were begging for that lately.

Thank you Macaroni Kid for sharing events like this with us!  Geoff had been trying to get me to agree to go even if we didn't win the tickets.  It would have really been a challenge to go this week, so we are extra special grateful for the opportunity.  *You can find the Canton/Woodstock/Cumming Macaroni Kid on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  She sends out weekly newsletters with all family friendly, local events.  She has TONS of giveaways- ALL.THE.TIME!  Go like her on Facebook and share her with your friends with kids.  

As for the Falany Performing Arts Center- THANK YOU!  Thank you for providing our community with quality arts for the whole family!  We have enjoyed a number of shows there this past winter, and look forward to many more!  The theater is incredibly family friendly and the volunteers and employees are always so kind to us.  

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  1. Erin,

    On behalf of the staff at the Falany, thank YOU for attending this performance and your kind words. When you get a moment, would you mind calling the Director at 770-720-5558 or sending us a best way to contact you. You can email us at boxoffice@reinhardt.edu . Thank you again!