Jan 14, 2014

Why I love Comfort Zone Heating and Air

It's really what they didn't do that is most impressive.  They didn't try to argue with me.  They didn't act irresponsibly.  They didn't take their own sweet time in rectifying the error.  From admission to resolution, Comfort Zone deserves the highest praises.

About four years ago our heater and our air conditioner both died, each in the deepest part of it's season.  The air conditioner was the worst one for us.  First, this piece broke in it that was about the size of a soda can.  A stab in the dark prompted us to call a company that was in the area, Comfort Zone,  and they came out immediately.  During that summer, there was no less than four heating/cooling repair trucks lining our street at any given time.  I took pause and had a brief thought that maybe I had missed my calling.  Once the air conditioner was fixed, I returned to my senses.  Within weeks, the whole air conditioner literally exploded.  It was the Fourth of July, and let me tell you, I was about 15 feet away in the kitchen when it blew, and I think my ears are still ringing from the explosion.  Again, I called back the same company and they were able to determine the cause of the explosion.  (Our old dog used to "relieve" himself on the side of the air conditioner and it literally corroded the box and one day, it finally had enough and exploded.  True story.)  They gave us the fairest price for a top of the line system with a really great warranty.  The rest of the summer was a very pleasant one.  One of our neighbors whose air conditioner also blew a soda can part one day had to lay her then baby down for a nap in our frigid home.  It all worked out.

That winter, when our home was colder than it had ever been, and we froze and killed our seven year old beta fish, we again called Comfort Zone.  I microwaved the fish for a few seconds to try to warm him, but apparently, beta fish don't care for the cold or to be cooked.  If you had doubts, I don't run a pet sitting service either.  My lack of business start ups are due to my lack of abilities-  never for lack of ideas.  Yes, like everyone else on the street that winter,  we had to have our HVAC replaced.  Those guys worked for hours in the attic and in the cold.  They were great, and didn't leave until we were warm again.  If I have ever doubted that angels walk among us, faith was restored.

Well, this past freeze didn't leave without incidence.  Last week, our eight year old came in at five in the morning to announce that he hears a sound.  Hubby, not hearing it due to hearing loss, walked the said eight year old back into his room, and told him to go back to sleep.  Half an hour later, our son returned, and this time, I was awoken by him.  I also heard the "sound."  I walked out of the room and turned the hall light on and saw a water dripping from the second story ceiling down to the leather sofa below.  UGH.  That is the only thought one can have that early in the morning.  It's too challenging to have many thoughts before the sun and caffeine have taken hold.  I called a restoration company that we had great success with this past summer.  They have a 24/7 hot line and sadly, my call from 5:30 a.m. was not returned until almost noon!  By then, I had already called Comfort Zone and had someone at my house to assess the problem.

Upon inspection, it appeared that the condensation line was frozen, and backing up.  Sadly, the line was not able to properly back up into the tray designed for such events that would cause an automatic shut off due to improper installation of the line.  So, the drip ended up flowing onto the dry wall in the attic and fell between the seams and dripped into the living room below.  Luckily, as soon as I turned the heat off, it began to slow down, and within 12 hours, we were drying out, and now, the only issue we are left with is the staining of the ceiling.  Comfort Zone has set up a drywall/painter to come out to my home on Wed. to see what he needs to do to fix that.

From our vantage point,  the whole ordeal was made so much more pleasant by dealing with a  company that not only is professional, but respects their customers.  Brian from Comfort Zone has repeatedly apologized and done everything right to fix what could have been a really difficult situation.  We have had a lot of home repairs lately. We have had incredibly good and one incredibly bad experience while trying to resolve home repair nightmares.  Comfort Zone ranks up their with the best of them.  We used the Comfort Zone in Ball Ground, Ga.  They can be reached at (770)574-4063.  Brian was ethical, and wanted to make sure that his company did the right thing.  He would have no idea that I could have a platform to share my experience with his company for better or worse.  Luckily for him, I like to share my positives with those around us.  

*I regard customer reviews more highly than anything when making decisions for goods and services, and hope that you recognize that while we were not held financially responsible for the repairs necessary in this situation, the point was that this company accepted responsibility for one of their employees' errors, and have done enough work with us over the past four years that I am sharing multiple experiences to highlight why they have earned our praises.  They also replaced my parents 30+ year old air conditioning units in their Marietta home right after installing ours.

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