Sep 13, 2014

Adventures is alone. And LOVING it!

I have not been alone in well, I don't know how long.  I always have someone with me.  ALWAYS.  However, I arranged for the migits to go with the hubs to a Lowe's Build and Grow, free, binocular making event, as well as pick up some much needed supplies for home repairs on the new house, and then to drop off library books and do a return at another store.  Oh, and then the hubs mentions he wants Dunkin' Donuts, so add that to the list.  So, they grabbed their glasses, shoes, waters, and off they went.

And now I am here, nestled in at my desk to work, and I realized that I was alone.  Alone, in the house of my dreams, that I pray I never take for granted, and that I can hear the echoes of the not to distant thundering of feet as they prance through the halls and on stairways.  How grateful and appreciative for what I have.

What I have, right now, is "Q-U-I-E-T."  With the sounds of various birds singing their songs, and the faint sounds of squirrels racing through the treetops, dropping twigs, and disturbing the branches, just out side my windows, I won't ever be alone ;o)

Now that I have found a moment to sip my coffee and be alone, I suppose this moment of procrastination is over, and I must actually clock in and start work for the morning.  Even the idea of work seems pleasant to me at this very moment.  Ahh… make it a great day!

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