Jul 21, 2012

A pis in the name of art

*This is your lucky day!  Two blog posts within a few hours.

I really intended to share this very famous, yet, disgusting piece of art in my last blog.  I don't think any piece of art that includes a variation of the word "piss," should be withheld when sharing art of questionable status with you peeps.  The original, which, in itself, is lovely, yet when my son tries to  duplicate it, will get him self in huge trouble, therefore, I will warn you, this is not for young eyes.  However,  what I had not been privy to, was the many forms that this piece has taken. So, please enjoy the link I have provided here.


PS  I had no idea that is what an organ builder looked like.  See- this is really a public service I am providing.  I think I should get paid.

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