Jul 17, 2012

This is really for my children

The president of the largest U.S. gay-rights group, Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign, depicted the Scouts' decision as "a missed opportunity of colossal proportions." 

That is the best quote I could gain from the article.  I'm not just angry, I really am sad.  

That is why my kids go to public school.  Because I want to live the gospel.  I suck it at most of the time, even telling a lifeguard today that I try to not say I'm too religious, as those are the ones that evil doings strike hardest.  I try to acknowledge that I am screwier than a hex nut, but try to do the right thing.  Unless, of course, there is chocolate involved.  Then, it's a crap shoot if I chose the right thing.  And you know what, I am disappointed in the Boy Scouts of America.  I am disappointed in any organization that bends to the money, or to what they think others want to hear.  What about standing up for human rights?  Is that anti-boy scouts?  The fact that leaders and boys are involved in this decision is really the nail in that coffin for me.  My family will not be a part of Boy Scouts.  We will not support them any longer.  No more donations, no more buying their nuts or popcorn.  One day, if things don't change, I will sit my children down and have to explain that one too.  This is not a religious issue, because if it were, Jesus told us to love one another.  If I read that wrong, I suppose I will have my judgement day, and have to lay in that messy bed.  

Which leads me to another religious group that is picketing a dead man, who happens to be the son of a well know actor of our times.  The group chooses to picket military funerals, and now, the funeral for the son of this actor.  I must be missing something.  They actually commented saying that his son has died for the sins of his father.  Wow.  I believe that was already done, by someone greater than he.  If they lost that part of the translation, his name is Jesus.  And no joke, we have all been forgiven.  The heavenly father of the New Testament is a loving Gd.  He is not vengeful.  Why would  he be?  This group has enough vengeance for everyone.  

I send my migits to public school.  With the help of our church, and family, we have laid the foundation of our faith.  If we do no act as the arms, eyes, mouth,heart, and feet of Jesus, how will those around us ever come to know him?  I want our children to know that they are the literal body of Christ.  We are called to love.  I know this is one of those dead horses I beat, however, it was what I found online to read about, and each new story fired me up more than the one before.  

And, if you were reading to find a funny blog, sorry, but Jenny, of "thebloggess.com" has a taxiderm-ied miniature dead horse she is trying to convince her saint-like hubby of letting her purchase.  Go to her website and see the picture.  It is adorable.  And cheap, considering we all wanted a pony, and this one doesn't need much maintenance.  I'd say he should let her get it, but then again, he's allowed a ton of crap to enter that house that even I wouldn't tolerate.  I'm so Team Victor.  But I love her writing anyway.  

We attended a local, free puppet show at our library this morning, and I had the pleasure of catching up with a neighbor who I met this past year while our children shared the same kindergarten class.  So, we chatted, and she mentioned how she was saddened by the thought that knowing how tender hearted her daughter is, that one day, a nasty child might ruin/corrupt her by being unkind.  I immediately understood.  But I thought, if this child were not given as a model to other children, then that would be the tragedy.  She truly is Little House of the prairie good.  While the mom commented how she allows her children to listen to some more contemporary music, and not all holier than thou stuff, what she misses is that she is a part of forming this child, and this child will help form others that see her spirit, and want to have what she has.  When this child looks at you, she has a smile on her face, and she exudes love and happiness.  My kids recently found popular music.  Shay enjoys dancing to it, but then, on her own, turns back to Christian rock, as that is home for her ears.  We shelter our children from so much, however, they will, sooner or later, have access to the real world. If given the opportunity early on to make healthy decisions, or to make mistakes that are not as drastic later in life, they will be given a head start to those that have no boundaries, or parents who model a good life.  To my neighbor friend, you and your husband are doing an amazing job.  To those out there who are not, love your child enough to try, even if you think it's too late.  It is never too late to try.  

How about a joke????  Okay, great!  Tell  me one!  (Never mind, no one out there has figured out how to leave a comment, so forgetaboutit!  (Ew.. I just wrote a nasty word in that run on.  I don't like that word, and most of you know it.  I am quirky on words.  That is one of them.)  As for body parts, I'm pretty clinical.  I like the Websters versions.  I tolerate ass, but get all squeamish with nicknames for the rest of it.  Just in case you needed to know.  

Charlie and Shay--- Love one and another.  Love your neighbor.  Even the ones that scare the crap out of you ;o)  You know I pray for them, even if I am terrified of them.  grin.  You know what I mean.  Love each person in your life as G-d placed that person in your life to be loved by you.  Forgive, love, and repeat. (But not on the shampoo - as that seems messed up.  If the shampoo can't clean properly the first time, ditch it, and try another shampoo.)  

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