Jul 13, 2012

This is really a cluster of epic proportions

Well, it's bad enough that I spent the last thirty minutes on it, but that I somehow got into my old blog that is now taken over by my old partner.  That is really not good.  I was so upset when I logged in and found that I was there and not here, and not even sure I know how I got on there since I can't even remember how to get on to my own, and somehow, have spent the last couple months not even logging in, as it is always open on my laptop.  (Don't ask.  I am just not technologically available.)  Was that the longest run on ever?  Maybe.  If you are going to do it, do it better than ever before ;o)

Here is what I was intending to post about tonight.


I hope that link works.   I was going to give my insight into that article, however, I am over the whole blog thing at the moment.  My "quirky" has left me for the night.  The pictures are ehh... some are better than others.

Anticlimactic as that was, the whole "I can't get onto my blog" caused some heart burn, and a frustrating call to my old blog partner.  No doubt, she had every right to be upset, as her blog and my blog are VASTLY different.  I think my blog on fruits would be boring, yet appropriate to her audience, yet I should not have access to it.  I am so grateful that I noticed it- and that she was really chill while I was ready to stick my fingers up my armpits and sniff them Molly Shannon style.  Whew.  That would have been awkward.  (Not more awkward than my call after 9:30 PM frantically asking her why my email was not taken off her blog account.)

Somehow, I am here, and I think I will find some OJ to mix into my vodka, and call it a night.  Do I know my blogger email and password information now?  No.  I think I need someone to manage this for me.  And jazz it up.  Geoff and I were going to, but life happened.  Sunday, if possible, we will jazz it up and add some other parts to the blog, as he has been asking me to.  So, here's hoping that Sunday gives us a few minutes to spare on here.  If you know of a graphic artist, or a computer savvy person that is interested in helping out a cheap chick for free here in exchange for some advertising, send them my way, via my email address.  Thanks!

As for the comments issue--- I don't know why you guys can't comment.  I have gotten all your emails telling me that you can't comment to my regular email address, so like I have told many of you, unless you are a google+ member, maybe that's why you can't?  I am not sure.  I think I am a google+ member, but never do anything there, so not sure how to even access that area.  I will try to figure that part out too.  If I can get this to generate enough money to support an easier blog address, I will spring for it.  As of now, we are all stuck.  Thanks for the feedback that you send to my regular email address. I love hearing from you.

The weekend is packed!  We are headed to Lowes Build and Grow after Geoff gets home from his Zumba class in the morning.  Then, if weather cooperates, headed to a little pool party for a neighborhood migit, then to volunteer with radKIDS for a graduation, then to find a TV and to watch the new American Girl of the Year movie on McKenna.  (By find, I mean we will go to my parents' home to watch it, since we gave up TV a couple of years ago.)  Will be a fun Super Saturday, and then Sunday Funday has a morning Mass, then pool and an end of swim team season party at the YMCA at night after they close to normal members.  Weather looks great for that!  YEA for hot and sunny!  (Been kind of nice to stay in PJ's the last few days and veg with migit friends though.)

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