Jul 10, 2012

My auto correct is a drunk, dirty old man.

I know that most of my Facebook and text friends believe that my ability to type is generally hindered by a drinking and or drug problem.  Truth is, I generally don't Facebook or text while intoxicated, as I am rarely either of those.  Well, never one of those, and that is because it's not legal to do drugs, and being put in jail and endangering my childrens' welfare are some more of my crippling anxiety inducing  activities I try to steer clear of.  I will, on rare occasion, like a day ending in "day," have an adult beverage, but never to the point of intoxication where my typing on my phone is any more incorrect than after, say, an orange juice.  And honestly, today was the last straw.

I remember not too long ago one of my FB friends commenting to one of our mutual friends that she should really watch my posts since I was forever having a funny auto correct in my posts or comments. I thought, "I am I really that bad that this would be a topic for discussion on her wall?"  Well, apparently, yes, it really is THAT bad.  Today was a perfect example.

Last winter, early Spring, I had applied, in an odd way, for a job at our church's preschool.  (Basically, I just emailed the director, who I have never met, and told her a bit of my background, and why I needed a job, and when I would like to start.)  Well, I got the call today, and they said they have a lead teacher position for me to start this Fall.  I couldn't believe it.  I didn't even send a resume, or fill out an application.  I simply just emailed.  That was cool to me.  Anyway, I asked what age, and she said the two year old program.  Diapers.  Nope.  I didn't enjoy doing my own childrens' diapers, and no, I was not about to do it there for a a few hours a week.  She said that they already had an assistant hired for the class, but that was not enough to make me take the offer for minimum wage for no more than 15 hours a week.  I need something that would work with my kids schedule, and they are off a ton in the county we live it. So... will have to wait for the perfect job to come along.  Benefits would really be nice too.  Anyway, here's where things got all screwy on me.

I text Geoff, and this is seriously what it looked like, verbatim.

Me- I was offered a boob today... I turned it down..

Me- job... damn auto correct

At dinner, Geoff said he enjoyed my auto correct.  I bet he did.  I bet if I had accepted it, he might have been slightly uncomfortable with that.

I then had numerous other auto corrects on my FB account today, so as of now, I am boycotting FB- for the rest of the night.  ;o)

Last night's FB post, no joke- "Auto correct can go to he'll."  I had no idea what today was going to do to me.  I think I have ESPN.

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