Jul 31, 2012

Random Ahrens Pictures

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 06:18 PM PDT
So, turns out, the physical therapy for my leg issue is not covered by insurance since we have yet to meet our deductible.  The other options, which the orthopedist was pushing for, a steroid shot in the knee and then an MRI are back on the table as options since I can not afford the P.T.  So, after all this wait, and then turning down the shot two weeks ago while I was there, I am headed in on Thursday for the shot, and will continue taking the anti inflammatory in the mean time that helps to take the edge off the daily movement I have allowed myself.  I should have done the injection then.  Frustrating that I have wasted so much time.  My mom offered to come with me, but I declined.  That won't help me, unless she will be sacrificing her knee instead of mine.  (I'm a bit of a baby with shots.  I have no needle phobia, as I can seriously draw my own blood.  Don't judge.)  However, I need to change my attitude, since for some reason, I think we will be doing this injection, and then, following up with an MRI and surgery after all this time.  Which will be a tad more difficult to swallow than a quick injection visit.  I am so afraid of surgery, that I put off gall bladder surgery until I had elevated liver enzymes and was told to not eat anything, at all, until I had surgery.  That was a surgery I should have had seven years earlier, but managed to put it off.

So, gained back all the weight I had lost during my exercise and healthy eating period, and now, eating myself sick and missing my daily YMCA visits.  And now, when my migits are both going to school, I will not even be able to enjoy some alone time there.  If it is a torn meniscus, anyone out there have a success story without surgery?

Newest 'do- She rocked it.  It's called a "Pokey Mohawk."  

This is totally irrelevant.  However, I have managed to upload a picture
of my appetizer and dinner drink last night.  Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
in O.J. with cheese balls.  I love those balls.  It really helped my Sunday Funday.  
In other non-news.... Shay had her meet and greet today, and got the teacher she wanted, since I requested her and she was Charlie's teacher last year.  Charlie seems a tad less apprehensive about beginning first grade, Shay is over the top excited to begin kindergarten, and I am warming to the thought that I will put two migits on the bus in the mornings, and I will now have almost EIGHT straight hours to do with as I please.  I was really dreading the emptiness until this week, when I realized that what was really holding down my excitement factor was thinking this was going to be hard on Shay to move on.  However, that chick is like a a prisoner about to be paroled early.  She is balls to the walls jumping out of her skin to get on the bus and begin her school career.  She got homework today, and finished it within the hour of getting home.  She wrote a sentence and drew a picture of how she prepared for school.  Charlie, on the other hand, allowed me to do his home work assignment, myself.  His was a scrapbook page about him.  Lucky for him, I like scrapbook page making.  I think I will allow him the pleasure of doing all his first grade homework himself though.  Homework is not really to my taste.

Like my, I mean, HIS first homework project? 

Shay doing her first homework.  

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