Jul 8, 2012

It's not a clot. (Said like Schwarzenagger)

Eiryn... that was the coolest way I have ever seen my name spelled.  However, it was on a name tag of the rather large black man that was taking my money after my impromptu, (the only type to have, visit to the E.R. this morning.  And no, it was not at the hospital.  It was at the local Burger King where I stopped for a milk shake after my waste of a visit.  Well, it was not a total wash.  I think I found my soul mate.  He came in the form of an M.D. and was playing the part of candy man and was adorable to boot.  Following?

I'm like the girl who cried blood clot the last few years.  I had something happen that caused horrific pain in my leg a few years ago.  I went to the E.R.  There was no blood clot, and the assumption was that maybe the leg pain came from wearing a new show in that time period.  Well, the past six months have been spent at the YMCA at least five days a week with workouts on machines and in classes.  About three months ago, I was on the elliptical, and felt a horrific pop behind my leg that caused me great pain that night.  It took me at least 5 minutes to walk down the stairs and to my car that night.  I ignored it, and showed it to my doctor in the past two weeks while I was having her address the vaginal suicide I thought and thought to mention the pain in my leg that I had been dealing with for months.  I was scheduled to see a vascular surgeon for consult for August, the soonest they could fit me in.  I cancelled a few days later and scheduled with a different vascular surgeon since they could get me in sooner.  Each day, the pain has worsened, and I haven't even be to work out in nearly a month since my PCP (not the drug, although that would be really awkward) told me to not workout until I am seen by a specialist.  She also told me that I should be seen in the E.R. if my pain worsened.

It worsened.  By this morning, the pain was so much more severe and spread up the back of my thigh that I just told Geoff that I was headed to the E.R., and maybe that would cut out extra appointments if I could walk into the vascular surgeon with a CT of my varicose vein that is causing me the pain.  So, I went to the ER, and it was quiet.  REAL quiet.  Like, most people know at this time that it is 10:AM and you really should be in church.  OR, they know how bad the hospital really is.  Either way, I was in and out, CT included, in two hours.  A modern day miracle if you ask me.  

So, I get taken immediately for vitals. Perfect.  Then, to a room, and the doc saunters in moments later.  He is adorable.  Sadly, he is more like my age or younger, which sort of freaks me out.  I'm to you young to be a doctor, right?  Oh, wait!  I'm nearly 36, and I guess I technically could be the age of a doctor-  but I'm not, because as you already know, I could not even write my alphabet in the allotted time, therefore, I believe it would be a gross exaggeration to assume that I could have graduated from medical school at this time in my life.   So, back to the adorable doctor... He asks me about the leg pain, and I explain the history, and then he does the exam, which would have been more enjoyable if 1. I had shaved, and 2. was not still in love with my husband who coincidentally is not only the best husband in the world (sometimes) but is also my mom's favorite son in law.  (Yes, he is the only one, but he still gets the title.)  I have a feeling that the adorable little doctor could just as easily fill the shoes of favorite son in law, however, he would have to be quick to order more drugs to try to beat Geoff at this game.

So, after a quick review and exam, he takes off the glove, and says, "Well, I can write you a prescription for some pain medication to help until you see the vascular surgeon."  He was ready to let me go then.  However, I was too concerned about a possible blot clot, that I requested the CT to detect if I had one or not.  So, he obliged, however, I think he thought I was really there just to get candy.  And, really, I think I must be recovered, since it was the last thing on my mind.  But his sweet smile seemed suspicious.  As if he knew why I was there, and he was in on the secret.  I am not sure why, but but after I had the CT and found out that I would live, it dawned on me.

While I have stayed clear of the water aerobics, Zumba classes, and Elliptical machines, I have been diving and flipping off a diving board for days.  GRRRRR.  I am sure I exacerbated a torn hamstring, ligament, or tendon over the past few days of "taking it easy" at the pool.  He agreed with me and said that I could stretch and exercise as much as I could without pain.  Looks like I will be popping pills and back to working out until I see more docs about this leg.  Kidding Mom!  (sorta.)  So, off to the pool in a while... Need to rest since I am obviously crazy and being crazy is hard on the body.

As for the spelling of the man's name---- it was cool before I realized it was probably spelled that way because they weren't smart enough to know how to properly spell the name.  And then, I realized, that could have been me, but not black, in the window.  Grateful for an education.

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