Aug 9, 2012

The blog in which I get orgasmic over room darkening shades and soup.

School started for us on August 1.  Getting a good sleep routine is hard to establish when sun stays bright later into the evening.  So, I finally broke down, and decided I needed to get the room darkening shades.  I have them in our bedroom and Shay also has them, but she also has a small 12"x12" square window that I can not cover at all, so the one set of room darkening shades don't work as well in her room.  So, I again found the Eclipse Thermaback to be my favorite after shopping around.  Why?  First,  we have them on the kitchen sliding glass door, and besides being made incredibly well, then really made a huge difference in keeping the cold out in the dining room.  I also prefer the colors and textures of their drapes.  The kitchen is a tad colorful seeing as I am a monochrome type of chick.  However, Shay's drapes are a celery green with small white polka dots, and for her room, it really looks sweet.

So, here are the before and after pictures for Chaz's room at 6:PM!  Might even work for daytime dark scavenger hunts!  

They all pretty much do the same thing- whether it is in the juvenile line or not.  One on right is the dining room door.  See, I told you the colors were eccentric by my standards.  

So, I was eating vegetable soup the other day.  And this is what came up with the spoon.  I swear, it made my day.  #nevergoingtogrowup

PS  I do not receive compensation for my endorsement of the Eclipse Brand in any way, but I totally endorse vegetarian vegetable soup now.  Thanks Campbells!  Don't forget your Labels for Education peeps!  Who knew eating lunch and helping the school would turn into an erotic event?  

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