Aug 22, 2012

The blog in which I evengelize.

I am starting my second year of religious education teaching today, and am a little nervous this time around.  Last year, was kindergarten.  Easy.  That is my favorite age group to work with, but there was a dire need in second grade this year, therefore, I told them to put me where ever they needed me.  Hmmm... Questioning that now.  I think my problem both years is that while my co-teachers are great, I like to do things solo.  I feel more comfortable sort of finding my own way, and getting creative as the moment hits me.  However, the co teacher has already emailed, and she is already formulating a classroom routine that has been around a while.  I sort of envisioned a different learning process.  Guess I need to let me creativity flow somewhere else.  So... today class, we will be learning the word "Evangelize" as the Word of the Week, and doing animal charades.  This is on the curriculum for today by the religious education at our church.  I have not made that part up.  However, I will ask that each of you take my definition of evangelize, and go with it.  You can look up the real one.  I don't like it.  Here's what I want the second grade migits to do with that term... Evangelize- go out and live your life like Jesus did.  That will teach those around you about your faith.

Today, I will evangelize by accepting the opportunity to learn how to get along with others and sharing myself with the children of my church family.  I hope I do it well.  I hope they like me.  I hope that I personify love to them, my co teacher, and every parent that faithfully entrusts their migits with me each week.  I love my own migits more than words can properly express, and I faithfully trust, that each of them will be placed with a set of teachers that is picked from Above for the coming year.  My migits-- I love you madly, and while I will miss being in your class this year, I know you will grow deeper in your faith this year with your new class.

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