Aug 21, 2012

The blog in which I tell you I'm a naughty girl.

While it might appear I am really having my parenting skills put to the test by a really smart little five year old, I think I got her this time.  See, she knows that she is overly blessed to have as much as she does.  She knows that there are plenty of things in the world that she would love to have, and she also knows, we don't have the finances to give into every whim.  However, she has been amazing at really setting her heart on something-- and saving for it.  However, there is no way she can save for one thing, as it is $85, and will not be available come the new year.  It is an American Girl Doll accessory that will be out of production come the new year, and as it is, it is on back order.  So, from the frantic call I placed today, I knew that I had to do it now, or teach her a lesson in appreciation.  Well, I think she appreciates enough, and I don't usually spend this much on a gift, as you will see, all three of her Christmas gifts are already prepared--- I made each one, and all three together cost $45.  So....  I guess the splurge on her birthday isn't horrible, but with shipping and everything, the accessory kit cost $100. YIKES!  My wallet's breathe hitched.

So, the little girl, who I love so much, will get her American Girl Doll gymnastics set of a balance beam and a bar.  However, here's where the "naughty" girl comes in.  Just to make it more fun (for me), I explained to her that the set won't be available come next year, however, I also told her that they sold all the ones that they did make for the year.  I flipped the rear view mirror, and saw her wipe her eyes.  I said, "Are you okay?"  And she replied, "Yes.  It's just that my eyes are watery for some reason."  (her voice cracked too.)  It was pathetic.  (I was loving it.)  She added, "Well, it's okay.  It was really expensive, and the dog isn't as much money.  (The American Girl Service Dog is coming from Grandma. As is the cast and crutches set she also wanted since last year.)  I guess it all works out for a reason."

Okay, that last part killed me.  She is so amazing to me.  I am so looking forward to November 23rd.  The video will be rolling when she opens her gift, and I think I will continue with the prank and make it like a ridiculous gift and then have her open her gift from Charlie, and then... wait for it... PULL OUT THE REAL GIFT!  Yes.. I am a naughty one.  My daughter?  Nah... I taught her a lesson yesterday.  She is good.  By this time next year, I have a feeling she will be the one teaching the lessons. ;o)
Added the link- in case you want to go ahead and order one, or two or three now, as they will be gone by the New Year, if not before!

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