Aug 20, 2012

The blog in which I teach her a lesson. (video evidence attached)

Well, this, only a day after I had one of the roughest days in recent history.  We found a rat the size of a small cat had made a nest of snake skin and other assorted nesting material in our grill and decided to have babies in it yesterday.  Then, the rat was in it when Geoff opened it to grill some steak.  The rat then hissed at Geoff, so he closed the grill cover, and the tail got stuck, and that's when things got messy.  My neck has been stiff since 4:ish on Saturday morning, and my daughter decides to test her limits with us and ability to "bend the truth," I was totally exhausted from lack of proper sleep with the neck issue, and dinner, was not happening, due to the wild life that has moved into our grill.  

Therefore, I was not fit to properly exercise this "80's after school movie" type lesson.  I was able to pull it off tonight, and it went EXACTLY as I had planned, accept for the "smell my hands" comment and the nervous giggling I was suppressing.  And to be fair, I have a father who I hurt so badly over the years with my lying and deceit, that he refuses to love me now.  I know that my daughter is aware of this, and I have ALWAYS been honest with her about it.  I feared that she would think I might stop loving her one day if she was not honest.  I will never stop loving.  And she needed to know that.   

The comment Charlie made about "Smell my hands!" when I asked repeatedly if he was telling the truth--- That was because to this day, he sometimes comes out of the bathroom without washing his hands.  (Don't judge.  In his defense, most of the time he doesn't go to the bathroom when he goes in since he forgets once he gets there.)  Anyway, when I ask more than once if he has washed his hands, I know he is telling the truth if I smell it and it smells like soap.  

Shay is very aware that she is intellectually beyond her years, and the thought that she would leave a mess in her room before coming to dinner even seems ridiculous to her.  

And Julie and Sarah-Ann?  Those are her dolls, and she knows those are not going to really move.  

And then she says, "I'm not lying- today."  I wonder if tomorrow is off limits too?  

And have I just fooked her up a bit by this stunt?  Oh, I hope not.  I hope she grows up and tells stories to her own kids and grand kids about how her crazy mom decided to teach her a lesson, and the only thing she got out of it was an extra story at bedtime.  

Enjoy the clip!  It's about 7 minutes long.  Hang in there.  Certainly not Oscar worthy, but I think my acting days are over.  That's okay.  I have many more years of parenting ahead.  

PS  The grill is gone.  Waiting for sales during off season.  (At least, that's the plan.)  

Video property of Erin Ahrens  2012 ©

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