Aug 8, 2012

The blog in which Mary sang to Chaz and Shay has an "in"

You all know about my conversion from Judaism to become a Catholic, however, my kids are what I call "Cradle Catholics."  They know nothing but G-d, His Son, and the faith that has brought me to this point.  So, you have heard of some of the funny conversations that happen in our home, but usually, it is my girl migit who we are bantering about.  This time, it was Chaz.  And that's why I cried.

We are on this insane early to bed and early to rise schedule since we started school a week ago.  So, in keeping with that, I decided to switch our Mass time to 8:AM on Sunday's since that would still make sure we stay on an early morning schedule.  So, we get to Mass, and the kids are fine.   It is almost over, since we have just received Communion, and our family returns to our seats and kneels in prayer while Jesus is still present in Eucharist in front of us.  We only sit back in our seats once He has been taken out.  (Not everyone does, but if Jesus were right in front of you, do you think you could honestly sit there?)  Well, my children know this is an important time, and I do not get interrupted.  Well, I did on Sunday.  There is a beautiful soloist singing the communion song, and it is, as always, a very peaceful and quiet time. Charlie taps my arm.  I remain with my head bowed in prayer.  Then, he whispers, "Mom!  MOM!"  I gave him THE look.  He was relentless.  He said, "Where's Mary?"  I gave him a look of confusion.  He said, "Mary!  Where is she?  I hear her!"  I decided that it was better to allow him to believe that Mary, our Heavenly Mother, was singing to him, rather than burst his bubble and tell him that the most beautiful voice he had ever heard was up by the band.  I cried for his understanding of beauty and the gifts we are all given.  To the beautiful voice, thank you.

Today, Shay was getting dressed for school, and she is as excited about school as I get when I see the Magic Kingdom.  She tells me her stomach hurts.  I told her that since Daddy is fighting some stomach virus, she might have caught it from  him.  I asked her if I might need to keep her home.  She said, "Oh, it's better now!"  Right.  About that.  So, I told her that she needs to be honest, as I don't really want her being sick at school, and if she doesn't feel well, she needs to tell her teacher.  She said it stopped hurting.  She is five years old.  And here is the rest of the convo...

Shay- You know how when you are sick, and you go to the doctor, and somehow, you don't feel bad anymore?

To which I just stood in amazement that she got that concept so early in her life.  I wondered if it was time to share the car issue with mechanic and appliance issues as well as they relate to the same idea. Then, I decided against it, as here is her hypothesis.

Shay-  Well, I said it out loud, and you know what?  G-d heard my problem, and decided to fix it, and that's why I am fine now.

To which I realize... I need to have her talk, out loud, about how our fence is falling apart, Chaz's closet door doesn't work anymore, how terrible at confession I am, how hard her brother works to speak and learn each day, and how much Brody sheds. So, if your life is in shambles, call Shay.  She has an "in."  

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