Aug 16, 2012

The blog in which I tell you about this marathon migraine I'm having.

I have not been able to blog in a few days, and have been so bummed out about it. I love to blog. Things come to me all the time that I want to write, but the last few days have been busy. First, I had a car issue to resolve, and that took up most of Tuesday, and then it was time for Charlie's first ever gymnastics class, which he aced and was asked to not return to. Instead, they want him to join their more advanced class. I was thrilled for him. Although, I am a mean one, as I presented the option to him as I have done for you, and it was not taken well. My thought is- if I ever want him to understand me, he has to get my sense of humor, and the only way to do that, is to constantly shove it in his face. Hmmm... no wonder his psychologist hasn't returned my call from Friday. So, that takes us to yesterday, the start to my migraine of the year. I usually have migraines that have me in bed for a few hours and ice packs later and I am good again. Yesterday- not so much. I was in the bathroom with garbage can in hand. I called in reinforcements. My mom. She helped with the kids before Geoff got home. I missed a holy day of obligation for the Feast of the Assumption. I picked the kids up from school early and everything to go to noon Mass. Didn't happen. Shay said that G-d would take my headache away if I went to Mass. Wish I had listened to her. She might have been right. However, day two, and headache still there, but I am in bed, and had to call Geoff to come home and pick up Charlie from school to take him to a speech evaluation, then to come back and take Shay to her first dance class of this year, then head to a PTA meeting at 6:PM. (See, that alone makes my brain wrinkle.) So, I went to sleep yesterday around noon, and was up on and off, as the vomiting and intestinal explosions warranted, ever since. That offered me a lot of dream time, and while I don't generally remember my dreams, I remembered a few of them. One of them got Geoff in trouble. A long one was related to my newest obsessions- PVC pipe construction. I thought up a ton of ideas! A drawing station, a rolling bin, a clothes rack, stacking storage containers, mail station for papers and junk, a thing that you could stack mulitple levels of electronic equipment on (dvd, amplifier, VHS, receiver, etc.) Seriously, that was an amazing dream. I even envisioned a play castle for dolls. However, the floorboard was a difficult concept that I seemed to skip over in my dream. So... that brings me to the one in which Geoff ticked me off. I had a very pleasant dream in which I still had a headache, and Geoff got into the bed with me, and I told him I wanted to "please" him. Ahem. Wink Wink. In the dream, I did. He was happy. So, I told him the dream, and he just laughed. I was expecting a "thank you," or something to that effect. Nope. Just a laugh. I think Geoff was jealous of the "dream Geoff." Well, now he has reason, since all he did was laugh. Because now, if he asks, I think he knows what I will say. "Not now, I have a headache." PS And while I am miserable enough, I have found that Blogger, the place I type up my blogs, is acting funky again, and I have lost the spell check button. Good luck reading this!

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