Aug 6, 2012

How do you care for your kids when you are out of commission?

So, I started taking medicine for an endocrine disorder, again.  I did this in the past, and have always stopped taking this medicine after a few weeks since the side effect is unbearable after that long.  Nausea.  It's terrible.  I never actually get ill and better, but rather, just various stages of "just on the verge of wanna toss my cookie." The new doctor I saw on Friday for the unending vaginal suicide issue, actually wanted to review my medical history.  The poly cystic ovary syndrome came up, and the lack of my on going treatment of the symptoms as well.  So, here I go again.  The nausea started yesterday, but I was too busy to allow it to bother me.  Today, I kept busy, but also green most of the day.  

So, all this for... what do you with your kids when you are not feeling 100%?  I know that I am fortunate to have two children that pretty much know the rules, don't get into things, are not super experimentive with scissors, glue, knives, lotion, Vaseline, bubbles, soap, lip gloss, WD40 (but that might helpful if I could awake from a mid afternoon nap and have all the doors lubricated), and other assorted household items that, yes, my friends migits have gotten themselves mixed up in.  For my friends that know that the item listed was your child's crime-- I love and respect you for not being in jail right now.  You are all super mommies!  As for Scarlett and Darryl, I think that joining her with crayons on the wall sets a tone of art appreciation beyond my abilities.  I will be the first in line at her art opening. The last in line if she tells my migits that you guys are the coolest parents for doing it with her.  But let me know when I may send them over to jump on your trampoline, I mean, couches.  

I usually tell my kiddos that I am in not feeling well, and go to my room, and sometimes, instead of closing my door, ask them to close their door.  (They usually play together, but if they are not together, I have them keep their doors open.)  If they are alone, they are quiet, and if together, it's like there is a rave party in progress with foam bubbles and enough 'shrooms to go round, twice.  So, I set them up with the plan.  The plan is loosely based on the idea that they are to help me out by not making the other person upset.  Most of the time, the plan works.  Other times, I have to revert to my scary voice, and that is not as much fun, especially when one has to work so hard to produce it.  We have some easy go to activities that occasionally, last for hours.  iPods, new dollar coloring book I stock for just such occasions, Netflix (I allow about 2-3 hours a MONTH, total, for any form of tube time.  We only have Netflix, and they are limited on what is viewable-- Veggie Tales, My Little Pony, Care Bears, etc.), books---- yes, my kids will often, on their own, be found laying on Shay's queen bed with books all around them.  It's the only time I allow them to not clean up during their time.  I love that when my kids get quiet, I go running waiting for the trouble that I have heard happens when it gets quiet, and I usually find them playing "library."  Sometimes, I send them on a scavenger hunt for things that they will never find.  (Seriously.  Last school year, we had a week long break, and for part of it, I was super sick.  I must have been feverish, since I concocted to send them around the house to look for chopsticks, a pogo ball I had thrown away the week before, and newspaper.)  Shayna wanted me to set them up for painting, and therefore, they would have to find newspaper to paint on. That would be a challenge.  Then, in case they found the ball I was "pretty sure" I threw away, I threw in the chopsticks because A. They didn't know what they were and B. We have never had them int he house.  (I was really not wanting them to paint.  Can you tell?)  However, that scavenger hunt seriously gave me an extra hour for my Dayquil  to kick in, and I silently nodded my head at my genius.  

While this nausea probably won't put me out of commission like a migraine or the flu, if did make me wonder what sort of tricks of the trade are out there.  Geoff says he changed the comment section so that anyone can comment without having to have a special account set up now.  Please share your ideas with us!  

Also, this new doctor, is AMAZING!  I generally wait until something is rotting or falling off before I will go to a doctor.  I don't care for them.  Even the good ones usually aren't that much fun.  Therefore, I don't go.  However, I feel like this vaginal suicide issue has both components and warranted a doctor visit.  Well, after firing the last primary care provider over the poor treatment I received for this ongoing issue, I went to an urgent care, and they were useless too.  The issue flared up again, and with coffee and in hand and the migits safely on the bus, I began talking to a neighbor about it.  She urged me to visit her doctor, who is in a strip center less than a mile from my house.  I walked back inside, looked them up, and called.  Yes, they had an appointment, and yes, it was in 30 minutes.  I got there a minute later, and guess what-- he was in my room at my appointment time, on the dot.  Nurse time, doctor talk time, legs in stirrups time, and back to doctor time, I was done in exactly 25 minutes, on my way to the pharmacy and had renewed hope that my vagina might be healed one day, and that I might not have to post on it anymore.  There was slight trepidation at that thought.  What in the hell will I blog about then, if not for my girlie bits?  (And for the record- I spend more time in a pool or sweaty from a workout than a morbidly obese person should apparently.  Hence, the probable fungal infection he feels my legs are experiencing, and so, I have been banished from the pool until the combo anti fungal/steroid topical clears it up.  And yes, three days of use and most of the layers of skin in that region are returning.)  The only interesting fact that I noted from the visit was that while each room was nicely decorated, the room I ended up in, had exactly 11 ornate mirrors on the wall facing me as I lay back to "spread 'em!"  I commented on it, and the doc said they were from his guest room wall-- the company had tried to cut back on expenses-- and decorating porn style seemed the most appropriate I suppose. I said it was better there than on the ceiling.  Not sure he got it, but he did have a fantastic ability to laugh with me and had this amazing gift to make me comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.  For that, he deserves to be classified in my favorite doctors of all time category.  Most of them are docs I have worked directly for, and now he is the third to be a personal physician of mine.  Nice work Dr. Haller!  (I think that was his name.  Crap.  This might not work out.  I should get his name right.)  

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