Aug 4, 2012

I need a calendar to tell me I over book my days.

At the second event on the calendar of the day,
the free Back to School Bash at our amazing school.  
Event Numero Tres, our three year old niece's
birthday pool party.  She is what you might call "shy."

So, we had four events on the calendar when we woke up today.  After realizing that we had four events, and would be on the go from 9:AM until about 7:PM, I realized that there was not enough crack to make this day happen, and I would need to cut something out as two of the four events I would be flying solo since Geoff was going to the YMCA for a Zumba class.  So, Home Depot's free project was nixed, however, Geoff stopped by on his way home and picked them up to do at home tomorrow.  I am working off of a very different calendar form the past few weeks, and was thinking it would be really nice to have a calendar that met my needs on my phone, I mean, my third hand.  So, I went on to the the Android Store to search out some free calendars.  Oof.  That was enlightening.   First, I recognized my needs.  (That is important, as you can begin reading some of the comments from user, and learn if that app might suit your needs or not.)  Second, I recognized  that yes, "there's an app for that."

So, here as an abridged list of calendars I found in my Android App Store...

Period Calendar- Most men should keep one of those handy.
Hindu Calendar
Photo Calendar
Gemini Calendar- Isn't that limiting?  I mean, the Gemini period of a year is fairly short, although not entirely useless.  I mean, the Libra and Capricorns are just as necessary to complete the whole year, so why do those peeps get their own calendar?
Formula 1 Calendar- I don't know what this is.  Clearly, I don't need this.
Moon Calendar- I LOVE to moon people, but not sure why we need a calendar to tell us when to do it.  I think it is pretty much an unspoken that there is never a VERY appropriate time to participate in this activity, therefore, you can just throw it into the calendar of events when ever you see fit.
Birthday Calendar- Well, yes, and event calendar would be nice to put this into.
Work Calendar
Hebrew Calendar-Yes, those people do need a calendar.  They have different everything.  Let them have a calendar.
Pregnancy Calendar- Apparently, you weren't paying enough attention to the first calendar on the list.
Event Reminder Calendar- Ummm, doesn't that sound redundant?
Sports Calendar- I suppose if you want to participate in a sport, you will need a calendar to tell you when to be there, but wouldn't that just be an event calendar?
Girls Calendar- this specifies for period and weight. This one sounds most useful in conjunction with the pregnancy one.
Russian Orthodox Calendar
Motor sport Calendar- I don't think I will ever need this.
Fishing Calendar- I thought that went with the weather or the moon or something.  I don't know why, but our local weathermen used to tell us peak fishing times.  I wanna' know-- who gets together with the fish and says, "Hey, when are you guys going to wake up so that we can come and bring you breakfast and then ambush catch you?" Sucks to be a weatherman, but I guess you have to be willing to do the grunt work if you want to support your families.
Hunter Calendar- Is there a need for hunters to hunt at a certain time of year?  Can't they just go a kill something any old time?
Advent Calendar 2010-2011 This seems wrong, but does it really need to be dated?  The same stuff happens each Advent Season.  Spoiler Alert.... He is born.  End of story.. Well, not really "end of story," as the Lent calendar comes and He dies, and then Rises... it's all very informative, however, the information should not be dated.  See, I told you spoiler alert.  Now you know what the next calendar is.
Lent Calendar
US Holiday Calendar- don't most calendars here have that as an added bonus?
Chinese Calendar- Does this tell you what time of month you should be eating fried rice or egg drop soup?  If so, I think I need one for the home and one for the car.  One never knows.
Ovulation Calendar (I think there are a few calendars already out there working that angle.)  But you only need one if you don't pay attention to all the others.  And, if you screw up on the others, then you will need the Birthday Calendar.
Ethiopian Calendar- I could be wrong, however, the Ethiopian calendar seems to be written in Chinese.  I don't think that will be overly popular with the Ethiopians.  They have enough to deal with.  Let them have a fully functioning calendar.  And do the Ethiopians even have technology to use this app for?  If they are starving, which they ARE, then why are we teasing them with an app written in Chinese telling them what time to eat and they can't even get the free app because they don't freakin' have cell phone.  Or phones, in general.  I was grateful to see that the app was free.  That seemed appropriate.  Like, as  appropriate as giving a Jewish person a Jesus pen.  (remember the story I once told you about my Jewish brother wanting a FREE Jesus pen?)  I don't know why my mom refused him.  I think the bible came with that free offer too.  Back then, TV had all the best give aways.
Bill Pay Calendar

Well, I have yet to come across a simple event calendar that reminds me of the events, therefore, I am sticking to the dry erase board in the kitchen telling me what the dinner meal plan is for each week, and the four month view dry erase board in the master closet telling me when Chaz has gymnastics, when I teach PREP while the migits are in religious ed. class, and when Shay has dance.  We will throw in birthday parties, volunteering with Forever Fed, volunteering in classes and within the school, free projects at Lowes and Home Depot, school holidays, play dates, doctor/dentist visits, YMCA class schedules, home dog grooming routine, car maintenance, cuticle nipping, forearm shaving, and the other various ridiculous things that we schedule in our lives.  

So, event four is not currently uploaded to my blog pictures yet, however, that was a free party for no one at Play Activity Center in Roswell.  It took about 30 minutes to get there, but VERY easy, and I found this deal by signing up for their email list, and getting an invite for this free training session for their new party host/hostesses that needed some kids to come and have a mock party and to serve them pizza, cake and drinks.  IT WAS AMAZING!  The kids had a blast.  I am not kidding you, this is a hidden gem!  They only needed 20 children in my kids' age range, and luckily, we got the email within 20 minutes of it going out.  I think I was the last to get my kids in on the event.  I highly recommend the party there, however, for those of us in Cherokee, it might be hard to get all your guests to drive so far.  However, they have tons of other things going on there.  I mean A LOT.  The summer time has free reading times, with free play while you are waiting for those story times, and then they have a Friday Family Fun night event.  That is super cheap and a healthy choice to sitting in to watch a movie.  They have the foam pit, the trampoline, the arcade style basketball hoops, parachutes, blow up obstacle course apparatus, etc.  I am not entirely sure of what equipment they use for open play versus party, versus other events such as Friday Nights or the Parents Night Out, however, I promise you, your kids won't be bored.  They really know kids.  From what I can tell, there is this amazing parents only room too where you can relax and use the free wifi while your kids are across the way being supervised.  OH YEAH!  I almost forgot-- BYOF.  Bring your own food totally encouraged and they have a nice little eat in area there.  I can't wait to take the fam for a Friday night soon.
Tell them Erin sent ya'!  (Although, Colleen will only know me by "Charlie's mom.")  I know.  You have become a mom when your name disappears and your identity is taken over by your child's.

Good night!  Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!

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