Aug 22, 2012

Better than expected! and update of prayer request

I met my new class of  second grade religious education students and their families today, and it went great!  We have a fun and outgoing class of 17 students!  Wow.  I feel so lucky and humbled that G-d has entrusted me with the faith formation of His children.

That's really all I got, and because I asked for a prayer request, I wanted to update you guys on the progress.  Scott had a test done recently, and while he still has Cancer, it seems that he is again responding to treatment.  I can't give more than that, as honestly... The information is coming from my mother, who got the information from his mother, my Aunt Carol.  And if you have ever met Aunt Carol.. scratch that.  If you have ever talked to Aunt Carol, you would know that relaying information is not her strongest skill.  While she is "special" in her own way, if the sentence doesn't necessarily require a curse word, it's not really a sentence worth speaking.  And, sadly, if the topic is about the battle her son, my cousin, is fighting, she wants nothing more than to check out of the convo.  I don't blame her.  However, she must have paid enough attention to gather this nugget of good news.  And so, I shared it with you.  And I continually ask you to pray for the healing of my cousin and his family.

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