Aug 9, 2012

The blog in which I blog about blogging

First, there are many different types of blogs; crafts, family, autism, political, religious, etc.  (I kinda' have the market on all those, 'eh?)  I have not honed in on a one my friends.. le' sigh.. However, I have realized that my blog is as diverse as I am.  So...  I have been asked to submit guest blog entries to a few places, and sadly, I can not give them one that is really true to one form, and this is where it gets difficult for bloggers to use my work.  I need to be more consistent.  Either curse all the time for the more rough around the edges groups (tourettes and verbal diarrhea are not inherited personality flaws, sadly, otherwise I would totally fuck this blog up), or write like a college professor wanting to impressive with the proper use of conjugated verbs and punctuation.  (I don't know what the hell I just said there, but that doesn't matter, as I am not trying to sound like I have a clue.)

No one has said any of this, but each time I have been asked for a writing sample, they need more than one sample, therefore, I have to pick what I think might be most appropriate to their style of blog, and oddly enough, after all this time, (just a few months in real time) I don't have a consistent style.  But that is kind of my personality.  Hmmm...

Then, there is the whole service side of my life.  We serve in nearly every venue we frequent.  I think that I have a huge responsibility to honor my faith due to the types of service I engage in, therefore, it would be really hard for a parent of a child in my second grade religious education class to stumble into this blog and still feel comfortable with their child in my class-- I am judging.  I know, how ironic.  Don't go there.  The truth is, I would say these things that I sometimes blog about, in person.  I would easily share my beliefs with someone, even if it not the "in" thing.  But I do have a moral and ethical obligation to the church that while I am teaching their children, that I teach from a book, what the book says.  I think I am safe in second grade.  The older grades might ask questions that I would not feel comfortable sharing my personal beliefs with due to the subject matter in the news lately, and the stand of the church.  Which, as far as I can tell, is slightly on the fence on the in the closet bit.  I think that the ethical catholics will say that it is a sin, not because they think so, but because the bible tells them that.  I guess they are better than me.  I am one of those unethical ones... I think I am not to judge.  I am to love.  I think the unethical ones like me will just love and pray that G-d has mercy on us if we did the wrong thing, by loving one another.  (Oh, that was in the bible too?  Hmmm... seems that not everyone got that chapter.)

Let's say I committed a sin.  Let's say I stole.  Is that any less wrong than being glutinous and overindulging on food while smoking pot and masturbating.  At some time in my life, I have done all of those things.  The stealing was like a "venial" steal by the way.  Like, pens from work, and the like.  Doesn't make it any better.  Well, sorta.  See, once, I stole this tiny bottle of deodorizer that was in a doctors office.  It was really good.  It cost like $10 for 4 ounces!  It said on the bottle that it could clear the air of necrotic scents.  Dead people smells!  NICE!  I knew I needed that stuff.  Geoff can go into a bathroom and when he is done, the paint is peeling off the walls and the sheet rock is discoloring.  So, technically, that does make something better.  And to clarify, I don't think I ever did all those above mentioned sins in ONE sitting.  That would have been really good times though, right?    But back to my point... I have committed these and MANY more sins in my lifetime, and I don't intend to not sin again due to the human nature I was born into.  I plan on continuing to dislike my mother in law, and NOT turn the other cheek, and I plan on losing my temper with caregivers that mistreat and abuse children and animals, and the list goes on.  So.. where was I?  Right.... a tangent...

Well, that seems about right for the type of blogger I am.  Sometimes crass or opinionated, other times funny, and other times, serious about my domestic engineer position I took on after leaving the medical field to recover my son from autism and raise my family on a budget. I guess this might be a good sample blog to share with other bloggers looking for guests.  *wink*

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