Aug 19, 2012

The blog in which I complain about the pain in my neck.

I have a pain in my neck.  Literally.  I woke up yesterday at four in the morning.  I scrapped almost the entire day of plans, salvaging it only with a free local movie in the park- The Lorax.  It was an amazing night, and while I learned that I am the most inconsiderate mom in the world (more on this in a moment, I am still busy complaining about my neck pain).  We ALL (eventually) loved the event, and I was so excited to meet a local blogger who I love to follow (shout out to Canton/Woodstock Macaroni Kid-find her on Facebook, and at We got to spend time with friends last night, and that is always a gift to us- to share our experiences with those we love.

A bottle of 30 Skelaxin that had 28 in them.
I am not much for muscle relaxants.  It even had
2 refills on it that had expired!
So, Geoff rarely gets an opportunity to work overtime on the weekends, and yesterday was that day, and he "seized  the moment(s)."  As in, he went to the Y to workout in the morning, then headed to work, not coming home until 6:30 PM.  He grabbed two of the $5 subs from Subway for dinner, and all four of us scarfed them down and headed out on our adventure.  It started with he car ride.  I was unable to drive, and that is my "thing."  I don't let other people drive me, because I have issues.  (Say nothing.)  So, we get to the park, which is about 5-7 minutes from our house, and get parking right up front.  SCORE!  We had never been to Brown Park, and were pleasantly surprised.  It was amazing!  Not too small, not too big.  If it hadn't been a family event with more children than dirt, I would have relaxed enough to sit and let them flit to and fro each apparatus.  However, because of migit mob already there, Geoff and I each chose a child and off we went to try to follow each of our charges.  If you were to map out my steps, it might look something like a drunken pirate as each time my daughter found a piece of equipment she had to try, she would do it once, then run to another piece of equipment  like she had just spotted Elmo handing out kiddie crack (a.k.a. candy),  and then dash to yet another piece just to look at it up close, and then run around to a different entrance of another apparatus.  Quite honestly, the half of a seven year old muscle relaxant I found was doing nothing to alleviate my neck pain, as the other two attempts of the day, Advil in large doses and roll on Capsacin, had failed as well.  I chatted with a few people I knew, and honestly, some I don't know, and that must have been weird for them since my neck is stuck with my face slightly to the left, and I have to position my body so that I am facing a different direction.  (Don't try this at home.  You will inevitably get stuck in this position, and then come and ask to have some of my 7 year old expired drugs.)  

So, finally, movie time.  And this is the point in which I tell you I thought I was being "Super Mom" by heading out of the house for the sake of salvaging our "Super Saturday" that had gone south the moment I woke up at four in the morning.  Geoff had managed to get us seats in the front row!  The movie begins, the four of us adults in a row in our stadium chairs, and the migits with candy and popcorn, at our feet, on a blanket.  The weather- a perfect mid-seventies.  It was magical.  Within moments, my son, almost seven years old, is in my lap- afraid.  1. Sensory overload  2. Much of the movie was that 3-D effect like you are actually in the movie and on a roller coaster type feeling. (We learned our lesson on that with Disney World last year.  Lesson being- HE DOESN'T LIKE IT (and will claw your eyes out of your head if you don't leave the attraction before it begins.)  3. It had some scary moments for him.  (When I say scary, I mean, put this in perspective- About two months ago my son was terrorized by a Care Bear Movie. Enough said.) So,  I have a 45 pound child  in my lap, for the entire movie, and when the movie gets too loud, or "scary," he covers his ears and says, "I want to go," and if I was really lucky, would reach behind my head, grab my pony tail, and pull.  Yes, all this made for a fantastically painful hour and half.  However, the movie was really cute, and had a great message.  It  must be near my monthly friend to visit, as I got a little "fu-clempt" when the Lorax enters for the first time and has a "Seuss-ian" burial for a tree.  And lest we not appreciate the ending, when the "Once-ler" and the Lorax meet again.  (My breathe "hitched.")  

So, what caused the neck pain?  Exercise.  It's the cause to all that is bad with my body right now.  And that my peeps, is true.  If you don't believe me, you will learn of the vicious cycle in the next installment in which I rationalize how exercise has ruined me.  

PS  Real quick- can you do me a favor?  Can you say a prayer for me?  My cousin is sick with Cancer. He has been fighting this for a few years now, and he just turned 27 less than two weeks ago.  From what we have been told, the prognosis is not good.  I don't believe that.  I believe that not only Scott, but the entire family, can and will be healed.  Please just say a little prayer for us.  Thanks!

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