Aug 27, 2012

The blog in which I share random stuff with my migits.

Interesting facts about me....  Geoff was reading a recent blog, the one in which I shamefully admitted my fear of a Sesame Street puppet, and he was surprised.  Then, he continued reading, and came back to me, and said, "Until you were ten?!?!"  Okay, so I think there are some other things that my kids might one day find interesting.  I find it interesting that my husband was spraying cupcake liners with Pam this weekend in a cooking lesson with my daughter.  I was grateful that I walked in on this cluster mess, and could make the correction.  He will be 40 in December.  Please don't sign him up for a cooking lesson as a gift.  It will be wasted on him, unless of course, they are teaching water boiling 101.  I did teach him to make grilled cheese a year ago.  He has successfully burned it twice now, so I have not requested it since.

Here's my list of interesting facts....

Tongue pierced- twice.  Both times- AFTER I was married.  And seriously, I loved it.  But Geoff did not.

Tattooed-twice.  Not fond of tattoos at all now, but don't regret having them.

Maintained pregnancy- twice.  (But pregnant many times before these two migits popped out in rapid succession.)

lived in NY-twice.  Born there, and then moved back after high school.

Used the name "N.Y." as my nickname at a resident camp- twice.

Two surgeries; wisdom teeth (woke up during the surgery) and my gall bladder

Married when I was 26 years old.

Grew up with a cat, had parakeets, frogs, fish, one teddy bear hamster (the cutest rat I have ever seen), and had two dogs while with my hubby of nearly ten years.  Brody, my current dog, is a rescue Collie and looks just like Lassie.  I watched Lassie as a child, and if I didn't get a Mr. Ed, I wanted a Lassie.  Dreams do come true. One parakeet was flung from a ceiling fan in my room, and lived.  However, the injury caused his beak to lay crooked, so it looked like he had a screwy over bite.  Whatever.  He was fine.  Until he died.  And I would say the death was unrelated to the beak malformation.  But I am not a vet, nor do I remember all the deaths.  Just one.  That was a cockatiel that died in my moms' hands, and she was attempting to do two finger CPR before I realized what happened.  Love you Ma!  Thanks for that moment.  I will forever remember you yelling, "Oh Zippy!"

I wanted a real Jeep as my first car, but my father refused to allow a Jeep in his driveway.  Don't ask why.  He wasn't paying for it.  Anyway, I worked my tail off, and bought my first car at 16 years old.  I bought a grey 1988 Suzuki Samurai.  It was a five speed.  I LOVED THAT CAR!  However, years later, when I was ready for air conditioning and the ability to go faster than 63 miles an hour, I told my father I was going to sell it, on my own.  Originally, I paid $3,200.  Six years later, I sold it to a man for $3,400.  NICE.  Most proud moment of my life.  My father is a salesman, and I like to think that he should have been proud of my achievement in salesmanship.  All I remember was, "You aren't going to get what you want for it."  Suck it Dad!  I took that money, and bought a used Ford Explorer that had leather interior and was custom built as a five speed.  LOVED THAT CAR TOO!  Then, I taught Geoff to drive on that car, and then I got pregnant and obese, and didn't fit in the car anymore.  Sold it.  And two cars later, I am in my new favorite car- Honda Odyssey.

I learned to ski when I was 18 years old, and did it most every day the winter of 1995.  There was the most impressive snow fall accumulations that year in recent history, and I met Starr, and we went almost every night after work, except for Fridays and Saturdays when we hung out at the pool hall/bowling alley.  Free pool with Mitch, and super cheapo unlimited bowling for hours.  And that is where the infamous bowling through the legs accident of 1996 happened.  Starr, I am so sorry for that.  Glad to see you were still able to have three gorgeous kids after that stunt.  (I totally have a picture of you walking out of the E.R. that night, but thought you might not appreciate it going pubic.. I mean, PUBLIC.) grin.

I taught myself basic sewing at 33 years old.  I didn't even trust myself with buttons or small tears until that point. On Father's Day of that year, I ended up with a needle sewn right through my finger.  It was just as painful a you might imagine, if not, more so.

As a kid, I was kicked off a go cart track--- more than once.  My driving was questionable, even then.

I belonged to the Thespian Society in high school.  I was essentially kicked out of color guard though.  Too stupid to remember where to stand.  True story.

Played the flute all three years in middle school.  Never learned to read music.  Don't ask.  I don't understand it either.

Was afraid to drink alcohol as a teen, but putting my face to a nitrous oxide tank (laughing gas) didn't seem to phase me.  (Hindsight- was that before or after the color guard days?)

My initials, for real, were E.T.  (Didn't have a middle name.)  Really.  Have a Hebrew name, and it was essentially, Rachel.  (Hence, my daughter's middle name, and her G-d Mother's name is Rachel too.) E.T. came out in the theaters when I was five.  It was one of the 6 movies I went to as a child.  I was afraid of it.  I thought he was heinous, and the whole tent/oxygen scene was frightening to me.  The other movies I remember seeing in a theater were The Secret of Nihm, a Muppet Movie, not sure which one, a Star Wars movie with my brother, my cousin Douglas, and his mom, but she no longer talks to me, because... well... she's not too bright.  I guess I know which side of the family my intelligence comes from.  and honestly, I can only come up with 4 movies, so maybe it wasn't even a half dozen.

There you have it guys.  I hope that you appreciate that I can not for the life of me remember where to stand after months of practicing marching in a group, but remember that I forgot.  There are times now that I wish I could have had one more time to ask my grandparents random questions that I never understood or remembered the details to.

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